25 Ways To Get Free Instagram Followers That Really Work!

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These are 25 ways to get free Instagram followers that you can apply right away. You won’t be disappointed because they really work!

You must know that Instagram can help you grow your business; it is not a simple social network where you share photos via hashtag as it might seem in someone’s eyes.

Instagram has now become an essential tool for increasing online visibility and is an effective means within a web marketing strategy.

The main goal is to make a company grow faster and acquire more users. (Growth hacking)

However, having a large number of followers does not guarantee 100% success, but you have to make sure that you get a quality audience, that is, seriously interested in your profile.

Remember that digital activities, in general, take time and perseverance if you want to get results.

So don’t look for quick ways to grow on Instagram as you may be penalized.


Find your niche on Instagram!

In case you have recently opened an Instagram account or do not know well the strategies to profit from this social network, you must read very carefully what I am about to tell you:

Today, if you want to become popular on Instagram you have to identify a specific niche, with a level of competition that is not exaggerated and can establish yourself as a true expert/reference point in the sector.

Where to start?

You can start looking for popular hashtags related to your niche, so you can see the competitors, understand if the audience is the one you would like to target, what kind of followers you would like

Well, let’s start with the first of the 25 steps!


1. Your profile must be clean and original


Many bloggers who write guides on how to increase followers mainly cover topics on how / when to post, use of hashtags, and various apps.

But before we talk about all this, the first thing to do if you want to have a wider audience is to give your profile a real identity, as if it were a real company.

In practice, it must be a bit like your business card, your showcase where you show the best you have available to those who discover you for the first time.

Based on the niche you have chosen, you need to publish content that is relevant to it.

For example, if your profile is related to cars, you shouldn’t post photos of watches or clothes.

Of course, a famous and successful person can publish whatever he wants.

But those starting from scratch must initially build an identity on Instagram.

Another point not to be overlooked is to try to always apply the same filter, that is, the same color scheme of the images because users understand when a profile is curated and therefore they will be more likely to follow it.

In this way you will give a true identification to your style, making your profile more recognizable in the eyes of users, compared to others.


2. Publish at certain times


Posting at certain times greatly increases engagement.

It is usually recommended to do this after 5 pm (especially on Mondays) and on Sundays.

Instead, the ideal posting frequency would be posting every 3/4 hours.

This ensures that the organic reach, i.e. of visitors, of each post, increases significantly.

But now I want to give you a practical example:

  • Publish the first post in the morning.
  • Another after lunch.
  • The third after 17.00
  • And the last one, in the evening.

You can simply do some tests, perhaps discarding the night hours and at the first light of dawn.

If you have a business account, Instagram Insights will be available, with which you can check the statistics of the most favorable moments to publish.

Remember that quality is more important than quantity.

If you want to post quickly, don’t do it!

When posting always add a description under each photo.


3. How many times to publish


For better results or to increase your Instagram follower count, you could start posting 1 post per day when your followers are most active over 7 days.

After that, try posting twice a day for two weeks and then 3 for a couple of weeks or more.

This is a basic strategy, but it doesn’t necessarily work the same for everyone!

Let’s say it is suitable for those who have the time to do it and contemporaneously manage to create quality content.

First, you should open a business Instagram account, so that you have a chance to check all the stats.

If you see an increase in engagement, posting multiple times a day, it means you can continue with this strategy.

But, in case after 10-15 days, you don’t see any results, post 2 times a day (instead of 3) and if the situation doesn’t change for the better, just create 1 post.

This process must be gradual, even as publication frequency increases.

One factor that particularly affects the success of your posts is the market niche because the results change from one to the next.

Finally, try running a lot of tests to figure out the right amount of posts to publish each day. (The most suitable for reaching a large audience!)

If you are constant with the publication, you will gain more and more followers and you will also get several “likes”.


4. Hashtag


This social media is much more powerful with the right hashtag strategy and you can select the type of audience you are interested in.




In general, it is recommended to use the ones that are always in trend, because the users who follow them, could interact more easily with your posts when they see them in the feed.

But don’t consider this strategy as if it were the only one because even in this case you have to experiment.

Keep in mind that using super-popular hashtags can sometimes be irrelevant and make us look like spam, attracting people who don’t interact with your business.

While if you use niche hashtags in your posts, therefore more relevant, you are more likely to reach a targeted audience and gain more followers.

There are also tools where you can check that the selected hashtags are suitable and discover new ones.

