7 reasons not to buy Bluehost: a good or bad Web Host 2021?

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Today I want to show you 7 reasons not to buy Bluehost.

This is my review, impartial and honest.

Unfortunately, many bloggers describe this company as the absolute best.

But, before making your decision, read this article carefully to understand if one of their plans is worth buying.

While, not the best hosting provider in terms of quality, it does offer a beginner-friendly service as you can install WordPress very easily.

However, managed WordPress hosting plans (WP PRO), although they contain many useful features, are priced high compared to offerings from other competitors.

First of all, I want to clarify that, all in all, it has never been considered a bad web host by most users.

Indeed, in some ways, it can be a good hosting solution for the year 2021 and I think for those to come too.

But since I see almost only positive reviews, I find it more correct to warn you about some “unpleasant” sides of this company:

  1. There are only US servers
  2. Speed ​​is not excellent
  3. The renewal costs are much higher.
  4. Slow customer service support
  5. No cloud hosting services
  6. Poor backup options
  7. Lots of upsells.




Bluehost is one of the most popular and affordable shared hosting options even now in 2021.

It is the right solution for small businesses or for those who want to start a blog, but don’t have a lot of budgets and are looking for cheap hosting without too many pretensions.

For example, if you have a small or medium-sized site that doesn’t get too much traffic, this service is for you.

Bluehost is known to be the most used hosting by beginners.

However, the service is suitable for everyone:

  • As a novice blogger
  • To established e-commerce
  • Companies
  • Marketers
  • Writers
  • And more.

They have a staff of 750 people, and their business expectation is that everyone can easily create a website and use its various features without much difficulty.

Plus, it’s also a WordPress.org recommended web host, so you’ll have the benefit of installing each of their plans with one click.



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Description of service


Name: bluehost.com

Headquarters: United States

When was the service born: 2003

In 2010 it was acquired by the conglomerate Endurance International Group (EIG)

Owners: Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth

Services: shared hosting, VPS, dedicated. WordPress hosting

Rating: 4.3 / 5

Now this company has garnered the trust of over 3,000,000 customers.


It is easy to use!


One of the main factors why users consider Bluehost a good web host is the ease of use of the service.

Whichever hosting plan you choose, you will be surprised at how simple and intuitive the navigation menu is.

You shouldn’t encounter any particular difficulties, neither during registration nor when setting up your hosting account.

Through the control panel, it is possible to manage domains, e-mail accounts, add features to the site, etc.

WordPress installation is also a breeze!


The main features of Bluehost:


  • Ample storage space
  • Custom CPanel. Its use is easy and intuitive.
  • Email account
  • Unlimited bandwidth for each account. (There are no traffic limits imposed by Bluehost on your site)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • You have a secure site
  • Integration with Cloudflare. It helps speed up the loading of web pages and adds more security options.
  • Tools that automatically mitigate DDoS attacks. (Distributed Denial of Service) These are server attacks that use numerous IP addresses to bombard the server with traffic.

These attacks, if somehow successful, cause temporary slowdowns or freezes.

But through some manual interventions, they are solved.

  • With a basic plan, you get 100 email accounts, while if you buy higher-tier plans they are unlimited.
  • You can use the WordPress site builder for free.
  • Additional features for site tools.
  • 99.96% uptime
  • $ 200 to use in the marketing offers section.



1. Only U.S. servers are available


Imagine, for example, a Tokyo user who searches for a topic on the Internet and your website comes up in the results

It doesn’t have to be a Japanese, maybe it’s an American who works there or someone who knows the English language anyway …

… in this case, the server, being present only in the United States, would take longer to respond, that is to view your web page online.

Distance greatly affects the speed of server response times.

Try to imagine it as an “under-powered machine” through a thin tube on the other side of the world …

You will understand for yourself that it will be very slow!


2. Speed ​​is not excellent


Having a fast website is in my opinion the first thing that matters if you want to create a profitable online business.

