9 facebook advertising tips for a small business

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Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with social media advertising campaigns. Today I’m going to give you 9 Facebook advertising tips suitable for a small business.

In this way, you can advertise your products or services (even in affiliation) to a wide audience interested in your business.

Advertising on Facebook, of course, has costs and you can evaluate which campaigns to carry out based on your budget.

So, if you don’t have an amount of money to invest (even a minimum), this type of business won’t be the right tool for you.

Some small businesses are afraid of engaging with large advertisers, but everyone has the opportunity to leverage Facebook ads to get more exposure and revenue.

It is important to be able to find the right audience by creating compelling content and to make sure that your sponsored ads are effective in terms of results without breaking the bank.


How Do Facebook Ads Work?


They allow us through Facebook to create and launch paid advertisements relating to services or products that we want to sell/promote to a particularly interested audience.

You can choose your audience based on a few factors:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Geolocation
  • Interests
  • Audience size.

First of all, you should promote your Facebook page (create it now if you don’t have one) because it is an effective way to build relationships with potential customers and therefore to be able to interact with them.

Also, if you have a website you will be able to spread your content more and bring more traffic to it.

All data of users who use Facebook are processed and stored within this platform.

In this way, when we have to choose our potential customers during the launch of an advertising campaign, we have many useful elements at our disposal.

Whatever your goals, these campaigns will help you increase:

  • Visitors to your site
  • The followers of your Facebook page.
  • The number of attendees in an event
  • To advertise our physical or digital products: videos, guides, apps, courses, etc.
  • And to enhance your brand and to improve your company’s business.

Compared to non-sponsored posts, Facebook Ads appear several times on the bulletin board for the duration of the campaign!




For example, if you are a personal trainer selling fitness programs online, you could post a video advertisement for an audience interested in losing weight or building a toned physique.

After a few days, you will be able to set up a retargeting ad containing a special promotion for the first access to your programs.



How do you create an ad?


A Facebook ad can be:

  • A highlighted post, through which you can get more likes and shares.
  • Ads, where you have more customization possibilities: you can expand your audience and, consequently, get more views or more sales… In ads, you usually include title, website name, content.

To create an effective ad, you need to choose a themed image with your goal that can grab people’s attention.

For example, a very common goal is to promote your page.

In this case, the system will ask you to select the page on which to start the advertising campaign.

The description is also very important: it must be short and enhance your service.

There are currently 3 ways to pay for your Facebook ads:

  1. Cost per impression: You will be assigned a cost for each ad view.
  2. Per click: You pay a certain amount every time someone clicks on your ad.
  3. By action: when for example a user makes a purchase or completes a contact form.



Complete course of Facebook Ads online



1. Choose your advertising goal


Establishing what your goals are is the first thing to do if you want to create winning Facebook advertising campaigns.

There are several advertising goals you can take into consideration. For example, if your business model is a blog, yours will be to show your articles to as many people as possible.

Below, I list the main categories, where the advertising objectives are grouped:


NOTORIETY: it consists of trying to increase the awareness of the brand.

For example, you should be perceived differently by other companies. Even if you are a small business, you may have better quality or unique products or services than the competition.

In short, communicate to others the benefits they would get if they bought from you, and why they should choose your company.


CONSIDERATION: Try to make people curious about your business, through an offer, promotions, discounts, etc.

In this way, you encourage users to visit the site and as a result, they will get more information about your products or services.


CONVERSIONS: it is the moment in which people interested in your company buy a product or a service.

When choosing the goal of your Facebook ad you should respect some guidelines:

  • Promote your Page to increase followers and likes.
  • Highlight each of your posts on the page or the ones you think are most important.
  • Reach people close to your company: the ad will be shown to users who are in your area.
  • Get attendees to your event
  • Bringing more and more people to your website
  • Increase the number of conversions on the site: it means convincing users to perform a certain action which can be for example the purchase of your product or service.
  • You get many installs of your desktop or mobile application.
  • Increase video views.







2. The advertising format


Each ad contains an image and descriptive text. Based on your advertising goal, you can choose between different formats to use.

Video is the most attractive format because people prefer to see what interests them (and the contact person) rather than read.

Plus, it’s a very effective tool for getting your small business known to a wider audience.

With YouTube, you can create videos of your products or services, post the link to the video on all social accounts, blogs, and company sites.

As for the images, you should use those related to your product or brand.

If you are new to editing programs, use simple photos that look good.

The system recommends the image size, which can vary depending on the goal of your campaign.

Images that are too large may be cut off and a poor quality ad will be shown as a result.

Other advertising formats that the platform offers:


  • CAROUSEL: are advertisements that show up to 10 images or videos through a single ad, adding a link for each content.


  • INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE: After a person clicks on your ad via a mobile device, the page opens in full screen. This way you can highlight your brand, services, or products.


  • COLLECTION: This is a format containing a variety of products that opens as an interactive experience when a user interacts with the ad.

It is a very engaging way to capture a user / potential customer who is curious about what you propose.


