11 best online business opportunities: how to start in 2021

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Today I’m going to show you what the 11 best online business opportunities are and how you can easily get started in 2021.

They will allow you to get the freedom everyone wants: to make money from anywhere in the world!

First of all, you need to understand what is the best way to monetize online, based on your personality, skills, passions. etc…

To function well, a company must be founded on the sharing of its experiences and passions, matured over time in a specific sector.

You must know that there is always someone who needs certain information or paths that only an expert can teach in the right way.

The advantages of these online business models are that once you create a product or service you will continue to earn from it even after many years.

However, before we get to this, it will take some time to understand what to sell, what kind of service to offer, what marketing strategy to adopt…

… And then when you create your first Business you will have to use the necessary means to make yourself seen by as many people as possible, otherwise, you will not reach your goals.

At first all this may seem difficult, but once you have found the path that suits you best, always continue in that direction, working hard, following the right training, and the first successes will come!

I do not recommend that you quit your current job if your business has not yet generated a significant and steady monthly income.

You will have to wait months or years at times, to get the much desired financial freedom!


Do market research first if you want to be a successful online


Many people open an online business without doing any kind of research to understand the market trend.

For example, if you already have clear ideas about the type of project you want to undertake, first ask your audience directly what they think about your products.

In case you don’t know, there are sites you can ask to connect with potential customers in your niche:

GutCheck allows you to discover very useful information about the public, to better understand the ideas, preferences of people belonging to your target market so that you can make more targeted decisions.


1. Blogging


You’ve probably heard several blog success stories before, but you need to think of blogging as a medium to long-term business.

Many think it is only suitable for those who get along well with writing, but that’s not always the case, because over time you will improve your skills through constant publication of articles.

What you write will have to be related to a certain theme or market niche and when you reach a large enough audience you will have several possibilities for monetization.

To be successful with your blog you need to:

  • Simply write.
  • Remember that Google rewards an article that fully explains a certain theme and not the most visually beautiful one, even if overall this factor also has a certain relevance.
  • Always insert photos: download them using free programs such as SPARK POST.
  • Don’t rush to publish, but quality must come first. Publish constantly.
  • Studying and putting into practice Seo (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Failure is part of the learning process; do not think that the first article you write will immediately rank high in search engines, but you will always have to improve it over time.
  • When you reach a certain level of experience and visibility on search engines, you hire people to write articles for you. (Freelance)

Here are some free guides you can use to put this business model into practice:




Things a blogger who wants to earn money seriously shouldn’t do


A very common mistake in this business model is ignoring the importance of writing useful content for the reader and fully sharing their knowledge and secrets.

For example, if you create articles related to the business you cannot fail to reveal those strategies that have helped you grow.

The concept I want to convey to you is to be honest with your readers and give them the best of themselves!

You need to share what no one has published yet or create an article that someone has already written, but yours must contain a lot more information.

When writing blog posts you must always give importance to these 2 factors:

  • Quality
  • Exclusivity

Only in this way will you get excellent results in terms of visibility and consequently you will earn higher and higher figures.

Another mistake is to never post outbound links to provide more information on a particular topic; this will only contribute to a bad user experience.

External links are a great ally for a blog because they will enrich your articles, providing the reader with more insights.

Finally, try not to abandon the old posts, but if you see that some of them fail to rank in the search engines, do something to improve them.


2. Sign up for multiple affiliate programs


If you are not familiar with the affiliate world, this is a “pay-for-performance” marketing system where an affiliate sells products and services on behalf of a supplier at an agreed rate or percentage on the sale.

You will be able to track these sales through a unique link that contains an identification code to track your identity and thus receive the predetermined compensation.

In affiliate marketing everyone benefits, the customer who has found a product that gratifies him, the affiliate, and the merchant who consequently both earn.

The merchant is the creator of the product or service (it can be a single entrepreneur or a company) who, through a network of affiliates, expands their business to higher levels.