Unfortunately for the speed factor, I consider Bluehost a bad Web Host, especially in 2021 where Google takes into account the fastest loading sites.

It is part of the parent company EIG, which comprises countless amounts of websites on a single server.

For this reason, Bluehost does not have satisfactory loading times.

Imagine, if your blog posts take too long to load, how would a user react?

There is a good chance it will leave your site and go elsewhere!

But the problem doesn’t end there, because even as an SEO you are penalized.

Search engines rank slow-loading sites lower in their rankings.

Consider that it is already slow when it takes 3 seconds to view the page and here you are already suffering a 50% drop in traffic.

In this case, not only do you lose sales, but you will be demoted by Google.

Many praise Bluehost as the best hosting but look at this ranking of fastest server response times.

You will notice that this company is at the bottom of the ranking.

As you can see, SiteGround is always one of the best in terms of loading speed, but it’s also considered a great service for other features it makes available to users:


Being a blogger by profession I could tell you (as other reviews do) that Bluehost offers good service, etc, etc …

But the problem is that over time you will notice the flaws associated with the company and will probably curse me later.

Therefore, I recommend that you read this updated Bluehost review first.

What I want you to understand is that this hosting provider doesn’t have to be scrapped completely, because it also has advantages.


3. The renewal costs are much higher


Bluehost is famous for its low costs, but think about it:

“How much do I have to pay after the promotion?”

This is where you realize how much more expensive the service is.

For example, if we take the basic plan of 2.95 per month, at the expiration of your offer you will pay a good $ 7.99.

Doesn’t a nearly 3x price increase sound a bit exaggerated?

Also, I don’t like the promotion policy this company uses to squeeze your money.

You have to pay 36 months to take advantage of their super hosting discount of $ 2.95 / mo.

In case you only want to pay for one year, you pay $ 7.99 instead. which all in all is still quite cheap compared to other hosting providers.

(These are the current prices, which will be different in the future when you read this review.)

And I’ll tell you more …

Suppose you have already paid for the 36-month mega promotion and what if after a few months the service doesn’t satisfy you?

Well, you can’t request a refund anymore, because you have 30 days to get it.

So, I want to be honest with you all the way:

I have affiliate links on this page and if you buy a Bluehost plan I get a commission.

However, it doesn’t seem fair to tell you:


Play it safe with Bluehost!”


It wouldn’t be right for you …

I only recommend this company if you have a minimal budget and are building a business from scratch and need to practice.

At best, you can take advantage of the promotion and then move on to better hosting companies like SiteGround at a later time.

(I am now using SiteRubix which is part of Wealthy Affiliate.

I guarantee you that it is another great alternative that among other things makes you build a free wordpress.org site!)


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4. Bad Support – Slow customer support



Although customer service is available 24/7, you don’t get an immediate response.

Waiting times can last up to an hour. (Apart from the initial response which is instantaneous as it is automated)

Some users have complained that despite being able to track down support staff, they were unable to fix the problem.

For quick answers, I recommend contacting Bluehost support, based on your problem.

To be clear, the support of this hosting provider is divided into several sectors, for example, you can find:

  • The account management team for questions about terms of service, billing, and account verifications.
  • The technical support team.
  • Sales team, for those with general inquiries, new or potential customers on Bluehost

A ticket-based support system is no longer available.

They chose to drop this feature to pay more attention to living chat and phone support.

As can be seen from some customer comments, this was probably a wise decision.

However, some users may still prefer the ticket-based support system, which is particularly useful if the issue doesn’t require a live chat or phone session.

A good web hosting service starts right from the support and here as you can see in this forum Bluehost is certainly not among the best:


>> Terrible customer support from Bluehost <<


5. No cloud hosting service

This type of service (virtual hosting) ensures that your site stays online, along with resources related to space and optimal traffic to better manage your web space. (Storage, CPU, RAM, etc.)

With a cloud hosting plan, you will get high performance, more reliable, and more scalable sites.