One of these is Sked Social which also allows you to plan the # of the first comments and publish them automatically.

However, there are other interesting platforms if you are looking to reach a wider audience, via #.

Here are some examples:


How many hashtags?


You can put up to 30 hashtags in each post and comment, but using these numbers doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

Conversely, I don’t recommend overdoing it as too many # may appear to users as spam and make posts messy. (You can avoid this by inserting hashtags in the first comment.)

According to a statistic, it seems that with 7-8 # we can involve the maximum number of people.

The same hashtags shouldn’t be used over and over again, because Instagram doesn’t like this action.

Also, use both niche and popular #s.

Even if I will be repetitive, I remind you that you must always test and analyze the results obtained!


5. Like and comment, followers are essential for reaching more people on Instagram


Try to be as active as possible on Instagram, following more people, putting lots of likes, comments, because by doing so many of them will return the favor.

Do not follow random users, but only in line with your profile.

You can follow different types of users, from the best known to the most recently registered ones.

The latter will return the follow more easily and this is one of the best ways to acquire more followers and likes on Instagram.

Instagram works just like that, so don’t think about getting “likes” on your new uploaded photo for the simple fact that it’s beautiful, but because they expect you to do the same.

The posts you publish don’t see them all, they only appear in the feeds of some people who follow you.

Consequently, to get a sizable number of followers, you need to follow other accounts in the hope that they will do the same in turn. (Don’t worry, they do in most cases!)


Instagram bot


A Bot is a software that allows you to acquire followers and “likes” in an automated way on your Instagram profile.

While I prefer not to use these types of services, I still wanted to talk about them as many of them are free.

Furthermore, a bot also includes sending messages or following other people.




In short, it’s worth it, because it will save you time; you will get more results by automating those actions that are usually performed manually such as “follow” and “like” on other profiles …

With this tactic, you will get followers in a completely organic way because you don’t buy fake followers and you won’t have to carry out these tedious tasks on your own.

Approximately, Instagram works like this:

If you follow 50 people, 5 or 10 of them will most likely return the favor.

The same goes for the “likes” on the photos

If you want to try using a Bot for Instagram, I recommend one of the best:

>>> INGRAMER <<<


6. Connect your Instagram account to Facebook


This is a fundamental point for the Instagram algorithm.

In this way, you could spread all your Instagram visual content on Facebook and get a big advantage in terms of visibility.

If you want to get more engagement and more followers, I recommend that you seriously consider this pairing.

Instagram and Facebook pair well compared to other social networks.

If a Facebook user likes your Instagram post, the algorithm will also count that “like” on Instagram.

Plus, you can share images directly from your Instagram feed to Facebook avoiding annoying uploads and downloads …

Keep in mind that around 30% of Facebook users have an Instagram account, so many of them won’t mind following you on both platforms.

As you can imagine, by making this combination you will immediately get followers already active on your profile!




7. Take advantage of the Biolink of your Instagram profile


Instagram is considered by many online entrepreneurs a valuable tool to advertise their products, thanks to the various features, but some of these are limited.

The most relevant problem on this social network is the possibility of inserting only one link in the bio. (It’s a clickable URL that you can add to your profile section)

This link allows you to bring more followers to a product page, your site, various content, etc.

If you want to link multiple pages in this section you will need a tool that acts as a container for all connections.

One of them is Linktree which allows you to link all your links into one.

It is a very simple operation. Once logged into Linktree, you will need to fill in the following fields:

  • Your name or that of your business
  • Your email
  • A photo that should be the same one you have on the Instagram profile.

After that, you can immediately start creating your links which you will give a title to each of them.

In this way, when a user clicks on the link in the Instagram bio, they will end up in your account that you previously created in Linktree and all the links to your most important pages will appear.





8. Use some apps to get lots of free Instagram followers


There are numerous apps available on Android that allow you to increase your popularity on this social network.

The downside is that the followers obtained with this type of application may stop following you overnight.

However, in most cases they are easy to use: just like or follow people so that you accumulate credits, through which you can get real likes or followers, completely free.

Are you curious to see how it works?

Try these 2 applications:


9. Always post original photos


Sometimes images can communicate better than words because they convey specific emotions and messages.

For this, you must not underestimate the choice of photos, but make sure that they arouse interest in the people you want to reach.

I don’t recommend copying photos from other Instagram profiles and reposting them on yours.

Publish, if possible, photos of yourself, unique, original, preferably taken from your mobile phone, as long as they are of a certain quality.