If you want to know more about this business model, check out the following guide:

If you choose to make money solely from affiliate marketing, don’t focus solely on promoting a single vendor’s products or services, but work as an affiliate with multiple companies.

This way if one day a seller no longer wants you as an affiliate you will always have other promotions that will continue to make you money.

Otherwise, you may find yourself overnight with no more income.


Some Affiliate Marketing Models


There are many ways to run an affiliate marketing business.

For example, you can choose to create a website or eBook in which to post your affiliate links.

Another alternative for putting this business model into practice is to participate in forums, or you may want to consider running a weekly podcast to talk about your products or services.

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways to run an affiliate marketing business.

I recommend that you also read this article to get a broader picture of the topic:


3. Podcasting


Podcasts are enjoyed by people as they allow you to create a deep connection with them, through your speakers.

You could start listening to some corporate podcasts alone so you have the right information to create yours.



When you feel ready to create a podcast, take a look at the most used tools:

  • USB Audio Interface and Recording Bundle
  • Audacity
  • Libsyn
  • Pro Tools
  • Skype
  • Adjustable Microphone Arm Stand
  • SquadCast

Through podcast content marketing, you have a very good chance of building an audience interested in your business.

Note that Google also shows podcasts in search results. (For 2 years now.)

So, if you manage to optimize them in the best way, from an SEO point of view, you will further increase your audience.

The podcasting industry has grown a lot in recent years and many companies and the big media have realized that it is an opportunity to be seriously considered.

Some data shows podcasts are growing in popularity very fast. (1*, 2*)


How to monetize with a podcast


There are several ways to monetize a podcast, however, some may work immediately, while others work best when you are more established and have a larger audience.

Advertising and sponsorships are probably the first things you think about when you want to monetize with podcasting.

Through sponsored content, you will establish partnerships with companies to mention their products and services in your podcast.

Several podcast ad networks can connect with advertisers, negotiate rates, get the script, etc.

In this case, you must already have a large audience to work with them.

Midroll is the leading podcast advertising network; connects companies and brands with some of the best known and most respected names in podcasting.

Other great ad networks are:

Otherwise, in cases where you have a smaller or niche audience, I recommend that you contact the companies that perfectly fit your audience directly.

In rather technical podcasts it seems that affiliate commissions allow you to generate good earnings.

For example, you could promote deals, brand discounts, or coupons and then get paid for every successful transaction.

Another alternative is integrating with a blog or website, containing references to products and services mentioned in the podcast to bring your listeners to the site.

Don’t have a website yet?

Visit this page, it will help you choose one: 13 ways to create a free website

Read also:








4. Create an e-commerce site


One of the favorite alternatives for people who are starting to approach methods of making money online is to set up an eCommerce store.

Many think it’s the easiest way to generate passive income, but that’s not the case …

This is an activity that requires hard work and also, you have to stand out among the huge mass of eCommerce sites and online stores.

The best solution to reduce management costs (rent, logistics, warehouse, accounting, etc.) is is to do Dropshipping.

And it’s also ideal for anyone with no sales experience.

(You don’t need to own any physical store with the warehouse.)

Even if you are new to this method of making money online, don’t worry as it works quite simply:

  1. Receive orders from customers
  2. After that, you will have to deliver them to the supplier.
  3. The latter will take care of the packaging and shipping of the product.

Read this post to find out which are the high-ticket niches for dropshipping.


The importance of having a business plan before opening an e-commerce


Although it does not require large capital to open e-commerce, keep in mind that it is not that easy to get results immediately.

You need to devote time and attention to the analysis and strategy phase.

It is also necessary to have clear ideas by creating a precise business plan.

This will allow you to understand if the business you are about to start will be profitable or not, as well as give you a complete picture of the situation.

An accurate business plan will help you identify and understand who your competitors are, evaluate your profit margins, understand which channels and tools to use to achieve your goals, and more …

One of the first analyzes to do is the choice of the product.

