Best ways to sell online – 12 places to start selling

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Some of the best ways to sell online today require a minimum initial investment.

The number of people harnessing the power of the internet to create passive income is growing every day, especially after the spread of COVID-19.

A few years ago to open your offline store, how much money did you need?


And then …:

  • Find a place to rent for the shop.
  • Pay the costs to make it functional and legally compliant
  • Pay for light, employees, warehouse, etc.


Times have now changed and there is a tendency to build more and more online stores than on the street, in fact over 40% of the world population buys through the web.

Anyone can make extra money by selling anything from the comfort of their home.


Some important steps to start an online business


Choose which account to open between Pay Pal, Payoneer, TransferWise, Skrill, or others similar.

These are the standard, safer ways to pay and receive money.

When you review what you sell you have to put both the good and the bad sides, otherwise people will not trust you anymore.

You need to take photos of your product from different angles.

Also, when possible, offer a guarantee to the customer!

There are several possibilities with which to offer services via the web.

If you want to sell, for example, a car, you will only have to choose which platform to post your ads on; many of them are free, without registration and commission costs.

The sale will be made directly in private with the buyer.

Some platforms allow you to advertise more professionally, manage orders, create an online store, and more.

Today on the Internet you can sell everything: new and used items, courses, e-books, etc.

Through the 12 most popular places to sell products online, you can start earning extra money or create a real profitable business.





Whatever your business, I assure you that the first sale, whatever it is, will give you a lot of satisfaction.

It will boost your self-esteem allowing you to face the future as a salesperson with greater confidence.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to reach the first step, because in some cases it will take weeks of hard work, months or years.

It all depends on your mindset, commitment, and if you learn the right way.

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1. Create a blog


First of all, you need to have your website where you can start writing content to offer value to the reader and at the same time sell what you want.

With this business model, you need to know SEO to make sure that the articles you publish are visible in search engines.

But that’s not all, because even if Google puts you on the front page, your blog must be interesting for readers, and above all, you have to understand which products to promote.

To be successful, make sure you answer any questions you might ask yourself when looking for something online.

If you can give all the answers to a reader who lands on your blog, “churning out” content weekly, you will see your profits increase more and more.





There is a free tool to do this and it’s called Google Analytics.

Here you can see all the statistics of the behaviors that your customers do on your blog: who buys, who immediately leaves the page, the time spent on the site, etc.

All this is essential because you will understand which posts lead to the most sales.



2. Create a mailing list


Email marketing is essential for increasing profits.

But how does it work?

Somewhere on your site, enter (clearly visible) a registration form.

Once the reader clicks on the box, they will enter their name and email address.

Next, (based on your marketing strategy) a page will appear where you offer something for free to encourage the user to purchase your product or service.

This technique just described is the most used to sell online through email marketing, but there are many others.

For example, you can create a page where the user participates in a survey.

In this way, you will learn to know him.

According to his tastes and preferences, you will make him “land” on other pages previously created by you, where you sell your products.

Another common use is to send newsletters, where for example you notify users of upcoming publications of your articles.

This way you will create loyal customers over time …


>> Learn more about email marketing <<




Keep in mind that if you build a good relationship with customers via email they will trust you and click on your links.

(90% must be entertainment and only the remaining 10% is used for the sales process.)

Those who are at the beginning of their career as a digital entrepreneurs very often make mistakes with these messages…

They think only of selling without taking into account that “on the other side” there is a person who is looking for a solution, an answer…

It takes time to win the trust of a potential customer, especially with a blog …

Therefore try to give all the information necessary to educate the user about your products, before inserting the links of the sales pages.

Remember that most of the time it takes multiple emails to get someone to buy!



3. Don’t underestimate the power of Facebook


Facebook plays a very important role in business.

Connect your Facebook profile icon to your website so that everyone can share your posts or leave a “like”.

A very simple strategy used to promote products or sales pages is to join groups related to your business, your niche …

After being accepted by the group admin, you can interact with members by writing or replying to messages.

The results don’t come right away, but to sell your services or products you’ll have to spend a few hours a day on this method.

Try to interact with people not just by selling, but by expressing opinions, giving advice, etc.

You can also use paid advertisements, but you will need experience and testing.



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It also takes advantage of the Facebook marketplace: it is an internal sales platform.

Here you can get in touch with potential buyers in an easy way.

Just create an ad with a photo, title, description, and price. (It’s free)

The service is suitable for everyone, both individuals and companies.

The sale of new and used products is allowed, but obviously, it is not possible to sell items that do not comply with the law.

If you are selling a service, you must first be approved by Facebook.


4. Sell with Shopify


Shopify is a platform that allows you to have a real online store without the need for programming or web design knowledge.

Before starting, carefully choose the product you want to sell.

Next, you’ll need to purchase a domain name to give to your store and choose a theme. (Site graphics)

Once this is done, you will enter the related descriptions and images of the object you have chosen to promote.

