Easy apps to earn money

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The easy apps to earn money are:

  • Foap
  • Slidejoy
  • Rakuten (Ebates)
  • Swagbucks
  • Uber
  • Earny
  • Paribus
  • Sift
  • TaskRabbit
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Moocash

These I have listed can help you supplement your salary, but you shouldn’t consider them a real way to get rich.

Let’s say that those who don’t want to engage in methods of making money online, where much more sacrifice is required, such as being at the computer 8-10 hours a day, studying, investing in courses, etc., these apps allow you to get some extra cash, but nothing more.



I relied on some of these apps a few years ago to create extra income.

I also used others, to tell the truth, but they were not included in the post, for 2 reasons:

  1. They pay too little, (which already is not that you earn a lot …)
  2. Because they were unreliable in payments.

However, if you want to try a serious business model, you can opt between 2 possibilities suitable even for the most inexperienced:

  1. A ready-made system to make money online, through 5 websites. (which are completely yours) What’s more, you can also add as much content as you like.
  2. Or Wealthy Affiliate, which is a school for learning affiliate marketing and will give you the tools to put its teachings into practice.

All 2 offer free video courses.




Upload your photos to the App, and automatically, they will be put on sale.

When the person buys, you will get a profit, and part of it will go to the platform.

A photo can also be sold for $ 80-90. (Usually, they are the most beautiful, most sought after photos, with particular landscapes, etc.)

Instead of the price of the photos, let’s say of lower value, is around $ 5

If you like taking pictures and you already have many on your phone or PC this is the app for you!




In seconds you can install this app on your phone. (For Smartphone only)

And the ads will appear on the lock screen, where you won’t hear any voices or sounds.

These images are also very beautiful to look at and every time you swipe right to unlock you will be awarded points that you can cash out with Pay Pal or gift cards.

In a year, you could get $ 30-35 completely free, without doing anything.

You’ll just have to unlock your phone, which you already normally do every day.

You can also take surveys and more, but I recommend that you only use the main function of the App.

I speak like this because, when I installed it too, I tried to complete the surveys, but then when I got to the end a message came out that I could no longer continue with the survey. (Perhaps the system has not found my data suitable for the answers; honestly, I have not yet understood the real reason …)

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 2.00.


Rakuten (Ebates)


It is perhaps the best of the apps for making money easily.

If you buy from their website, you get a refund on most of the products you will buy.

Many testimonials on the web speak of refunds accumulated over time, which amount to $ 1000 or 2000. (Via PayPal)

But why do they pay a refund on an already purchased product?

Because the 2500+ resellers on the site pay Rakuten a commission for every person who signs up;

This amount of money that the platform receives is not fully collected, but a slice is distributed to the users of the app.

Here you find pretty much every store imaginable, including Amazon!

Additionally, Rakuten offers you a $ 10 bonuses when you make your first purchases.




It allows you to earn money on PayPal or points to spend in online stores.

Receive a $ 10 entry bonus when you make a purchase from a reseller on the platform.

It works exactly like Rakuten – get cashback on your purchases.

But that’s not all, because Swagbucks offers other alternatives to earn points:

  • By completing surveys
  • By downloading games and apps to your phone.
  • Watching videos
  • Use Swagbucks as the default search engine; you could earn $ 15 to $ 45 per month. (These are indicative data that can vary according to the number of searches performed).



You earn money to get people somewhere. (With your car)

It works in a nutshell like this: when you activate the app, based on your area of residence, Uber gives you a job to do. (people transport)

Logically, it offers you the opportunities closest to you. You won’t have to drive 100 kilometers to load someone into your car.

Or, if you’re bothered by the idea that you might find a drunk, a harasser, or whatever, you can deliver food for UberEats.




This app allows you to be refunded when the prices of the products you have already purchased a drop.

Oh yes, that’s it.

But how does this app do all of this?

Earny is connected to a network of online retailers who have a refund policy in the event of a price drop.

There are also larger companies like Amazon.

I buy a lot in this latest online store.

But how does it work?

Usage is very simple, as are most of the apps.