This service will adapt to any level of growth of your website or whatever your online business is.


6. Poor backup options



(No free automatic backup)

You will need to set up and back up daily via cPanel on your local device.

Furthermore, you can only use the most recent backup, as the others previously saved are overwritten.

Let’s say if you need to restore the site for any reason and you need the backup from a week ago because in that version everything was working fine …

This will not be possible because the latest version will be restored, which will probably be a day earlier and this will not help you.

In this case, you could lose much of the work done.

However, alternatively, there is Site Backup Pro, (paid) where automatic and regular backups are created, all restorable, you can restore the version of your site you want.

Other hosting providers don’t charge for this service.


7. Many upsells


Many upsell proposals will appear via popups or banners.

I find this to be very annoying, obviously to make you spend more …

Another thing I don’t like is that the platform pushes you to buy additional features which, for example, are included in SiteGround or other similar companies.


Pay attention to the final payment step because you find pre-selected add-ons.


Therefore, uncheck anything you don’t need before confirming the payment.

If anything, you can always add additional options that interest you at a later time.



Bluehost is a good option for WordPress thanks also to the new Bluerock platform.

It consists of a control panel where you find all the important and latest features offered by WordPress.

Setting up a WP site is extremely simple, as the process is fully automated.

With 1 click your website will be installed in minutes.

NGINX caching is also built-in.




If you are looking for basic and cheap hosting, shared hosting is probably what you need.

It is suitable for small business, anyone who wants to create a blog, website, online store…

Based on your needs you can choose the plan tailored for you.

You can add many types of software when using the installer, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc.


These are the 4 shared hosting plans (Promotional sales price calculated over 36 months):

  1. BASIC
  2. PLUS
  4. PRO

However, there are also subscription prices divided into 12 and 24 months. (They are a little more expensive)

In all 4 plans you will receive for free:

  • 1 domain for 1 year
  • CDN included
  • SSL certificate: your data, e-commerce transactions, and other sensitive data are protected with encrypted connections. This equates to a safe and secure site.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Below, you will see the differences between the 4 shared hosting plans (the subscription pricing examples below are the most advantageous (36-month subscription):


* Prices for these 4 plans are based on the 3-year promotion. To get these discounts you are obliged to pay for 36 months. Note that you can also choose the 12 or 24-month split offer, but the prices will be cheaper.

On the official Bluehost website, you will be able to see all the offers in more detail to remove any doubts. *


  • Suitable for those who only want 1 site.
  • Price: $ 2.95 / month * (36 months) – Regular rate $ 7.99
  • 50 GB of SSD storage
  • Custom themes



For the management of multiple sites this plan is the most recommended:

  • The price is $ 5.45 / month * (36 months) – If you pay normally, it will cost you $ 10.99.
  • Create unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SSD storage space
  • Custom themes
  • Office 365 free for 1 month



With additional privacy and security features.

  • $ 5.45 / month * (36 months) – Regular price $ 14.99
  • You have unlimited websites
  • Free domain privacy
  • Custom themes
  • Unlimited SSD storage space
  • Office 365 free for 30 days
  • Free automated backup – 12 months


d) PRO

For the most demanding:

  • Pay $ 13.95 / month * (36 months) Otherwise you would pay $ 23.99 without promotion.
  • Unlimited websites.
  • Free domain privacy
  • Unlimited SSD storage space
  • Optimized CPU resources (central processing unit) Allows you to take advantage of the processor benefits at even faster speeds.
  • Custom themes.
  • Free Dedicated IP: (Internet Protocol) is an address assigned to each domain on the web and is not shared or used by other domains.
  • Office 365 free for 1 year
  • Free automated backup


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In shared hosting, on the server where your site is hosted, there are others.


Some argue that this is not a problem and that performance remains unaltered and safe.

But that’s not quite the case, because if there are many sites on a server, somehow all of them (including yours) suffer from the performance.