3. Set the pixel


The Facebook pixel collects data about who is visiting your website and allows you to redirect a certain type of user at a later time.


How to activate the Facebook pixel; if you don’t know how to do it, watch this video:


With the Facebook pixel set up correctly, you can create a more successful advertising campaign.

You will be able to more precisely target the people who will most likely interact with your ads and consequently with your company.

This tool is very important for the collection of statistical data to understand if the advertising strategy you have implemented has been successful, or if something needs to be changed …

The pixel gives you the ability to understand what actions users perform on your website, eCommerce, etc…


4. Choose your audience


Based on the type of ad you have to select your audience through filters that include, for example, demographics, interests, etc.

Once these parameters are selected, the potential number of people your content will be shown will be displayed.

However, an excessively large audience does not necessarily lead to high conversions, because in most cases they will be little interested.

While there are no “simple guidelines” to follow to make money online, narrowing your audience is an action to take to get more visibility or more sales …

Anyone who wants to get great results when doing business online has to do a lot of testing to see which one will produce the most results for a particular goal.




How to target your Audience for Your Business


It may take “30 pages or more” to start narrowing your target audience before you can test your ad creative.

Facebook allows you to create a custom audience based on your customer list, website visitors, and engagement.

You will then be able to use Facebook Business Suite Insights because you will be able to access audience statistics on Facebook and Instagram.

Additionally, you will be able to view trends and check performance metrics on your Facebook page and Instagram business profile.

But back to the audience stats available in Business Suite Insights, here’s what they include:

  • The “Likes” of the Facebook Page
  • Followers (Instagram only)
  • Age
  • Kind
  • Interests
  • Place
  • Main cities and places.

Note that you can also filter audience types, then select them according to your preferences and use them in the Ads Manager.


Before accessing the Business Suite, you must be logged in with your business account.


How to create a custom website audience


You must have at least an audience of 1,000 users, otherwise if below this minimum threshold Facebook will not allow you to obtain further information.

The reason for this is that the platform wants to protect people’s data.

First of all, you must have already activated the Facebook pixel, as I explained to you a little while ago; if you don’t have it, activate it now.

So you just need to do the following:

Go to Audience Groups, (if you don’t have an audience yet, there will be buttons to create it) click Create Audience in the drop-down menu, and then select Custom Audience.

Your audience can be based on the behavior of website visitors, thanks to the Facebook pixel you previously installed on your site.

It’s a good idea to target the most active users, the ones who spend the most time on your web pages.

Facebook also allows you to create a custom audience based on your contacts or customer lists.



Do you want to save time and avoid investing your money badly in Facebook ads?

With Facebook Ads University you will find many videos, guides, online coaching services, and much more …

… All this will allow you to reduce the waiting time of your first earnings because you learn from the mistakes that others have already made.



5. Content planning


The steps of Facebook content planning are the same as any digital strategy.

  • Aims.
  • Competition.
  • Target.

It is essential to create and respect a content calendar for your Facebook page.

But this is also true if you own a blog or publish your newsletters.

This way you will simply have to follow a content strategy that you have previously created and you will be able to manage the pace of posting.


Editorial planning is a fundamental aspect because if you ignore the management of a good calendar to understand what, how, when, and why to publish, you would not reach the set objectives of your campaigns.


In advertising, the highest priority must be given to the creation of a document in which the themes and timing of the publications are organized. (For example on the Facebook Fan Page …)

Likewise, it is important to define the goals to be achieved and which audience to target so that every time you create a post you are aware of what results in you can get.


How to start creating an editorial plan

The first step is to identify the goals that you want to achieve over time.

Suppose you are selling a product or service, first of all, you need to know its characteristics and quality thoroughly to highlight the strengths that distinguish it from the competition.


Analyzing your competitors selling similar services is critical to growing your small business


Once this is done you have to create a “map” representative of the topics you want to deal with, which are in line with the core of your small company. (Of course, this reasoning also applies to large companies.)


6. Definition of the budget


The budget can be calculated daily or by setting a total budget for the duration of the campaign where you will enter a start date and an end date for the duration of the sponsorship.

Either way, you need to set the maximum amount you’re willing to spend, so you know exactly how much your advertising spend is.

You can decide whether to show ads continuously, or you can select the days of the week and the times you want to show them to the public.

A very common example is showing your ads to people interested in your blog, product, service, etc., who might like your Facebook Business Page.

Another goal of your ads might be to get clicks or views.

Whether you are a small or large company, your goal is to get as many sales as possible.

Not everyone wants to get the same result from advertising campaigns because there are different types of conversions:

  • A reservation
  • Subscription to a newsletter
  • Download a document.

More details on Facebook ad spend


Facebook allows you to invest a few dollars a day and to change the budget even during the construction phase.

In addition, you will always have a complete view of how the budget is positioned. Keep in mind that the higher your daily budget, the more people will see your ad.

Advertising spend on Facebook varies a lot depending on the scenario you are in:

  • It depends on the chosen business model.
  • Give the goals you have
  • Based on the competition and saturation of your niche.
  • Your industry and the type of product or service you sell.