Shopify has a lot of customization features, for example, you can choose payment methods, email marketing for your promotions, activate plugins.

You can try it for free, but then the basic plan (the least expensive one) will cost you $ 29 per month.

This will include your blog, website, SSL certificates for security, social media sales channels, abandoned cart recovery, automated emails, and more …


5. Amazon FBA



Amazon offers you the opportunity to make money online by selling products, but you must also think that there are many competitors.

Amazon FBA helps you manage the warehouse part, their inventory, shipments, and customer service.

The operation is very simple:

  • Ship your products to the Amazon fulfillment center.
  • Amazon stores them.
  • When there is an order, they will be packed and shipped directly from the platform.

With Fulfillment by Amazon, your products will be found by customers on Amazon.com, but nothing prevents you from promoting them on your website or other platforms.

(Either way, you don’t have to worry about inventory management or orders as their warehouse will take care of everything.)

For this service you will have to pay a monthly/annual fee to Amazon)

The benefit of FBA is that you use the Amazon branding and will simplify your sales process.

Furthermore, you will have no liability for shipping problems or complaints.

But keep in mind that there are some drawbacks such as the costs of occupied warehouse space are your responsibility.





6. Affiliate Marketing

A-way-to promote-third-party-products

It is a process of selling other people’s services or products.

This business model is made available by many companies.

The main reason they do this is that they can bill a lot more without any effort.

To take advantage of this business model, just fill out a simple application form and you can become their affiliate right away.

You will receive a profit percentage for each sale.

For a beginner, affiliate marketing might be one of the best ways to sell online, because you don’t need to create a product.




7. Bigcommerce


Bigcommerce is a valid solution to design and manage your online store.

It is used to sell physical or digital goods, and there are also some tools provided to help you market your store.

It is aimed at both novice and tech-savvy users.

With the $ 29.95 / month Standard plan (it’s about the same as Shopify), you can sell an unlimited number of physical or digital goods.

You can also choose shipping rates, integrate social networks, and some email marketing services.

The more experienced have a better chance to make changes. (CSS and HTML)

Compared to some competitors, you have the option to sell in multiple currencies via automatic conversion.

However, there is one downside you need to know: it’s about the Abandoned Cart Save feature which isn’t included.

In practice, you are not notified when a user interrupts the final purchase phase and therefore you lose a potential customer that you could win back later.


8. GoAntiques

A-way-to promote-third-party-products

If you have vintage or antique products to sell, this platform is for you …

It has a very simple interface, but for some users, it is limited in terms of functionality.

A flat fee is applied to use the service (from $ 24.99)

Take a look at the numerous product categories that GoAntiques shows and you might think you have something of value to sell too….


9. Selency (Brocante Lab)


For all fans of vintage furniture and home decorations, I recommend Selency.

It is a platform specializing in the sale of used furniture and vintage home decorations.

Every single item is first checked to ensure that the products are original and conform to the description.

You will be paid directly by Selency to your bank account by wire transfer.


10. With Zibbet you can sell for free


Another popular site for handmade products and art.

Compared to other similar platforms, no paid subscription will be required at first.

You can sell up to 10 items per month with no transaction fees.

But once this limit is exceeded, you switch to the paid plan, which is still convenient if you sell frequently on Zibbet. ($ 4.00 per month)


11. Bonanza


With more than 25,000 registered companies, Bonanza is a marketplace where you can create a profitable business, without any demanding work.

Its operation is similar to eBay and Etsy; it allows you to build an e-commerce site in a very simple way.

Bonanza allows you to have a personalized and unique online presence … through your independent website.

What does it mean? 🤔

For example with eBay, if you want to be a seller, all products are branded, hosted, and managed completely through their site.

With Bonanza, on the other hand, you have a personalized brand and you can make yourself more easily recognized by customers.


12. Strategies for selling with Youtube


Many know YouTube as a “place” to watch movies, listen to music and videos of all kinds.

But anyone wishing to sell products or services can leverage this powerful tool to reach large numbers of people.

Most people prefer to watch a video as an answer to their questions.

The first strategy for promoting your business online is to consistently post content and make sure it engages your audience.

Create informative videos so people understand better what you promote.

For example, if you’re selling supplements, make a video about their benefits.

Or, if you are dealing with online business courses you can present free previews of the topics via videos.



In today’s era, (especially now that we are in full pandemic) whatever your product or service is, the best way to sell is online.

As you’ve seen in some of these 12 places, you don’t even need to buy merchandise or have a warehouse to start selling.

Gone are the days when you couldn’t open a shop without a sizable budget.

Now, all you need is an internet connection and in no time people will be seeing your products or services online.

You also need to know that not everyone is successful with this type of business, but it can take some time (tests, studies, strategies) before you can create a satisfying monthly income.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these platforms before.

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