Keep in mind that you can start with the cheapest plan and upgrade to one with more features whenever you want.

In all 4 shared hosting plans there is the Domain Manager section.

At this single point, you can buy, manage, and transfer your domains.




SSL: All Bluehost plans have the basic SSL certificate. All data exchanged between the browser used and the server are encrypted, ensuring greater site security.

There are higher tier SSL certificates available in other plans or you can just buy them. (However, even the basic one is sufficient for my case)

SITE LOCK: This is an add-on to improve the security of the site.

Features such as regular malware scanning and removal, DDoS protection, and SPAM protection are available.

2-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION: used to increase the security level to access the Bluehost account and dashboard.

A second authentication option is added to the one normally used.

In this, you will also verify your identity via a mobile app.


Shared WordPress hosting – a good budget option


They are simple WordPress hosting packages, similar to Bluehost’s shared hosting, both in terms of price, available space, several sites to create, etc.

Even the plans have the same names, only instead of being 4, here we find 3:

  1. Basic
  2. More
  3. Choice Plus

Shared WordPress hosting is an easy, secure, and affordable solution.

It installs in no time and is suitable for everyone.

All plans include for free:

  • The domain (for 1 year)
  • 1 month of using 1 Microsoft 365 mailbox.
  • Free SSL (guarantees you a good level of security for your site)

See all the details and prices in the tables below:



  • Price: $ 2.95 / month * (36 months) – Otherwise the regular price would be $ 7.99)
  • 1 website
  • 50 GB of storage
  • 5 parked domains (these are second-level domains registered but not yet used)
  • 25 subdomains
  • Marketing credit of $ 200



  • $ 5.45 / month * (36 months) – Without promotion, you would pay $ 10.99)
  • Unlimited websites and SSD storage space.
  • Unlimited parked domains and subdomains
  • $ 200 credit for use in marketing.



  • Price: $ 5.45 / month * (36 months) – Otherwise $ 14.99
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Unlimited websites and storage space.
  • Unlimited parked domains and subdomains.
  • $ 200 credit for use in marketing
  • CodeGuard Basic Backup: guarantees daily backups. It also performs the function of checking and correcting any threats that may occur within your site. In the event of a threat, you will be notified via email notification.





Please note that switching from a classic shared hosting plan to a WordPress optimized hosting plan is free the moment you upgrade.


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In case you own a domain through Bluehost, you can create an unlimited number of subdomains related to this domain.

Treat a subdomain as a separate site, even if the same domain is used for creation.

To make you understand better, I’ll give you an example:

So, let’s say you have the domain:

  • flatyourbelly.com

You can create a subdomain named:

  • blogflatyourbelly.com

Instead “parked domains” are used to create website aliases.

Let’s say you have a site, called:

  • slimming.com

and you also want to block and “park” domains like slimming.org and slimming.net so that you can then redirect them to your site.




Managed WordPress hosting plans are very different from others.

At first glance, you will notice that the prices are higher and you can only install one site, but it will be handled in the best way.

In the hosting platform optimized for WordPress Pro, Bluehost has engineers working on the core WordPress software itself.

Here, hosting plans have been created to get sites with excellent performance and reliability, high site security, and multi-level backups.

They are ideal for sites that have huge amounts of traffic.

The benefits you will get are:

  • The safe site and fast loading.
  • Free domain
  • Instant WordPress installation (with 1 click)
  • You will find a dashboard that includes: email marketing, social media tools, SEO.
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Support from WordPress experts 24/7.
  • Spam and malware protection
  • Free site migration
  • Cloudflare’s free CDN
  • Automatic regular backups (This is a save and restore feature of your website.)
  • Multilevel cache (contributes to better speed)
  • HTTP / 2
  • You will have included Jetpack

(A very useful plug-in that offers you, for example, a better search on the site and the possibility of monetizing with your web space by creating advertisements).