You must, first of all, understand if it is in a growing market because if it is already at its peak it would be completely useless to invest money in expensive advertising campaigns.

Other factors to consider are price, shipping costs, delivery times, etc.

Finding a product that belongs to a growing sector will guarantee you maximum profit!


Tips for those who want to open an e-commerce store


Shopify is one of the best platforms for building eCommerce sites currently on the market.

You don’t need great technical skills, but it allows you to easily create your first online store, sell products, and get paid.

Shopify offers many features to better customize and manage an online store and at the same time give you a guarantee of stability, security, and performance.

The costs of the platform are very low and you also have a 14-day free trial.

The only real cost is advertising, but not everyone is telling the truth: it takes a lot of money to promote your product.

Also, you will need to do a lot of tests to start a business like this….


One important thing you need to know about online stores


When I see some e-commerce reviews, they make it all seem too easy, but that’s not exactly the case!

Keep in mind that the intent of many websites is only to promote the platform in question…

Ecommerce is a great solution for online business, but keep in mind that you need to have funds to invest in advertising, such as Facebook ads.

I recommend that you set aside a budget of at least $ 150 to test the campaign for your business.

Now I can’t make you the exact calculations of how much you need to invest to start seeing the first gains.

There are lucky cases that get results immediately, but others have to spend $ 500-1000 or even $ 10,000 or more before seeing noteworthy gains.

Again, failure will be one of the many components of success.

If you have little money to invest in advertising and want to get closer to online business, I suggest you change your project such as, for example, start a blog…

In this case, you will find many free solutions, but the one you see in the review below is not the usual zero-cost platform with poor hosting, but it is a real business opportunity.




When you have an e-commerce and you launch your advertising campaign, you can’t get to have to suspend everything because you lack liquidity, otherwise, you only waste time and money!

I don’t think advertising should only be seen as a cost, but you should look at it as an investment.

After all, you are doing business and they require market testing.


5. Publish ebooks


EBooks have long been published for marketing purposes, and their emergence has offered many benefits to people who love to write, including ridiculously low introductory prices and a good chance of making a significant income.

(Attention I’m not saying it’s easy…)

This “method” can also constitute passive income, as you create it once and it also generates money for you in the coming months or years.

Plus they are quick to produce and the reason they are low cost is that many resources will be published and distributed for free to major ebook retailers.

The truth of this business is that it’s not that obvious to get your book noticed and generally ebooks sell for very low prices, which means you have to make a lot of monthly sales if you want to make a living this way.

However, you also need to consider that ebooks, with such low prices, are also a powerful tool for convincing potential customers to buy your product or service.

For example, if you have a blog where you promote something, you can link to your site’s products in the ebook.

This way you will not only increase your sales, but many people will know your business better.

However, some people have managed to make a lot of money this way, like Amanda Hocking, the writer who has made millions of self-publishing online.


The best tool for self-publishing authors


Can’t wait to start publishing your first ebook, but don’t know which tool to choose?

Don’t worry, I will now list some of the best that will save you time and money as they are free:

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

A free and indispensable self-publishing tool for people approaching this business model for the first time …

… as publishing your first ebook will be a very simplified process.


Amazon is the world’s largest seller of digital volumes, and in fact, the platform is one of the most chosen by authors to sell their works.

Note that Amazon KDP is different from Amazon KDP Select.

The latter is an exclusive program and allows you to sell your book only on Amazon, offering you several benefits.

Here are some articles that may interest you and help you earn money by creating ebooks:

Creating ebooks through Amazon will allow you to immediately put your book into circulation, with the most suitable format, for example, traditional printing on paper, or in digital format, price of your choice, and more….

In the beginning, you will need to create your book in the best possible way, correcting all grammatical and spelling errors, making sure it is simple to read.


Pay attention to the quality of the content, because if your book is full of errors, Amazon may refuse to publish it!


If you notice that there are unnecessary parts in the text, delete them without fear, to create “a work of art”.

