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Me Nowadays it is becoming an ever-growing reality to work online.

The hardest time is leaving, but once you’ve made up your mind, it means you want to believe it and are willing to work hard and commit.

The period in which you will encounter the greatest difficulties is certainly during the first 6 – 12 months.

Even if the earnings will not arrive immediately the next day, you will see that you will then be repaid with interest.

There are no guarantees here, but to get results you need to:

  • The right training
  • Willpower. (Your mind must be fully focused on your project and goals)

Hello everyone! My name is Luca and I began affiliate marketing about 12 months ago.


Where to start?

There is no real rule of thumb for getting started in online marketing.

Many newbies (myself included) start with affiliations.

A company permits you to sell its products and you receive your percentage of money for each sale.

In my opinion, I find this business model to be the easiest way to get started because you don’t need to buy any products or services.




By simple, I don’t mean that the earnings are immediate, because first, you will have to study and test the content that you will use to promote the products.



From layoff to affiliate marketing


Before diving into digital marketing, I worked on construction sites, using construction cranes, but in the absence of this, I also had to do manual work.


From the day I received the bad news of the dismissal (business failure) I wanted to devote my time to something that would make me financially independent.

I experimented with some apps and online trading until one day I stumbled upon Affiliate Marketing and it continues to be my main business method ever since.

Although I knew the results were not immediate, I was aware of the earning potential.

And so my first thoughts were:

“I would like 500 dollars a month as the first earning threshold”

At first, I would have been satisfied with little because I knew that this type of online job would give me several benefits:

  • No more fear of losing your job from today to tomorrow.
  • I wouldn’t have spent whole days looking for offices to deliver resumes.
  • Always say yes to the boss
  • If I had created good content, my profits would have increased accordingly month after month and year after year.

That was how I got the initial push.


Time to take action!


After spending a few months after my firing, watching guru videos on YouTube, and reading articles on the web, I finally decided to start building my business.

I remember that I had quite clear ideas about it.

I had to find a not too expensive solution that would allow me to create a website focused on affiliate marketing.

Finally, I needed step-by-step training, as I had no digital marketing experience.

Wealthy Affiliate was my launchpad in online marketing


So after spending some time searching for a program that met my needs, one fine day I found a blog post describing the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

I immediately understood that here, I would have learned to earn through Affiliate Marketing, starting from the personal blog up to the implementation of multiple tools.

I couldn’t believe it, but I had finally found the opportunity to own a personal website at no cost. (WordPress)

But what convinced me immediately was not the free site, because many of these are found online; but it was a high-performance hosting: SiteRubix.



You may not believe me, but it costs nothing because it is included on the site.

WA offers you all of this because the platform makes money when members upgrade to the Premium membership plan.

Many users, in fact, after having “experienced” the quality of the services offered, are willing to get more.

To achieve more, I mean:

  • Multiple websites
  • Additional training
  • More benefits in general.

However, by returning to the free plan offered by the platform, you will already be able to understand how to promote products or services online…

…and what you are taught you immediately put into practice.

Also, you can generate profits from these promotions. (It depends on the work done and if you followed the lessons correctly)

Several WA members have made their first sales with the free plan.

However, if you have 2 money to invest, I recommend that you try the Premium option, because you will have full access to the platform and 24/24 support.

Read the review by WEALTHY AFFILIATES, if you want to know more.


I couldn’t find better, because besides the economic side I had the best tools to get started.

(A keyword research program is also included, allowing you to choose the titles of your posts so they rank well on search engines)

Within this platform, there were (and still are) lessons, both to build the site and to study and put the online business into practice.

Of course, Wealthy Affiliate also offers paid services where you get an incredible amount of information. (Video courses, guides, webinars …)

But the thing I realized a few months later was:

“Learning this business model would allow me to create an efficient ecosystem. (Email marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram …)

All of this would have been useful for other business models as well.”

So I was convinced that it was the best starting point and above all, I didn’t take any risks with the free subscription, because I didn’t have test times to respect.

I could have spent my entire life with WA without spending a dime, but obviously, I wouldn’t have had access to over 1000 courses, additional features, etc.

However, I realized that as a starting point, it wasn’t bad at all!

I had the basic information necessary to get started, thus being able to create content that would generate profit over time.

A month later I decided to upgrade to the Premium paid plan, driven by the desire to learn as quickly as possible.