  • Advanced analysis
  • Automatic core and plugin updates.
  • Autoscaling for website traffic. (When the time comes, your site will be able to support and welcome large amounts of visitors.
  • Your login credentials will be safe
  • Centralized control of social media
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Microsoft 365 for 30 days (you can access your email anywhere in the world)
  • With Google My Business, get your local business online so the people closest to you can find you first.

Pro plans run on high-performance VPS and thus contribute to better site speed.


Keep in mind that the prices here are higher compared to the simple WordPress hosting we saw earlier.

With the Build plan you get:

  • 100 free premium themes
  • Daily backups.
  • You will also be able to access a section of marketing tools and check the traffic with Google Analitycs.
  • Find and eliminate any malware.
  • Basic analysis of the Jetpack site.

With the intermediate level (Grow), however, you get much more:

  • First, the JetPack functionality will go to the premium level.
  • SEO tools to better optimize the site so that it ranks higher in the search engine rankings.
  • Analysis tools
  • Another benefit is allowing users of your blog or website to leave reviews on various search engines about your business.
  • Live support

With the Scale plan, you get the most out…

  • For example, there is live support with WordPress experts.
  • Integration with Paypal is possible, and more …

These are just a few details because I have prepared the tables for the 3 floors below, where you can find all the features and prices:


*The prices of all 3 plans refer to the 36-month promotion*


All the basics for building a professional website:

  • Promotional Price: $ 19.95 / month * (3 years) – Normally $ 29.99)
  • 1 WordPress site (you can have a maximum of 50,000 visitors per month.)
  • Free SSL
  • 20 GB of web storage
  • Daily backups
  • Privacy and domain protection.
  • Over 200 Global Edge Servers (Edge Computing allows for more efficient processing of large amounts of data and close to the source. The benefits are:
        • Reduction of Internet bandwidth usage.
        • Consequently, the costs will be eliminated.
        • More effective use of applications in remote locations.
  • Staging environment: WordPress allows you to test new features or make changes to your website (new plugins, themes, etc.) by replicating it. This process will help you for 2 reasons:
      • To prevent and thus avoid errors on the live site.
      • No downtime or bad experience for a user arriving on your site.
  • Jetpack Personal: Offers everything you need to secure, design, and expand your site. Here’s what you can get:
      • It mainly allows you more customization features of your site with the use of image tools, free themes, and rich content.
      • Through automatic social sharing, faster page load times, and related content, your site visitors will increase.
      • A site with more secure logins and guarantees protection from brute force attacks.
  • Malware detection and removal
  • 1-month free trial – Microsoft Email



Suitable for those who want more features and want to build an audience:

  • Promotional Price: $ 29.95 / month * (36 months) – Normally $ 39.99)
  • 1 WordPress website, you can have a maximum of 150,000 visitors/month.
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Privacy and domain protection
  • Storage space: 40 GB
  • Staging environment
  • Over 200 global edge servers
  • Malware detection and removal
  • Daily backups
  • Jetpack Premium
  • 10 GB video compression. (Compressing videos helps reduce the weight of the videos that might otherwise affect the upload speed.)
  • 30-day free trial: Microsoft Email
  • Bluehost SEO and business review tools.
  • Blue Sky Ticket Support (Blue Sky is a new service Bluehost provides to help novice users understand and make the most of all WordPress tools and features.



Do you want to open an online shop?

Then this is the plan for you, in fact here you will find everything you need to manage an online store.

  • Promotional Price $ 49.95 / month * (36 months) – Normally $ 59.99
  • One WP website that reaches up to 500,000 visitors per month.
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 80 GB of web storage
  • Privacy and domain protection.
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Over 200 global edge servers
  • Staging environment
  • Get site backups and restores as many times as you want.
  • Malware detection and removal.
  • Jetpack Professional
  • Business Review Tools.
  • Bluehost SEO tools
  • Unlimited video compression.
  • Blue Sky Live Chat Support
  • 30-day free trial: Microsoft Email



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VPS hosting


With this hosting, you will have an amount of RAM, CPU, and disk space that will always remain your property on the server where your site will be hosted.