When you have completed the latest “changes” to your book, Amazon will take care of all the smallest details and you will be able to benefit from Amazon’s instant publishing service.


The main steps to create a Kindle Direct Publishing account

Go to the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) website and click “create a new profile”.

Now enter your personal information to register.

This will allow Amazon to send you important notifications during the posting process.




Publishing a book with Amazon Kindle has never been easier, but you should still put in the effort and produce quality work.

If you can do this, you will develop many loyal readers over time.

Keep in mind that books on unique and niche topics are among the top sellers in the self-publishing market.

When you publish your books online, Amazon takes a percentage from each sale (varies by price) which is justified as distribution fees for eBooks.

In the following table you can see your earnings percentages compared to the book’s selling price:


Other useful tools for self-publishing authors



It is another tool suitable for those who love to write books.

Through its multiple features, (many of which can be used for free), Shaxpir is the ideal solution for new authors who want to write books and novels.




It is an indispensable free tool not only for all authors but also for bloggers, influencers, etc.

Canva allows you to easily create your ebook covers through unique and original images – you have hundreds of templates available or you can create your own from scratch.




When you write, it is normal to make grammatical and spelling mistakes, but if you have a tool like Prowritingaid it will take care of correcting them.

Also, analyze the text thoroughly to offer you many tips to improve your writing.

Remember that your book not only needs to have good content, it also needs to show a beautiful cover that will appeal to the reader from the very first moment.

Keep in mind that there is a wide range of free book writing software, free word processor applications, and online tools for self-publishing authors.

If you don’t have an exclusive distribution agreement, for example with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing you can sell your books wherever you want, thus promoting them on multiple platforms …

Read also: the 17 BEST self-publishing companies of 2021.


6. Write articles online


Writing articles online is a great way to make money these days.

The common benefit with other business models is that you have the opportunity to work from home.

Also, you can find many jobs on the web, because article authors are highly sought after.

Being able to earn a living by writing…

… can be very rewarding!

When you feel ready to start you can consult the different freelance job portals – they will be very useful to you as the employers themselves publish updated job offers.

Once you have found the portal you need to create a writer account and then you can view all the job offers.

Remember that you must have the skills to be chosen from among numerous candidates.

So, you need to train yourself to write articles, such as product reviews; you should also observe other writers online to improve your writing skills.

One piece of advice I give to beginners is to take one of the many short writing courses available online for free.


Which platforms to choose to get paid to write your articles:


a) Strong Whispers $ 50 – $ 150: The platform offers readers a variety of articles on lifestyle, environment, and more.

Earnings typically range from $ 50 to $ 150 per published article. There are some cases where they pay more.



b) $ 100 – $ 200: requires no experience. You can write articles or create infographics, videos, Photoshop …

You can receive $ 100 per article, and after getting paid for five published articles, you can earn $ 200 from each later.

If one of your jobs finishes in the top ten of the month (the rating is based on website traffic), you get a $ 100 bonus.

As for Photoshop, there are contests and if you come out a winner, you win $ 100.

But that’s not all because there are other bonuses that you will discover once you log into



c) Wow Women on Writing: $ 50-100: offers plenty of opportunities for aspiring freelancers.

Wow primarily focuses on providing excellent content for women and pays up to $ 150.00 for a 3,000-word article.

Payment will be made via Paypal or (if in the US) by check.



d) Link-Able: $ 100 – $ 750: Only accepts native English speakers with experience and proof that they have already done high-quality work.

The platform is simple and easy to use, and once you are approved as an author, you can browse the different writing jobs available.

Link-Able makes the customer who hires you pay the amount upfront set, to write the article.

These funds are kept because, once your work is done, you will receive compensation.

You will be paid through Stripe and there is a 30-day customer guarantee, which is the waiting period before cashing out the money.

This platform offers premium link-building jobs where you can earn on average $ 375 for every link you manage to create.

However, revenue can range from $ 150 to $ 1000, depending on the budget the customer can spend.