You can also edit them and make them more original with tools like Canva.


10. Write an attention-grabbing description


The first element that captures attention in a social network like Instagram is undoubtedly the photo, but immediately after, there is the description because it has enormous conversion potential.

Instagram will only show the first 3 lines of your description, which can be crucial in attracting more followers.

So try to use persuasive words, keeping in mind the goal you want to achieve with that message …


11. Create a mix of content


If your goal is to grow your business or online presence, before you even publish content, you need to create an editorial calendar to organize and schedule posts.

Even here on Instagram, you have to publish quality content on your profile if you want to see the number of your followers grow.

A beautiful, original, and relevant photo of your brand with a compelling description is a great combination.

But that’s not all because you can use photo collages or mini videos, which are very effective.

In addition, there is the possibility to use IGTV video content marketing, an application designed by Instagram TV, created for video content that is longer than a minute.

Instagram Stories are also an effective and free way to grow your account and keep your community loyal to your brand.

By constantly sharing content on Instagram Stories you can communicate more naturally and spontaneously with your users.

Keep in mind that opening a business account on this social is the best solution because millions of people browse stories every day and a third of the most viewed are posted from a business account.

Since viewing stories is limited to 24 hours, users will be more interested and engaged with your content immediately and help you stand out from the competition.

This way you will be able to build stronger relationships with your followers.

Publish constantly to keep your fans engaged, this will benefit your brand reputation!


12. Use Instagram Reels


If you’re already using Instagram for your business, Instagram Reels might be worth trying.

Instagram Reels were designed to be fast, fun, and full of special effects that make creating engaging and authentic content easy.

Today the format that manages to capture the user’s attention the most and generates the most conversions is undoubtedly the video format.

The best format seems to be vertical and with an average duration of 15 seconds.

For this reason, Instagram has introduced Reels, a format already used on other social platforms such as Tik Tok.

Having visibility means reaching a wider audience, thus dramatically increasing the chances of someone becoming your follower.

The Instagram Reels integrated with the other 25 strategies of today will be of great help to get great results on this social network!


How do Instagram Reels work?

Reels, allows users to create and publish short 15-second vertical format videos in full screen with special effects, on audio, music …

We can compare this tool to stories because it is a means by which through a video you have to try to reach your goal.

Reels is a way to express all your creativity and you can track your efforts through Reels’ analytics, such as the number of likes, comments, and accounts reached.

Also, consider the great potential: it can improve your profile performance and showcase a beautiful showcase for your brand.


13. Go to the Explore section of Instagram


This is the page accessible from the search icon in the main menu:

The Explore page of Instagram enjoys unique visibility because every day it is used by a huge number of people to search for content and profiles.

To greatly increase the visibility of your profile, your posts should appear in the “Explore” section.

For this to happen, your post must receive a high number of likes and comments during the first few minutes of publishing.

An app that could help you with this is Followers+.

This is an application similar to the ones I showed you earlier.

It lets you get lots of likes, comments, and views in minutes.


14. Collaborate with other Instagram users


To start getting collaborations on Instagram, you must first have an interesting and always up-to-date profile that attracts the attention of other users and companies.

An example of collaboration would be to advertise a particular company’s product.

Your followers view posted photos and videos, and a percentage of them may purchase them and you will receive compensation from the company.

Other collaborations are interviews or someone might call you to attend an event or presentation where you prepare slides and enter your Instagram username on each screen.

If you can collaborate a lot and with the right people, you are more likely to increase visibility and attract new followers!


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15. Try to always be an active user


A common mistake on Instagram is to focus solely on posting photos and hashtags.

These are the same mistakes I made in the beginning! … and among other things, I found it very boring to do these actions every day.

But then, over time, I realized that being an active user means becoming an integral part of the community of people who belong to my niche.

Therefore, reply to everyone who comments on your photos, mentioning them with an @, so that you can be sure that the person reads them.

When someone follows you, return the favor and “Like” the photos that you will find among the hashtags of your interest.

Also, when commenting on other photos don’t just use exclamations like super, cool, etc.

Another way to be more active on social is to ask your followers to leave feedback in your posts.

Finally, it also sends messages directly to users belonging to your niche!


16. If you have a website, show the social network’s “Follow” button


If you own a website, you can increase the number of your followers by installing a simple button, through which a visitor can access your Instagram account with one click and follow you. (If the user wants…)

One tool that allows you to do this is ShareThis.