Therefore no other user of that server will be able to interfere with “your ownership”.

This way your website will always have excellent performance and greater security because you don’t share anything with other users.

This is possible because you have no constraints like those of a physical server.

In theory, you can resize server resources as many times as you want.

The main benefits you get are:

  • One domain
  • 2 GB of memory with the Standard plan and 4 GB and 8 GB for the other 2 respective levels.
  • 2 CPU cores with standard and advanced level; 4 cores, instead for Ultimate
  • 1 IP address for the Standard plan and 2 with the others



Keep in mind that every PC is equipped with a processor considered the heart of a computer (CPU = Central Processing Unit).

Inside there are 2 important elements to take into consideration:

  1. The speed of operation
  2. The number of cores.

These are the processing centers and the more there are, the more they can handle more computing power in the same amount of time.)


  • If you are looking for something more than the basic plan, you could choose from Bluehost plans for VPS.
  • The most advantageous is the one at $ 19.99 per month, then below I show you the other monthly payment plans.

(This is a good promotion that you can take advantage of if it is your first registration with Bluehost):

  • If you have large websites, many online stores, etc.
  • Monthly data transfers limited to 1 TB for the standard plan and 3 TB for the other.
  • You’ll have much more SSD storage (30 GB with the standard plan and 60-120GB with the other 2)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support (tech support will be better than other plans)
  • Advanced features
  • Multi-server management: suitable for those who have a lot of needs and need more than one server.

You can add multiple VPSs and dedicated and shared hosting to your account.

Those who need these features will have the advantage of being able to manage everything easily in one place.


  • STANDARD: $ 19.99 / month * (36 months) – Regular price: $ 29.99
  • ENHANCED: $ 29.99 / month * (36 months) – Regular price: $ 59.99
  • ULTIMATE $ 59.99/mo* (36 months) – Regular price: $ 119.99



Unfortunately, it is all true!

Bluehost shared hosting is cheap, but there are many websites clustered on one server; this can cause blockages, which in turn often causes a variety of problems.

Some of these are:

  • Internal server errors
  • Invalid gateways
  • C-panel malfunction problems

The technicians manage to fix the problems, but after some time the server keeps crashing and then becomes a continuous loop.

The only solution would be to host fewer sites on a server, but then the company would earn less!


Dedicated hosting


With this option, you are renting an entire dedicated physical server, which will be completely isolated from others.

It is one of the more expensive hosting solutions that is used by those who have professional websites with a very large audience and by large companies.


Provides the best in performance, security, and asset control.


Here you don’t share the server with anyone, but at the same time, you are responsible for the entire cost.

However, if you can afford it you will enjoy many benefits:

  • Lots of storage space
  • A high level of security
  • Total customization of the server
  • Very high performance compared to the other plans.
  • 100% guaranteed uptime

You can configure it as you wish, without creating problems for other users and no one will be able to interfere with your actions.

It comes with a Linux operating system.

You will have at your disposal:

  • Free domain and SSL
  • 4 GB of RAM for the basic plan, 8 for the intermediate plan, and 16 for the Premium plan.
  • 4 CPU cores (2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, 3.3GHz)
  • Extreme speed
  • Bandwidth starting at 5 TB for the first floor, 10 TB for the second, and 15 TB for the last. (Premium)
  • 500 GB (mirrored) storage for the Standard tier and 1 TB (mirrored) for the others
  • 4 TB of monthly data transfer (1 TB of storage corresponds to 1,000 GB of data)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • RAID Storage (This is a high-level technique for storing data, which will be replicated. In short, your data is safe.
  • Specific and quick assistance from experts for dedicated hosting.
  • With the Standard plan, you have 3 IP addresses, with Enhanced 4, and Premium 5.
  • And more

Solid-state drives (SSD) are “special” hard drives; they use flash memories compared to classic hard drives.