WA allows you to build your content system and monetize it in various ways.

(First, you create a personal blog where you transmit information that gives value to your users, and then you will add other income strategies)

It is also an excellent point of reference for those who already have their own company.

Another advantage is that you find lessons suitable for both beginners and the more experienced.

In addition to affiliations, you are also taught many other earning methods to generate passive income.

For example:

  • Create YouTube videos
  • Create ads
  • Social
  • Implement banner ads on your site so that you get a percentage of money for each click.
  • And much more…

Lately, I can say that Wealthy Affiliate is a renewed platform, with continuous updates.

It is made up of a community of people, always ready to give you a hand; they also create their lessons, leaving them available on the platform.

The great thing about all of this is that you don’t have to search for YouTube or other sources for answers to any hitches during the training process.

If you don’t understand a certain topic you can review it from multiple angles:

There is a search bar and you will find all topics. They will be available through both videos and guides.




Not only do you earn commissions with affiliate products, but once you have your audience you can do paid consultations or courses when you have gained some experience.

Even if you don’t have results in the first few months, think about the future and not the immediate.

Many millionaires have earned a lot (even starting from 0) with affiliations because they believed in their project and did not succumb to the first failure.



Is it possible to get results quickly enough?


It’s up to you to decide. You don’t have to write random posts, just to create content.

Rather, create a “draft” of unique content and then break it down into multiple articles.

This way you are sure they are closely related to each other and Google could position you at the top of the charts faster.

Unfortunately, at first, I didn’t fully understand the fact of creating a structure of articles perfectly synchronized with each other and I wrote posts without having established a real strategy.

And where is the mistake?

I linked the articles together without a close logical connection.


I started getting results after about 5 months


The first sales do not arrive immediately, but there are those who already after 2 months ago the first earnings.

It depends a little on the time you spend studying and applying.

See some stories of Wealthy Affiliate members here, where they share their first earnings.













There are not only these stories but there are many others.

Consider that the subscribers to the platform are more than a million …

With this platform I created 2 blogs, the first [foraflatbelly.com] is dedicated to another passion of mine: fitness; and this is where the first sales came in and …

… they continue and have long since surpassed the famous $ 500 a month I told you.

My goal is to achieve total financial freedom, but once that is achieved I will certainly not stop, but I will continue to improve my business.

On the current site, however, I spend a lot of my time studying the niche topics of making money online and applying what I’ve learned.

The goal of these articles is to truly help people generate profits through various marketing tools.

Therefore, here you will find many suggestions besides Wealthy Affiliate:

  • To better structure a blog: on content creation, hosting, WordPress themes, and various tools.

It allows you to have more visibility on Google so that your blog can be visited by someone. (In the first results of the search engine)

What good is a wonderful blog if nobody reads it?

  • And more…


Don’t listen to anyone telling you this


You will find many gurus out there promising you easy money, like making $ 100 or more a day.

Most of these promises don’t work.

Take for example those who tell you to spread your affiliate links here and there on Facebook groups.

Well, I assure you, I’ve tried many times to do this, but $ 100 bucks a day I’ve never seen.

This is because people hardly buy your products immediately after reading or seeing a promotion.

According to some statistics, it seems that it takes at least 7 days to get a potential customer to buy.

This process is processed through an automated email system. (MARKETING VIA EMAIL)

Reviews are also a great tool to accompany a user to purchase because here the person is probably much closer to the purchase stage.

In some cases, you may be making more immediate sales.


You too can create your own profitable business online


As you can imagine, my previous job did not require the use of a computer and I had never had any kind of experience creating content.

And it is precisely for this reason that I say that anyone can get involved.

But you must have these 4 basic requirements for business success:

  • A GREAT DESIRE TO MAKE: there is a place for everyone in every online industry: affiliations, e-commerce, YouTube, advertising, etc.
  • Fighting spirit: don’t give up on the first failure, because you’ll have to get used to it.
  • Spend some time studying every day.
  • GIVE VALUE TO PEOPLE: create content that concretely helps those who need to know.

I say this because many bloggers and marketers write articles just to post their affiliate links.


My goal

I realized that to get results I have to help people like me who started from nothing.

If you too want to do something to change your life for the better, with this blog you can get the information you need to generate profits online.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope it gave you the right inspiration.

For any questions please contact me at:

  • wcgr@wecangetrich.com
  • Or in the comments below.

Good job!


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