Coursera review – All the details

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ManyWelcome to the Coursera review!

It is an online course platform and today we will find out together if the certificates it issues are recognized by companies. I will also tell you some truths about how some students get these documents very easily.

First of all, Coursera allows you to use many resources available within it for free.

The lessons are carried out with the collaboration of the most renowned universities in the world.

They are available on PC and mobile devices and include various topics, including the one that is attracting more and more people lately: digital marketing.

With these times of crisis, profitable online businesses have increased significantly.

Two obvious examples are online stores, such as dropshipping and blogs that spring up like mushrooms every day.

If you are interested in this topic, you can visit the review of a free platform that offers you, as soon as you sign up, free video lessons and tools.


Name: Coursera

Founder: two Stanford University computer science professors.

Year: 2012

Website: https://www.coursera.org/

Courses: individual, specializations, professional certifications, MasterTrack, online degrees.


What is Coursera?


These courses are also called: Massive Open Online Courses. Are a great free online resource for learning the subject you are interested in. (You will find more than 4000) Instead, certifications must be paid.

The purpose of these MOOC courses is to allow anyone, access to all resources for free, to increase and expand knowledge.

MasterTracks and degrees are also available.


How does it work?


The language, used in the lessons in English, while for subtitles you have several languages available.

To choose the topic of your interest just a simple click, after which all the information relating to the course will appear, such as the lessons that will be held within it, the duration, etc.

And if the preview has convinced you, all that remains is to register and participate in the course.

If you’re wondering if you too can study a topic you’ve never been interested in before, the answer is yes.

They are structured in such a way that users learn quite easily, in the form of short videos, with related transcripts, exercises, exams …

You can also take advantage of the forum area to ask questions and receive further advice. (You will need to access through the “tools” section where you can find other functions.)

There are different subjects to study with Coursera, from business to school, to university …)

A few examples:

  • Biology
  • Philosophy
  • Computer technology
  • Medicinal
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Etc…

As I said at the beginning, on this platform, you can find free courses, but if you want to get a certificate recognized in its sector you have to pay.

Not all lessons are taught individually, but you will need to complete some of them together with another group of students.

If, on the other hand, you like to study as if you were at school, in class, with Coursera, you can do it; just make a request first.


Cost of the commission for issuing certificates


Some people rightly wonder how much commission, the platform charges for issuing a valid certificate at the end of a course.

The price is negligible if we compare it with a certificate issued when attending university in person.

The amount goes up to a maximum of 30 dollars, but you will have in your hands an authentic certificate suitable for both work and institutions.

It must also be considered that these universities that create the courses, also issuing the related certificates online through Coursera, are among the best in the world.


What do you get with these courses?

  • You have the option to specialize in one or more topics you want.
  • You can get a certificate that allows you to find a job in a certain field.
  • Expand your knowledge.

As for the choice, of course, you have several options available, within which you will also find free lessons.

If you want to get the most, you will have to pay. For example more lessons, official certifications, practical projects …


Individual courses


They consist of video courses, resources to read, forums where you will receive many clarifications and answers to any doubts and tasks to be performed, which will receive an evaluation from other students of your level.

The lessons are free and if you are interested, for example, in deepening or learning something new that can be useful for the growth of your company or your business, these courses are perfect for you.

Otherwise, if your goal is to get an official certification to facilitate your job search, you will have to pay



  • Prices range from a low of $ 49 to a high of around $ 100.
  • They vary according to the type of course.
  • Note that the paid option will give you access to bonuses and extra study resources.


If you are looking for a job it is best to get a certificate that you can include on your resume.

Instead, in case you just want to absorb information for your personal growth, you don’t need a certificate.




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This service is paid monthly for the duration of the course, which on average is around 12 weeks if you study around 8 hours.

If you spend more hours a day you can finish all the lessons earlier and in this case, you would save money.

Another advantage is the possibility of obtaining more information, coming from different sources to increase your level of knowledge and specialization in the sector you deem most appropriate.