In this way, the people who come to the site see your work and through this button, they decide whether to follow you or not.




Have you heard of blogs or websites, but do you think it is too expensive or difficult a “thing”?

Don’t worry, because that’s no longer the case …

Take the same opportunity I had and am still taking advantage of : a WP website and high-performance hosting designed especially for this CSM.

Plus, you also have courses on SEO and how to make money blogging. (All free!)



So, if you put this strategy in place, you will get a continuous and controlled increase of followers interested in your content.




17. Geolocate your posts


When posting a photo, always add the tag to geolocate the photo, i.e. enter the place where you are or where the photo or video was taken.

This is another great way to make Instagram posts and stories more visible because those interested in that location can search and find it thanks to your contribution.

All of this will help increase your followers and especially local businesses can get the most benefit from geotags when used regularly.

You also have the option to interact with potential customers who are nearby.

Places have their own unique Instagram feed and personalized story.

Note that if you use the location sticker, all users looking for content from a certain place will also see yours.


18. Schedule an Instagram Live



One of the most interesting and engaging features of this social network is Instagram Live, which allows you to broadcast live videosto your followers through Instagram stories.

When you start a live, the circle around your profile picture will be highlighted in the list of stories on the home page.

Also, your followers may be notified if they are currently using the Instagram app.

Instagram Live allows you to create a more personal connection with your audience, and the social algorithm puts these stories on top of the regular ones.

It is the best way to get your followers to see you and establish a lasting and real relationship, as well as increase the number of views and new people interested in your business.

In a live Instagram you can, for example, talk about a preview of a product, answer questions, tell what you do, your goals, or others…


19. Organize a contest


For example, you could offer a free product to users who like the post, those who tag a friend, or follow a page: make sure you follow Instagram’s rules on promotions carefully before launching the contest.

If you don’t know how a contest works I’ll explain it to you right away!

Many users upload a summer vacation photo to Instagram and use the dedicated hashtag, which could be #winkenya.

As you can imagine, a person interested in the prize is more likely to follow users who make this type of promotion, commenting, sharing …

Or, users are asked to comment on a post and the winner will be drawn by the commenter. (Give away)

So, to sum it up, an Instagram contest is a great strategy to incentivize your current followers to tag friends in the comments.

As happens in many areas of digital marketing, offering a gift, a prize is a valid strategy to launch new products or services and in doing so will also increase the number of people who will follow you.


20. Don’t buy followers


Many people confuse the number of followers with success!

But this persistence in wanting to increase followers is being leveraged by various social networking platforms to earn money and they won’t help you get what you want, but in the end, you will only waste your money!

Now I’ll also explain why:

On Instagram (and not only …), but the number of followers also isn’t as important as user engagement.

In most follower purchases, you get nothing but a good chunk of users who won’t interact with your posts and, as a result, won’t be shown anymore because Instagram’s algorithm is smart!

Instagram notices when a user is bogus and consequently blocks them.

Follow the previous strategies and you will surely get more genuine results.

Another problem that comes with this type of action is that no one will ever want to collaborate with you.

Even users notice when you have 500,000 followers and none of them like or comment on your posts …


21. Use keywords


Each business has its main keywords and I recommend you use them too because this is a free SEO technique for Instagram, which will help you grow the number of people interested in your business.

You need to add your primary keyword to your username and display name (the title that appears immediately below your username in search results, above your short bio) to make your search easier.

Let’s say you have a pizzeria, your main keyword will be “Pizzeria”

After that, you also need to take advantage of secondary keywords to include in your Instagram bio.

For example, in the bio, you will put “pizza” or “pizza dough” if you put a pizzeria in the name.

If you want to advertise your brand, the short bio is the best place because the moment users visit your page, it will be the first thing they see.

This is why it is important to use secondary keywords; it’s an essential factor to get attention using a little creativity!


22. Collaborate with influencers


Influencers can help you a lot in growing and appreciating your brand, thus building a solid trust with the public.

A big plus, too, is that many influencers settle for a giveaway. (Not very expensive)

I’ll explain better:

You have the product that you want to advertise, such as a t-shirt, and you ask an influencer to promote it through a post.

In this way your product (or brand) will be seen by the numerous followers of the influencer’s profile, increasing the probability of purchase, and the number of people who will follow you will grow.

Don’t think that influencers with more followers will have more engagement with users.

Those with fewer followers have been shown to have a much higher level of interaction.