Final tips on how to create a writing-based online business


If you want to start a career as a web writer you have several opportunities.

In my career as a web writer, I started with a blog, and it’s the best way to learn how to write and showcase your skills on the web.

But as I told you before, it’s also a well monetizable business model

However, if you want to create a passive income based on writing you have to turn to online companies and magazines because they are always on the lookout for new web writers.

On most of their sites you will find a section that says:

  • “Write for us”.
  • “Work with us”
  • And other similar things.

All you have to do is submit your application and possibly show a test article.


Also try Fiverr and Upwork, where writing jobs are generally very well paid.


7. Make online videos


Videos are the best way to build a profitable business and create your online identity.

Also, you can explain difficult concepts, meet new potential customers, promote your products. (or those in affiliation)

The advantage of this business project is that you can create professional videos in no time and using free platforms.

For example, you can use YouTube for free and earn even without having a product or service but only with the number of views of your videos.

To get important and lasting gains over time, you don’t have to think only about creating a viral video.

If it happens it’s better, but your intent should be to follow a strategy that brings you more and more views…

Remember to choose a specific topic and therefore an audience with specific interests. For example, the niche of making money online, that of fitness, recipes, cars, etc …

Another advantage of making videos is to convey information quickly without beating around the bush.

Keep in mind that many people don’t like reading text articles or don’t have time, so the video is in many cases the most effective solution for:

  • Selling online
  • Increase in sales
  • Create and maintain a relationship of trust
  • Engage the audience
  • Etc.


Tips for creating great videos


As in all businesses, you have to choose your niche.

In fact, by narrowing the field, better results could be obtained, for example, there is a lot of difference between the fitness niche and that of women over 50 who want to lose weight.

If you have a more specific niche you have a more specific and interested audience in your products; consequently, the chances of acquiring new customers are greater.

To understand if you are creating quality and value videos, you should make sure they have good graphics and colors that match your brand.

Also, there has to be a good script and the audio has to be loud and clear.

The length of the videos must also be correct:

To short – you will not convey all the information necessary for your purpose.

Too long – it may tire a user, thus decreasing the level of attention.

Remember to make videos that target viewers’ problems and provide one or more solutions.

Don’t forget the call to action. (CTA)

It is used in all forms of online marketing. (For example: click here to download the ebook, to purchase a course, product, or service…


Tools to help you create video content for your business


a) YouTube: you will already know this platform very well and as you can imagine if you can consistently make videos that capture the attention you will build an ever wider audience

Making videos on YouTube, on a technical level, is relatively simple, much more so than you might think.

What you will need most is a good dose of creativity and patience.

In addition to advertising your brand, expanding your business, selling products or services (yours or as an affiliate) …

… with YouTube, you can also earn based on the number of views of your videos.

In addition, you can open your channel on the platform for free and if over time you become a particularly popular character, the companies themselves will look for you to advertise their products.

In short, here you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!



b) ANIMOTO: it is suitable for anyone who wants to make professional-looking videos in a simple and extremely fast way without using complicated video editing software.

You have a large selection of models available which can be easily adapted.

Animoto can be a great ally to help you grow your business: increase sales, drive traffic, attract potential customers …



c) PROMO: everyone only talks about YouTube, but even with Promo you can make professional videos very easily.

You can create promotional videos, social media marketing ads.

There are clips and templates dedicated to different industries, (travel, e-commerce, real estate, and more …)



d) FASTREEL BY MOVAVI: This video maker includes over 30 ready-made templates suitable for all kinds of videos.

You can perform all basic tasks: change video speed, filters, compress, and crop…

….up to the use of more advanced features, such as creating a presentation from scratch or a movie.

I recommend that you learn more about all the features of this tool by reading a review about it.



e) BITEABLE: a really simple tool to use with which to create captivating videos e fast, like those on social networks.

You can choose from various templates, such as animated ones and some with live-action stock footage.

It is very easy to use and creating professional-looking high-quality videos will only take a few minutes.

