Find niche products to sell online

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It is not difficult to find niche products to sell online, because there is a lot of choices nowadays, but keep in mind that it has to take into consideration the competition numbers as well.

Here are some niche products or services that are selling very well:

  • CBD products
  • Diet for weight loss
  • Weight Loss Articles
  • Drones
  • Courses to make money online
  • Car accessories
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Love and dating
  • And so on …

The product or service you want to promote is the first choice to make, even before creating a website. (This last step is also very important, especially if you want to get more visitors.)

At the same time, you will also have to decide which business model you want to use.

For those who start an online business from 0, in many cases, the starting point is the affiliations.

The undersigned also started this way.

Most of the time, those who take this path don’t have much money, or at all, and through affiliate marketing, you can sell products from any sector.

At best, you may have already developed your product to market.

This solution would be the best because you don’t depend on anyone and you don’t have to share the fruits of your hard work with the company on duty.


What are niche products and selection tips

They could be both products and services that belong to a certain market category.

We can select a sub-category of the sector we choose, selling products that are distinguished by particular characteristics, thus addressing only the strongly interested customers.


I want to sell wristwatches in general.

In this case, I would have an infinite number of potential customers, (and competition) but how many of these users, will buy?

  • John only likes Lorenz models
  • Mark…. those of Citizen
  • Maria likes Casio
  • Etc.

I would end up with a site with many visitors, but most will be just curious …



As you can imagine, we have targeted customers a lot, limiting searches on our site to only the people closest to the purchase:

  • Luxury watches, so it’s a clientele passionate about that model.
  • Only women
  • Underwater is another feature that narrows the circle of potential customers.

It was a simple example, but you can apply it to any product, course, etc.

Another possibility is to sell a one-of-a-kind item.

If you can build objects with your own hands you can make a difference and beat the competition because your product is exclusive, it has a brand because you made it.

The same goes for a service.

For example, a different diet than usual, an innovative course, whatever you create, but which has something different.

After making the most appropriate choice, check your keyword (let’s take the example above of TAG Heuer women’s diving wristwatches.)

And look at the number of competitors and how many visitors it brings you.

You can also check the trend of the words you have chosen with Google Trends.

How to find your niche

Finding your niche is one of the most important first steps you will take in your online business.

When you are a beginner, the advice that is usually given is to choose a product linked to a niche that you like, that you are passionate about, and in which you have many answers to give if users ask you certain questions.

For example, if you like technology, you can recommend and describe the features and benefits of many models of computers, tablets, etc.

So when you create a website, focused on this sector, you have less difficulty creating pages related to this type of products, compared to totally unknown topics.

However, that’s not always how it works!

Because, with experience, you will be able to build other sites, belonging to different niches.

“But how do you go about creating content and selling products in a niche I don’t know?”

Don’t worry, if for example you like hot tubs and would like to sell them as an affiliate, but have no idea what to include in your content, you can do it anyway.

“And how?”

Everything can become your niche, you just have to retrieve information, put it together, describe it, or make videos from your point of view.

Don’t think that it takes a long time to do it, but it takes very little to start writing your first article and in a few months you could already become an expert on the products you have chosen to sell in that sector.

How do I know if I have chosen the right product?

Answer these questions:

  1. Is it something you like or are passionate about?
  2. Does it solve that particular problem in my niche?
  3. What margin do you have?

Well, now based on your answers, you can evaluate below, whether the choice made was wise or not …

  1. As I told you, at first it is better to start with products that you like, but then you will see that it is not that essential to let yourself be carried away by passions because over time you can become an expert in any field.
  2. If so, that product will sell very well.
  3. The higher the gain, the better. Don’t promote things that are too cheap, as it would take too many sales to create a satisfying income.


Analyze the benefits of the service or product

Most people buy benefits, not the features. This applies to everything you sell.

Analyze the competition and see if your product offers more benefits.

Reflect on people’s most common problems

Stop for a moment and try to think about the problems that plague us in everyday life.

One of these is money.

And that’s why there are so many video courses.

Those who sell this type of services aim to teach a profession or activity capable of generating income.

Perhaps at first, not everyone can create their video course right away, but you can sell those of others, for example as an affiliate.


Find a trending product

Beat the competition early by finding products that are trending a lot lately.

Just study the trend of anything that has recently been successful in advance, creating a website related to that niche.

Then when the time comes when the demand for these trending products reaches its peak in the market, you are ready and organized to cash out.

Yes, I know, it seems easier said than done!

But many people continually study the market for some time and then when they realize that a new trend is taking hold, they launch into the attack!

It is not as difficult as it seems, because sometimes we already see them ourselves in our small way, what is the news, the fashions, or the emerging services …


What’s the best niche?

It doesn’t have to be too popular or too generic.

Too popular and generic means that you will run into too much competition that has already existed in that industry for many years.

You shouldn’t choose an extremely ingenious niche either, because you risk not having visits to the site, as it is still unknown.

The best advice is “to go deeper into a niche”, to reduce competition, and be able to fight a fairer battle.

Take as an example of what I did to you before TAG Heuer.

To make your ideas clearer, I’ll give you another one:

Let’s say you create a blog about pets, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, canaries, parrots …

The items on sale will be many, such as those for cleaning, collars, anti fleas, seeds, croquettes, bowls, cages …

If you have a brand new blog, you are already at a disadvantage: imagine how many people have already created such a site!

It would take years to get organic traffic. (free)

In this case, the only thing you can do to get visitors is to do paid advertisements.

Or, you could title your website: Taking Care of Your Rottweiler.

Here, you will only direct users who have this type of dog to your webspace.

The traffic may not be as large as that of pets in general, but the competition may be less, and at the same time only a certain type of clientele is selected.

Remember to analyze the competition through keywords anyway.



How many people get stuck before taking action or practicing what you read today!

It is a bit like languages, if you study Russian at home, without ever being with people who speak this language, you will hardly learn.

Overcome this blocking phase and the fear of failure, because even if you launch a site that is not yet perfect at first, it is not that serious, because you can always correct it, along the way.

Do you, already, have in mind, how to find niche products to sell online?

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