However, I advise you not to rush too much into advertising expenses, especially if you have recently created your small company …

… but you should start on a low budget and then gradually proceed to test which type of ad gets the most conversions.


Keep in mind that some optimization events may require a higher budget than others, this depends on how difficult it is to get them.

For example, if you want to get more user purchases with your ads, you will most likely need a higher budget, while if you are optimizing for landing page views, your budget may be cheaper. (This happens because it is an easier event to optimize)


Reach more customers near your store

Connect with more people nearby to drive traffic to your business.

Promote your local business with Facebook by keeping your accounts up-to-date, targeting advertising to the right people, and perfecting your campaigns.

Update your Facebook page, Instagram Business, or WhatsApp Business profile by entering your address, opening hours, and contact information, to allow people to reach you and visit your store.

Connect with more people in your area with Facebook Ads. Advertise directly from your Facebook Page to promote the company locally.

Click or tap the Promote button at the top of your Page and choose the Promote your business locally goal.

Check the Facebook Ads Center directly from your Facebook Page to see how the campaign is doing.

Get insights into the images and messages that work best for your audience, and learn more about the people you’ve reached with your ads.


7. Stand out from the competition


A good strategy to stand out from the competition is to organize contest campaigns on Facebook.

In this way, you will be able to achieve many business objectives, such as, for example, promoting your brand and getting a more loyal audience, with more affinity with it, registering an app …

Facebook contests are like traditional ads in that they both need calls to action, compelling and attractive ideas to achieve certain goals.

Facebook reactions could facilitate participation in a contest, like a click, when, for example, you ask people to vote for their favorite product.

Remember that when submitting an entry is a simple process, the chances of getting an audience interested in entering your contest will be greater.

Facebook Live is a great option to strengthen the position of your small business and thus better stand out from your direct competitors if you can appear as a contemporary and innovative brand.

You could build customer loyalty with prize quizzes through a series of simple questions about your product.

In this way, the participants will be even more emotionally involved and consequently, you will receive more comments.

However, the most important thing is to study your direct competitors related to a product or service to understand any gaps and so you will know in which “corner” you can compete…


Other effective ideas to avoid being crushed by the competition

User-Generated Content Contests are another great option for increasing your business sales and gaining greater customer loyalty.

These types of contests are a powerful marketing strategy for interacting with your customers more frequently.

Finally, ask users to search for something within the image/video and share a screenshot to enter the contest.

For example, these people might find themselves counting some items and, if they guess right, they will win a prize.


8. Create multiple ads with different types of content


Don’t dwell on a single ad, but try experimenting with different types of content, images, messages, posting times, and use the platform’s built-in A / B testing system.

These tests will help you get more results in your campaigns as you will be able to figure out which ad works best.

So you run less risk of wasting time and money.

There are several ways to create A / B tests on Facebook, the difference depends on the variable to be tested and where the test is created.

This way you can compare different audiences, creatives, and placements for each ad.

Eventually, you will know more precisely which one to choose for your business strategy.


9. Choose the placement of your ad


Once you have chosen the type of user you want to show your ad to and what action you want them to take, you will need to decide where to show your ads:

  • Facebook ads will be shown in newsfeeds and will have a higher CTR.
  • Ads on mobile devices with a lower cost-per-click. (Since Facebook login is largely from mobile devices, it will respond to the most recent stats)
  • Finally, in the right column of Facebook. Some say they are best for direct marketing.

To choose one of these placements related to your ads you will have to deselect the one you are not interested in because the platform automatically selects all 3 of them.

The system also allows you to disable placements relating to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or Audience Network.


In case you don’t know, there is also Facebook in-stream advertising placement. Here your ads can be shown in your partners’ live streams.

However, you are always free to decide whether to exclude this option.


If you want more details, of the various current placements that you can select or not, (e.g. Instagram feed, Instagram Explore, Facebook Video Feeds, Facebook Marketplace …) I recommend you read the following article:



I hope these 9 Facebook advertising tips for a small business have given you an idea of how to create a profitable campaign.

However, for people starting at 0, it will take some training (you’ll find links containing free guides and videos in this article) to understand how Facebook Ads work.

You do not have to give up the first failures, because only after many tests will you get satisfactory results. (Otherwise, if it were that easy, everyone would be rich!)

Finally, I want to list some more tips to complement what you saw today for your business:

  • Your website must be well done and up to date in the eyes of the user. Also, it would be ideal for it to appear in Google search results through great SEO work.
  • Create an online presence on multiple social media and channels relevant to your business;
  • Get customer email addresses and create a newsletter at least every 15 days to inform your audience about news related to promotions or events.
  • Advertise by offering promotional samples so that potential customers can get an idea of ​​your business.
  • Participate in events organized in your area or neighboring, offering or donating your services/products. Your business will gain more exposure and you will connect with potential local customers.
  • Create business cards and leave them to your friends, acquaintances, in bars, restaurants…

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