The only 2 flaws are that you cannot download your videos if you are using the free plan and there is no option for square format Instagram videos.

If you need more advanced editing features, I recommend you more….


8. Info business


As can be deduced from the word itself, it is a question of earning by selling information, info-products, while with a classic business, you mainly sell products or services.

The information you sell must give a lot of value to those who receive it, for example, it must be aimed at:

  • Solve health problems
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Find a better job.

But the info business market is huge and you can sell everything from the guide on how to grow vegetables, how to build a wooden table, how to save, how to create a dropshipping shop, lose weight, etc …

Other examples of info business concern how to improve one’s life, through personal growth courses, how to perform more at work, learn better when studying.

Or they are guides on how to do affiliate marketing, sell on the phone, how to use Facebook ads, etc., etc.

I could go on forever, but they were just a few examples to give you the idea.

Keep in mind that personal growth trainers who achieve great results consequently acquire many customers, followers and this allows them to bill millions of dollars a year with this type of business.


How to launch an info business


What are you good at?

Don’t tell me you don’t know, because each of us is better at doing something than another!

If you are passionate about something, to the point of knowing it very well, or have experience in a particular field, you can teach others these skills of yours.

You will decide the price as you will be in effect an entrepreneur selling a service. (Your teachings)

If your customers or prospects know that you are particularly good at what you do, you will have no problem building a good reputation and increasing your sales.

However, in the beginning, you will have to make sure that there is demand in the market related to your skills.

To understand all this, just do some research on the web…


How to Make Money Selling Information Products Online


Example of starting a business based on the sale of information


Let’s say you enjoy building websites, and many people are constantly asking questions about it, through forums, blog comments, and so on.

If so many questions are asked about this skill, teaching website building can be a great way to do business with information and will most likely make you big profits.

Keep in mind that some people are willing to pay, even a lot, for some kind of information that will allow them to reach their goal faster.

But now you are asking yourself: “How to disclose my” monetizable capacity “?

Based on the fact that you create a video/audio course, a book to educate your potential customers you can take advantage of 2 ways to reach more people:

The first is undoubtedly the best way to contact a profiled public for free so that you can be found by those who are interested in acquiring your skills.

But Facebook advertising is just as important given the huge number of people who spend a large part of their time on social media.

The ideal solution would be to combine these 2 strategies to make your business highly profitable.


9. Become an SEO Consultant


Do you already know search engine optimization?

If your answer is yes consider that you can monetize this skill very well as it is one of the most sought-after and highly paid online businesses.

SEO is a powerful marketing strategy: by positioning the site correctly, we increase qualified visits, intercepting users interested in the product/service offered, which will be easier to transform into customers.

Keep in mind that there are more and more people creating websites and most are still unfamiliar with SEO and all its benefits.

If you are particularly good in this field you can create a course where you teach step by step how to appear on the first page of search engines.



Positioning on search engines is one of the most effective web marketing actions to reach new users and increase sales. This is because it intercepts the potential customer when he expresses a real need by searching on Google.


What does an SEO consultant do?


People who would like to rely on an SEO consultant are looking for a digital web professional who can analyze errors in the design and development of a site.

But the most requested work by the customer is to optimize and position the greatest number of pages of the website or e-commerce portal in the top pisitions in search engines.

Not all SEO specialists are the same because some only work in specific areas.

For example, you know how to optimize WordPress sites on search engines, while others only deal with the optimization of other web portals such as Jimdo, Woocommerce, Joomla, etc.

A very fundamental point for SEO is to check loading times.



An SEO consultant is a person who is responsible for leading the business of other people/companies and achieving specific and measurable goals on search engines.

After an analysis of the target market, the SEO consultant analyzes how users search from desktop, mobile, and voice search to understand what questions they ask when they search for your product or service.

Once this is done, analyze your competitors to define a medium or long-term SEO strategy to position your articles on the front page.


