High ticket dropshipping niches

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High ticket dropshipping niches is undoubtedly a profitable choice because you need to make far fewer sales than in low ticket niches.

Consider that if you make a profit of about $ 30-50 with this last type of product, with a high ticket you can earn 10-20 times more.

What price should a high-end product have?

Now I can’t tell you exactly what the exact amounts to include in these 2 price ranges are, because the visa points are different.

But in my opinion, $ 1000 is one that falls within the average of the high-priced niches.

Also, the products that fall into this range, in most cases, you will not have to change them constantly, because they could be, for example, home gyms equipment, office equipment, garden…

You can keep selling these kinds of items for a long time.

However, keep in mind that to sell expensive equipment in general, it takes a good marketing strategy and usually requires a little more experience.

How to choose the most profitable dropshipping niches

It is not that easy to choose products belonging to this type of niche, because there are some facts to consider.

For example, if you take a product that costs $ 7000 it will be more difficult to sell it unless you have a lot of experience.

These large numbers require a lot more work and assistance than a $ 40 cream, and usually, payments must also have the option of being split into monthly installments.

Therefore, the ideal would be to sell something that is around $ 900-1000 in the beginning.


Do market research

You should understand if the product you want to sell is already in demand on the market, you could do it, via Social Media, YouTube …

If someone is already advertising it, it means that people are already spending on advertising and therefore there are potential customers interested.

However, you will need to experiment with paid ads at first to see if it’s worth it or not.

Also, make sure you have plenty of suppliers available, otherwise, it becomes a problem.

Below are just a few examples of the high ticket niche with some related products.

This is just to give you a hint, an idea because there are many more that you can sell around $ 1000 – 2000 and +.


Niche: sports and hobbies

For example, you can sell gym equipment of all kinds.

People also spend a lot of time on hobbies and free time, so here too you are spoiled for choice.

Don’t just look at what you see on this page, because, with a little imagination, you can find it all.

At the limit, if you are looking for something else, regarding this category of products, you can go and take inspiration from large online retailers such as Amazon.

Here are some ideas related to this niche:

  • Home gyms: In these times, especially with the coronavirus, more and more people want to keep fit even from home. Furthermore, there is always the fear that another lock-down will arrive, so those who cannot do without the gym and can afford it will be ready for such a purchase.
  • Aerobic training machines: stepmill, air bike, exercise bike, treadmill, arch trainer, rowing machine, non-motorized treadmill, etc.
  • Ping-Pong Tables: It’s a game you still love and so your potential customers are there too.
  • Foosball: even this pastime will hardly go out of fashion and the people interested are many.
  • Pool Tables: Another timeless game and the prices can be really attractive.


Lawn and garden

Another highly profitable niche!

Perhaps you have purchased tools related to this category yourself, to mow the lawn or hedges on the weekend.

I will only give you examples of products that have a fairly high cost:

  • Motorized Lawnmowers: More and more people want these gems, which allow them to have more free time. You can choose between different price ranges.
  • Chainsaws: you have a wide range available. You can sell both the more professional ones (for example for woodcutters) and those a little cheaper, but which always fall within the high ticket prices.
  • Lawnmowers: Many people prefer these machines to fully automated ones. Choose a quality machine with a minimum price of around $ 800-900. This type of clientele, in fact, most of the time, wants a tool that lasts over time and therefore of quality. There are lawn mowers that cost less, but too often are prone to breakage.
  • Garden shed: I have acquaintances who bought these components and were very satisfied. All the pieces will be shipped individually and then will be assembled at home. Earnings may vary based on the square footage of the shed. (the bigger the better)
  • Espresso machines: they are in great demand on the market, as they are not only for domestic use but are also required by commercial activities, such as bars, restaurants, etc. It is necessary to do an in-depth market analysis to see which are the best-sellers and above all to evaluate and spy on the competition also to understand if it is worth it.
  • Hot Tubs: I have often seen people buying or renovating a home, and being willing to spend a few thousand dollars more for a hot tub.
  • Tables to put in the living room: here you have an infinity of tables to choose from!
  • Lift chairs: it will not be difficult to find people who love comfort.
  • Scopes: do some research to understand which are the most purchased and therefore what are the main characteristics that differentiate them from the others.


Home and kitchen

  • Commercial industrial tube dehumidifier for basements of homes and construction sites: as you imagined this object you can sell it to three different customer groups: homes, construction sites, factories, industries….
  • Sofas and cushions: who does not love comfort! We would all like a sofa to watch TV in the living room. Here you can find potential customers who will want to change the old sofa for a new one, those who have just moved and are still choosing the most suitable one for their home, or some people want a sofa bed. Prices are very variable but quite high. You have to focus on the most beautiful and quality ones.



Digital cameras

  • Choose lightweight, high-quality models priced around $ 1300.
  • Or go further and sell the ones that go up to $ 4000.

Look at the models from your digital camera provider and see if their best features are sought after by interested people.


Laptop computer

  • There are many models, you can rely on some that are very well reviewed and that have a minimum price of around $ 1000 – 1100.
  • People who make these kinds of purchases, for example, look a lot at the quality of the webcam, the performance, the design …

As usual, study the market and find out what customers like most who are willing to spend $ 1000 or more on a computer.


Is it a good idea to sell high-priced products?

Of course!

If you think that to sell a low $ 20 ticket products you have to sell 50 to get to $ 1000!

The effort is less in the high ticket, but in most cases, you have to take care of everything down to the smallest detail and the work to create sales can be slightly different from when selling low ticket items.

Another benefit is that by earning more, you have more budget to reinvest in advertising.



These were just indicative examples to make you understand that when you choose products belonging to high ticket dropshipping niches, you have to make sure that the prospect understands, that if they buy a higher quality product, they get for example more performance, better design, durability, etc.

There are hundreds and hundreds of items you can sell with this system, now it’s up to you to figure out which one is right.

Remember that at first, you will have to test and retest to be successful.

Do you already have a dropshipping shop?

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