  • 7 days of a free trial
  • After that, you will move on to the monthly payment which can range from $ 39 to $ 79.


Achievement of professional certifications and MasterTrack


The professional one is released at the end of the relative course.

On which, it will be possible to identify the institute that carried out the relative lessons.

It will be very useful when you are looking for a job belonging to that sector in which you have obtained the qualification because you can include it in your resume.

Keep in mind that you will also have to carry out practical tasks that will help you get as close as possible to the working reality.



And now let’s move on to MasterTracks certificates, which you can use as credits for a degree.

As you can imagine, the prices here are higher than the individual ones.

(the most expensive go up to $ 5000)

However, you are not obliged to pay the full amount at once, but you can divide it into 4 installments.

The duration is about 6-7 months.

Many lessons will be aimed at training you and giving you an interesting experience in the field you have chosen, through assignments, more similar to real projects that usually apply in the working reality of that sector.

Ability to interact live with experts.


Online degrees


Here you will not be physically present in the university, but in reality, it is as if you were, because you have the same material available, and the lessons are also given by highly qualified teachers who work in the same location.

On this page you will find all the institutions that collaborate with Coursera:




The advantages of online degrees, compared to traditional degrees, done in a real class, is that you can complete your studies much earlier.

Everything will depend on your commitment and the speed of your learning.

If you are not in a hurry, you can study at a much slower pace.

Well, getting an online degree is undoubtedly a turning point to specialize in a certain sector, because you don’t necessarily have to quit your job, get away from your relatives, friends, wife, girlfriend, children …

Before starting, you will first have to make a simple request and wait for it to be accepted.



You save around $ 30,000 compared to a college degree. The price is only about $ 22,000.

The platform also offers financial aid. (Visit the site to find out which group of students, which qualifications are needed …)


An interesting option for the most demanding people

Do you like studying?

Are you thirsty for knowledge?

Can you learn very quickly?

Then you should use one of the latest features added to the platform: Coursera Plus

It is an annual subscription service, where the last 2 types of courses listed above are not present. (MasterTrack, degrees)

The most obvious benefit, aside from the level and amount of training you get, you save money in 12 months. The annual fee is around $ 400.

Therefore, if you plan to train in different fields, do 2 calculations and if the savings exist, take advantage of this function!


Pro Coursera courses

  • With online courses, you can learn a lot and earn a valid certificate in much less time.
  • They are designed with famous top-tier universities around the world.
  • You can study for free at any time you want.
  • If you need a valid certificate the cost is relatively low
  • You have a wide choice of topics at your disposal.




  • According to some testimonials found on quora.com, it is stated that some Coursera users who need a certificate for work, manage to obtain it with very few hours of lessons or even without even studying. Therefore, it would appear that the learning value is not actually what it should be, indeed, to be more precise, a certificate can be obtained by cheating. It should be considered that this judgment is not based on the quality of the courses, but on the simple fact that the final exam can be repeated several times and the lazy people who do not want to study can pass the course after a few attempts.
  • Another aspect, even more negative, is the evaluation method of the test, carried out by other students. Some testimonies affirm that some of these final exercises are incomplete or non-existent, but in any case, they manage, a good part, to pass the “supervision” necessary to give the OK for the issue of the certificate.
  • An online course does not have a teacher, with whom you can speak in person at any time.
  • An employer who knows how easy it is to “cheat” on these courses may not consider certifications.




The alternative I feel I can recommend the most today is Udemy; in fact, this site offers more than 100,000 courses, associated with experienced instructors.

Here the main subjects are music, photography, fitness, business, software, IT, development, personal growth.



As you have seen, this Coursera review was honest.

I believe it is important to provide every single detail of any online service, also highlighting the negative aspects.

I also usually use the forums related to each topic as one of my sources, to hear opinions expressed by different users who have already used a particular site.

Sometimes you have to go deeper to make a person understand if a certain type of service or product is valid.

However, all the material that you find within the Coursera courses is certainly of the highest quality and you have a wide choice of topics to study.

Have you already taken online courses?

What is your favorite subject?


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