Growth mindset for business

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Through this article, we will try to find out what the growth mindset for business actually is and to understand how we can change the beliefs we have had so far. The latter is defined: “fixed mind”.

In case, you want to have success online or becoming a footballer, millionaire, etc., you have to change your fixed mind and then think differently, outside the usual schemes.

A very clear example is this:

Since the site talks about making money online, let’s assume for a moment that you have created your first blog, your first business for 6 months already, but you have not achieved any results yet ($ 0.00 profit)

How do you behave?

  1. You abandon because you think you have only wasted time, you have only made many mistakes and therefore you are convinced that all this is not part of you.
  2. You will not give up, but on the contrary, now that you have come a long way, you have learned from your first mistakes and consequently, you are more motivated to achieve your goals. You know full well it could take a year or more, but that doesn’t scare you.

If your answer is number 2, you are already ahead, whatever your path!


Mindset is needed to do business


Many do not know that mentality is fundamental in this field.

I say this because the mind during our existence assimilates behaviors and beliefs on the basis of which it reacts in certain situations.

To make you understand, if we are already convinced from the beginning, that for example making money online from home will never work because we have never met someone who does this kind of thing, we will hardly get results.

So, consider the fact that there will be people next to you who will affect you because they tell you that in life you have to break your back and make sacrifices.

I’m talking about online business, but I repeat that you can play it in the model you prefer: singer, actor, musician, entrepreneur….

Let’s assume now that you want to make $ 10,000 a month and now barely make it to $ 2000, do you know what you need to do first?

I know, it may sound weird, but you need to start evaluating the people you date.


But why? (Are you wondering?)

As you will have understood, the first step is to decide what your goal is, then you have to convince yourself that within a year, for example, you will be able to earn the amount you have set for yourself.

Once this is done, you have to eliminate all mental barriers, which whisper to you: “It’s not for you, you grew up in a working family, you don’t have a diploma …

To earn online, in fact, you don’t need degrees or programming courses as many believe; all the factors that prevent us from making choices are only the fruit of fantasy.


How to develop a growth mindset in business


  • You immediately understand what your purpose is and how far you want to go. Make your mind accept right away that it will take time and sacrifice.
  • Do not pay attention to what others tell you, especially in the beginning, they will all have criticisms for you such as, for example, that there is no income online, that only others earn on you, look for a serious job.
  • Accept mistakes and learn from them. Don’t let your mistakes overwhelm you. (You will have to do several at first)
  • You have to give it your all, every day, 7 days a week. (This would be ideal) Even if you have a second job, always try to make time for the online business strategy you have adopted. You have to become good and competent; to do this it takes time and training.
  • Always try to convey value and sell a product that truly solves a problem. You will see that in this way your customers will be very happy.
  • Don’t try to be too perfect, just be perfect enough. The sooner you get a result (e.g. 1 sale) and the sooner you reach the top. In fact, many people who create their first website for their online business spend too much time going over the smallest details. By this, I don’t mean not to, but to the extent possible. To do this, you need to build a weekly schedule, in order not to waste time changing photos, words, links, etc. Over and over again. In fact, it is proven that by re-reading your blog articles, you would like to make different changes each time. So once your article is finished, you should reread and correct it once and that’s it. (After a while, I recommend reading them again, but let a few weeks pass first.)
  • Always feel satisfied with your work, even if you haven’t achieved results yet. This will help you be positive and always make you feel at that higher level, which coincides with your goal.
  • Do not think exclusively about money, otherwise, you risk failing because without realizing it you would have started building a business, in our case a website, where users would sense it and will soon leave your site before buying. Furthermore, even Google will notice and you risk receiving penalties.


Don’t let your fixed mindset prevail


Unfortunately, this is the main cause of failure.

If at some point in our path of change we let our old mentality prevail, (fixed) of when, for example, we were satisfied with a few dollars a month, it means giving up.

This mentality is what influences us a little by nature, a little because of the family situation, friendships, acquaintances, television, which makes us believe that in life it is right to go to work as employees, have a salary, and follow a straight line for everything the life.

If you let yourself be influenced by the fixed mind, you will be convinced that you can never be an entrepreneur, because you do not have the same intelligence and therefore you feel it is useless to study or learn new skills. (You have already failed before you start)

Instead, a growth mindset strives to increase its intelligence and spends a lot of time learning, putting it into practice, failing, and then putting it back into practice, correcting previously made mistakes, and then starting over.

Therefore, it is not easy to change the way we think, but when you do, you are less likely to fail.

Don’t worry, if it seems complicated to you because now I’ll give you an example of how a 20-year-old boy understood all this and starting from 0, from his home, and how he managed to have a huge success.


Change your mindset and work your way to success


There are many success stories that you have seen on the Internet or that you may have heard from some other source.

One of those that amazed me most is that of a boy who already earns $ 1 million at the age of 20 (maybe even more. It’s a true story because there are several sources that talk about it)

It started about 4 years ago, with affiliate marketing and then e-commerce.

He had no experience, but it all started a bit like everyone does: watching YouTube videos or reading articles.

After that, he realized that only with that system was it very difficult to find winning strategies to earn and began to train through practical courses and reading mindset books.

When this guy started he was only 16 and by that age, he had already decided to cut friendships that didn’t support his passion for making money online.

He tried to hang out with people who had a way of thinking similar to his: success-oriented. (He didn’t just hang out with like-minded guys, but also those who, for example, wanted to become a professional basketball player, footballer, etc. Basically, all those people who had high expectations in life)

Also, he had against relatives and parents and if you think about it this is normal; what would you tell your child if he is at the computer 14-16 hours a day?

To get to the heart of the matter, I wanted to make you understand that the boy had managed to change his mind and have new beliefs in life.

He himself said openly in the videos that he dropped out of school because already at 18 he was earning well and was aiming higher and higher, but his mindset had to be totally focused on business.

So, to get to the top, you need to feel like, your mind is already there at that level, and you should hang out with people belonging to that level.

If you can’t do it, in real life because we assume everyone you know are workers and none of them have a particular ambition, you can for example, in your spare time, read books about the best in the world of online business and follow connected people for your purpose on YouTube and Social.


Bottom line


I hope, that these concepts on the growth mindset for business, we have stimulated you in the right way, to get you into that vision of thinking that those people have, of which you want to be a part. (Millionaires, footballers, anyone who makes $ 10,000 a month …)

Remember, developing this kind of mindset alone isn’t enough to make you a successful entrepreneur, but you will need to be willing to work on it continuously.

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