You must in fact register and enter the email you used to make your purchases, where Earny will then automatically scan all your purchase receipts.

For example, if you bought a product from Amazon in October and the price dropped in November, Earny will ask for a refund from the company in question, which will then refund you the difference.

So it’s very simple, it’s all automated and you don’t have to do anything on your own.

In a year, you could raise a tidy sum of money from the purchases you’ve already made!

2 other popular retailers who adhere to this refund policy are Walmart and Gap Group.

For more details on which online stores offer this price protection, you need to visit the site.

In theory, Earny should deduct 25% of your profits (refunds).

But you don’t have to worry, because this never happens, as long as you share your refund experiences via Social.




It’s a similar service to Earny, which scans your mail through your email address. (the same one, you used, when shopping online)

Therefore, even here you will be reimbursed on your purchases in case of a drop in the price (perceive the difference, i.e. the surcharge)

The service is free, which means it doesn’t charge any refund rates.

Here too you have to log in to the site to know which online retailers, this app is tracking prices.

Here, for example, Amazon is not there, but you will find: Home Depot, Nordstrom, Sears, Kohl’s, Wayfair, and others.

Keep in mind that by the time you read this post, maybe a few months have already passed and as a result, the stores that adhere to this refund policy may change. (maybe even new ones are added …)



Earny-like app

Like the other 2 apps, it keeps track of your purchases, through the payment receipts that will arrive at your email address.

Here, too, you can earn money on refunds of your previous purchases due to a price drop, without even realizing it!

Among the resellers that make this type of refund, there is also Amazon.

This app is very interesting because it offers you not only the refund we have seen but also some travel insurance protections, such as lost baggage, cancellation, etc.

In my opinion, another advantage (which I’ve only seen in Sift) is to have all your credit card transaction data in one place.




This is a site that can help you find jobs, to earn even more than the classic app.

Once registered you will see for yourself how many real jobs offers there are.

They mainly concern removals, furniture assembly, cleaning …

They are manual jobs and if you manage to complete your missions you are more likely to be called back.


Google Opinion Rewards


If you like filling out very short surveys or writing product reviews, this app is for you.

Available for both IOS and Android

Of course, don’t expect to make a lot of money! (PayPal or points on Google Play)

Also because the polls are 2-3 per week and if Google finds out that you are cheating, it will remove you from the list.




It is an app similar to Slidejoy, which allows you to earn money by unlocking your phone.

It works for both Android and IOS.

When you install the App you will see advertisements, which if you open them on the left you earn 5 coins.

I’ll give you an example of how much you could earn:

1000 coins equal $ 1.

So, if each unlocked screen is paid for with 5 coins, you’ll have to repeat this action 200 times to get to one dollar.

You will be rewarded mainly in gift cards, coupons, bitcoins, and PayPal. (At your choice)

The minimum withdrawal is $ 2.

There are other earning options such as watching videos and completing surveys.

Combine the useful with the pleasure

These apps are the ones most recommended not only by me, but you will also find them in other reviews on the web.

But you don’t have to “crack your head” by focusing your efforts too much here, as you will never get a minimum monthly salary. (If you want something more you have to try to build a real online business.)

For example, you can try to combine your favorite pastimes and earn a coffee a day with the use of most of these apps. (Watch videos or play games.)

Here you have to settle for little.

Final judgment


I think that among the platforms we have seen today there are a couple of really interesting ones.

Of course, this is just my thought, the ones I like may not like you.

Now you will discover my judgment;

these are the 2 best easy apps to earn money:

  1. Rakuten is undoubtedly highly appreciated, with numerous positive feedbacks, due to the satisfaction of the majority of users., In a year, you can earn significant amounts, from the purchases you have already made.
  2. TaskRabbit, because it offers real jobs. Here, it’s clearly up to you: If you do your best when they call you to do a chore, they’re more likely to call you back. Additionally, those who offer jobs on this platform see ratings from your previous job missions. So the more tasks you complete, the more benefits you will have. Plus, if you get a lot of positive ratings, you can even dare to ask for higher pay.

Have you tried one or more of these apps yet?


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