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), is a computer term meaning storage.

This technique is used to protect application data on both hard drives and solid-state storage.

In other words, RAID allows the controller, which has the task of managing the data storage units, to divide them among the various disks present.


Many companies that have a certain importance and size, choose from these 3 plans where you can also benefit from the promotional price (* based on 36 months *):

  1. STANDARD: $ 79.99 / month * (Save $ 40.00)
  2. ENHANCED: $ 99.99 / month * (You save $ 60.00)
  3. PREMIUM: $ 119.99 / month * (“” $ 90.00)

Instead, normally (without discounts) you would pay respectively:

  1. $ 119.99
  2. $ 159.99
  3. $ 209.99


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Bluehost and e-commerce


Do you want to create an eCommerce with WordPress?

In the appropriate section, you will receive the support you need, themes (for the showcase), marketing credits, and more.

With the SSL certificate, you can make your transactions in total safety.

You have $ 200 in bonuses to spend on some marketing strategies, via Facebook ads or using search engines.

Install the WooCommerce plugin and your site will become an online store.

(However, you will be guided through all the steps and the process of creating your first eCommerce will not be complicated at all)

While it is easy to use, it requires a lot of resources, so you need to have an efficient site.

Therefore you will have to spend more than just shared hosting or your eCommerce will be slow to load.

For this reason 2 hosting plans have been created specifically for this purpose:

  • Standard
  • Premium

With the Premium plan, you can create as many online stores as you want.

However, with both packages, you will have everything you need to start your eCommerce


* The 2 Bluehost eCommerce plans listed below are based on the 3-year promotion.*

You can also take advantage of the 12-month offer or pay per month, but the prices will be higher.

For more details visit the official Bluehost website *


Also suitable for beginners. You will also have everything you need to start selling online:

  • The promotional price is $ 15.95 / month * (36 months) – You would normally pay $ 24.95.
  • In this package, you have an online shop (website + blog)
  • Sell ​​unlimited products
  • The WooCommerce plugin, Jetpack, and the store theme are already installed for free.
  • Customer product reviews
  • Discount Codes
  • Manual creation of orders
  • Website traffic analysis
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • CodeGuard Backup Basic – 12 months free.
  • Payment processing (one-click installation)



Add other customization options for your online store:

  • $ 24.95 / month * (36 months) – Without the promotion, you would pay the full price of $ 39.95.
  • Online shop (website + blog)
  • Free domain and related protection and privacy.
  • Sale of unlimited products
  • Discount codes to apply to your products.
  • The Jetpack Premium plugin, WooCommerce, and your store theme are already installed.
  • Customer product reviews
  • Manual creation of orders
  • Website traffic analysis
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Payment processing (one-click installation)
  • Online reservations and appointment scheduling.
  • Subscriptions
  • You can customize the product as you wish.
  • CodeGuard Backup Basic – Included
  • Tax management at local and national level


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Site migration is not free

Many hosting companies offer this type of service for free when you need to move an existing site to their servers.

Bluehost charges you a migration fee.

You can purchase a $ 150 package that’s valid for 5 websites, which also includes 20 email accounts.

You don’t have to do anything because your site will be “moved” automatically.

Too bad Bluehost charges this process, (unless you take up very little space on your site i.e. under 1GB) as many competitors do it for free.

I find it a rip-off to make you spend more money.


Why should you choose Bluehost?


  • First of all, they have been professionals in the sector for 13 years.
  • In case you have little money to invest.
  • You want to create a simple small to medium-sized blog or website
  • Bluehost is recommended officially from WordPress.org; it’s easy to use and thanks to cPanel you will install WP with a simple click.
  • The prices are very advantageous for those who are at the beginning of their online career and do not have a lot of money available. (They start at $ 2.95 per month, but you are bound for 3 years)
  • You will have many guides and resources to better understand and take advantage of all that Bluehost offers you.
  • However, if you have any problems, remember that you can always count on assistance at any time via the telephone number and live chat.