10. Create a digital marketing agency


First of all, we need to understand what a digital marketing agency is and what it does.

It is a company made up of professionals in the provision of services for the web, which studies potential customers to propose tailor-made solutions for individuals and companies.

It provides true strategic direction, creative design, technical development for products, and other online services.

A Digital Marketing Agency helps entrepeneurs target specific audiences.

But what do those who want to undertake such a business model do?

Here are some examples:

  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Social media management
  • Web Design
  • Create websites
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Construction of e-commerce sites
  • And more …

To start operating in this field you need experience, but keep in mind that you can learn them all even starting from scratch.

Furthermore, they are all highly sought after and highly monetizable skills.


How to learn this activity


Just to give an example, the search for professionals in the field of Facebook ads is growing out of all proportion.

Even if you don’t know how to do it, you can learn quickly with a good course, which allows you to acquire all the necessary skills, but at the same time teaches you, through exercises, how to do it in practice.

If you own a digital marketing agency, in addition to advertising on Facebook, you will most likely have to carry out other activities, so you should specialize in more fields and for this, you may need the help of other collaborators.




11. Sell used goods


Estimated income: $ 50- $ 5000 + / month

Requirements: business management and negotiation skills.

Many people looking for an online business idea at affordable upfront costs have considered reselling second-hand goods.

If you are also interested in this method of making money online, I will list 4 sites that could be for you:

  1. Poshmark
  2. Craigslist
  3. ThredUp
  4. Decluttr.


a) Poshmark


It is one of those most popular platforms in the US where you can sell or buy home accessories/items, new, used, and shoes or clothes.

Poshmark is quite easy to use, the site is based on searching for articles using keywords, filters and on different options such as price, color and condition of the article.

To sell on Poshmark just take a picture of the garment, enter the price and the most important details.

A very important factor is to share with the platform community because the more you share, the more sales you will get.

Once a sale is made, Poshmark deducts a commission from the listing price.

If the sale is less than $ 15, the commission will be $ 2.95.

For sales of $ 15 or more, the commission is 20% of the list price.


b) Craigslist


This is a site containing a bulletin board full of classified ads where you can buy and sell items for free.

The platform does not take any percentage of your sales.

You can sell items on Craigslist without even having to create an account.


c) ThredUp


With ThredUP it is very easy to buy and sell second-hand clothes.

If you want to make money with minimal effort, this is the right platform.

The sale on ThredUp is free, but you have to pay $ 10 to the site for your clothes to be accepted.

This is a cleaning kit that will be provided to you in the mail. The kit is also used by ThredUp to keep track of all items arriving for sale.

As ThredUp is a company, it has costs: employees, warehouses, website, etc.

So the site also has to earn something to cover the expenses.

They will offer you less money for your dress than you ask for and will likely resell it for a higher price.

However, the platform is very active and this means that many users can make good deals.

Please make sure the clothes you send are of good quality and in excellent condition to make the most profit.

The site does not accept shoddy and worn articles.


d) Decluttr


It is a site that allows you to sell your old electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, CDs, DVDs, and games.

Just enter the name of the item you want to sell in the search bar to receive an offer.

(You can also download their app which will allow you to scan your items and you will receive proposals.)

At this point you just have to choose how you want to be paid:

  • PayPal
  • By check
  • Direct deposit into your account

You must have a minimum of $ 5 before withdrawing.

A single payment order can contain up to 500 items.


One of the best business ideas: how to make $ 5k- $ 7k a month by working only 3-4 days a week!



There are no tricks to make money online!

These 11 best online business opportunities can easily be launched in 2021, as you saw in today’s article.

However, most of them ,require a lot of work and no matter what choice you make, you are unlikely to get major results in no time.

When doing business, you need to have the right mindset, like that of an entrepreneur.

The mere fact of having skills does not guarantee success, but only with a lot of determination, some failure, studying and testing will make your project become a reality.

Do you already have an idea of which activity to undertake?

Have you already had any experience?

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