An influencer can even take control of your Instagram profile for a certain period.

Immediately let influencers know that you don’t want to receive fake traffic, as many of them use a bot and therefore you could receive large amounts of unnecessary followers.

When this happens, you risk not being able to log into your account anymore.

To get a large audience, contact micro-influencers with less than 5000 followers.

You will have a better chance of joining a partnership and that the followers are real.


23. Avoid some hashtags


Some commonly used hashtags could get you a lot of followers in the beginning.

The problem is that most of these users will not be engaged in your interests and therefore are unlikely to become potential customers.

(They will mostly be useless and inactive followers.)

For example, hashtags containing “follow” should be avoided.

Also, other # may be banned forever or temporarily.

Some examples of banned hastags:

  • #curvy
  • #curvygirls
  • #desk
  • #lean
  • #pushups
  • #swole
  • #tgif
  • #workflow
  • #hardworkpaysoff
  • #humpday

(These are just examples, but there are over 100,000 of them …)

Using a prohibited hashtag may prevent other “#” from working …

If you want to use a “new” hashtag, check if it is prohibited first.



On Instagram, go to the Explore page (where the magnifying glass icon is present)

Then in the search bar search by hashtag and if the # you are interested in does not appear in the results of a search, it means that it is currently banned.

Maybe if you do the same search in the future it might appear, it depends on a hashtag to another.


24. Analyze your account performance


A very important factor in your Instagram business is to always keep an eye on your page performance.

Having a deeper view of your profile favors the increase of followers as it allows you to know the interests of your audience, their browsing habits.

You can track it with tools like Instagram Insights or third-party apps that will provide the analyzed data.

Check which posts bring the most visits to the profile because they may be the best types of content that attract people and as a result, if you want, you can invest in them with more confidence.

The performance analysis of your account allows you to detect any problems so that you can make changes.

You may find, for example, that a promotional post posted by your influencer didn’t get the views you were hoping for.

Through this analysis, you will be able to understand that that influencer is not good and you will choose to collaborate with another.

Instagram Insights gives you a lot of information about your followers, the data of each story or post …

I remind you that to use this tool you need to create a company account.

Here’s how Instagram Insights works:

a) In the ACTIVITIES SHEET you will find the general statistics of the last week of your profile:

  • Post coverage
  • Impression
  • Total visits
  • Click on the website.

b) CONTENTS SHEET, where you can consult the statistics of the published posts: in your feeds, stories, and promotions, for example:

  • Like
  • Comments
  • Views
  • The number of direct shares (messages) generated
  • Several people added the post to saved items …
  • How many times have users sent a message through the story
  • The number of new followers gained by viewing the post …
  • Where do the impressions come from (home, profile, or hashtags used in the post or other)?
  • Other…

c) PUBLIC, where you can view the statistical data of your audience.

  • How many accounts have started or stopped following us?
  • Information regarding the gender, age, and location of followers.
  • A chart where you can track the time your audience is most active.



  • Go to the Profile section.
  • Go to settings.
  • Now scroll down and click “Switch to a professional account”

Once this is done, all you have to do is choose what type of account to use:

  • Creator (for public figures)
  • A content producer
  • The company, (to promote a local brand or business)
  • Category (shop, blog, service, product, etc.)

Finally, you will need to confirm your profile information and decide whether to link your Facebook page to the Instagram account. (If you don’t have it or just don’t care you can skip this step.)


25. Use Instagram Advertising


I know this is an article that should only contain methods to increase Instagram followers for free, but I still wanted to tell you about Instagram Ads too, as it has great potential to grow your profile!

Instagram Ads allows you through sophisticated targeting systems to show your content to a highly profiled audience and perfectly in line with your interests.

Getting good results with ads depends a lot on the audience and the type of ad being promoted.

The best contents to sponsor on Instagram are for example contests because they have a high level of engagement or posts in which questions are asked polls…



Now that you’ve learned 25 ways to get free Instagram followers, If you want them to really work, you need to be patient and persistent.

However, you will see that in the long run, they will bring you permanent results over time!

In case your purpose was to do business online, Instagram is a sensational tool for personal branding and for generating profits.

Remember that having a thousand truly interested (real) people in what you post and in your daily business can turn into a gold mine, selling products or services belonging to your niche.

If you don’t see positive results, it means that you are going in the wrong direction and therefore need to investigate the problems.

Have you already tried any methods to increase Instagram followers?

Did you get good results?

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