You can also browse video guides, review supporting documentation, and more.

You will also find a YouTube channel with many video tutorials.

  • There are many other add-ons within the service.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 free domain for 1 year
  • Free SSDs on all shared hosting plans.

PHP7, HTTP / 2, NGINX caching (new Bluerock control panel)

  • Unlimited web traffic and storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Cloudflare CDN (as I explained above with this feature you will get better performance.)
  • Advertising credits to use for those who want to further expand their business, Google AdWords, Bing, and others.

For example, Google Ads gives you a $ 100 credit when you spend your first $ 25 (this offer is only valid for new Google Ads customers located in the US / Canada)

  • Ability to create eCommerce




  • No month-to-month shared hosting options.
  • The basic plan doesn’t have a lot of storage, but for those setting up their first site online, it’s fine.
  • Promotional prices are certainly cheap, but you will have to pay 3 years to get the promotion.
  • The MANAGED WORDPRESS (WP) hosting plans offered by Bluehost are more expensive than other companies.
  • Shared hosting doesn’t contain more advanced features like staging areas or Git repositories.
  • Ticket-based support no longer exists.

In practice, the majority of customers won and voted to eliminate this option to give space exclusively to live chat and telephone support. In my opinion, ticket support was fine too.

  • No automatic backups are available for free.
  • There is a quick start plan for those who don’t know where to start..

An experienced person will train you in just under an hour.

You will learn how to create sites, which plugins and themes to use, email accounts….

Too bad if you want this kind of assistance you have to pay $ 79.99.

Keep in mind that many hosting providers offer all the necessary training for free.

If you don’t have time to wait and need all this training in one sitting, it will be a plus for you.

  • You can’t get Windows hosting, because the servers are Linux based. (This can only be a problem for those who prefer Windows hosting)
  • No guarantee of uptime. Although Bluehost’s average uptime is 99.96%, there may be a few hours of downtime over a year.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that these percentages will be met.

  • Load times can be slow, and in my opinion, this could have a negative impact on the success of your business.

For this reason, I say that Bluehost is good for medium to small projects, without large traffic demands.

This hosting provider does not guarantee that your website loads fast.

This can be a major drawback to your visibility and search engine rankings.

A web page that takes too long to load “is not well seen by Google” and not even by users.

So you could be penalized by the big G and consequently lose potential customers.

For just one second, the conversion rate will drop by about 20% on average.


Alternatives to Bluehost


Otherwise, if you want to get maximum traffic and speed, as you want a highly profitable site, I recommend SiteGround or SiteRubix:

As I told you at the beginning of the post, SiteRubix is ​​the hosting service I use on my website.

It is delivered via the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You can read the review here in WA, so you will understand why I chose this company …

Another (not too expensive) alternative is Dreamhost. It’s not as great as the other 2 I’ve described above, but you’ll also find WordPress optimized plans here.


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How does Bluehost’s money-back guarantee work?

If you cancel within 30 days you will receive the full amount paid. (You pay no commission)

However, if you cancel after thirty days, you will only receive a partial refund.

The money-back guarantees only apply to hosting plans.

So the money spent on add-ons is not refunded.



All in all, Bluehost has been in the market for many years and caters to different categories of users with its hosting plans.

Despite my 7 reasons not to buy Bluehost, many users still consider it a good web hosting service in 2021.

Do you want my final opinion?

If you want to open a personal blog or a small website I recommend this company, especially if you are a beginner.

But keep in mind that to take advantage of the most advantageous promotional price (65% discount) you have to pay for 36 months.

And as I told you in this Bluehost review, if you need assistance you could wait a long time to fix the problem.

However, you can try the 30-day service yourself and if you don’t like it you will be refunded without problems (within the allotted time)

Just in case, feel free to ask me any questions …

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