How influencers earn

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The first time I asked myself, how influencers earn, I still didn’t know they did, convincing people to make a certain purchase and that their fame depended on the number of followers. But above all, I had no idea, that they could also receive staggering figures.

Many established companies and brands decide to invest money to increase sales, through these influencers.

Even on television, you’ve often seen famous people advertise a product from a particular company.

These people will surely have influenced many others to buy something.


Do influencers earn a lot?


First of all, we need to divide them into 3 categories:

  • Nano influencers: it is the category of the three with fewer people in tow. However, these are 100% real (you know the saying: few but good?) Their earnings relative to others is the lowest, but they are still between $ 25,000 and $ 60,000 per year.
  • Micro-influencers: they can reach as high as $ 100,000 followers, but even then they are real numbers and totally interested. Everything they communicate is inherent in their skills and competences, thus gaining the trust of users.
  • Celebrity Influencers: They are the ones who receive the most money. You will be amazed at what I will tell you, but the truth is that some of these go as high as $ 1,000,000 per post.


But who are the influencers?


Let’s deepen this discourse, so far we have talked about earnings and how they do it, but let’s see exactly who these people are.

Some think they are just famous people or have received a push from someone important.

Many of them, on the other hand, are simple professionals, who have gained experience in a certain market niche and consequently have also earned the trust of many users, as often happens on the Web.

Another point in their favor is excellent communication skills, through which they manage to influence the public in certain purchasing decisions, both on the online and offline market, gaining their absolute trust.

Remember that when people trust you, they see you as a true authority and your level of Business can increase dramatically.


What exactly do they do?


Influencers just advertise. To be precise, they are commissioned by other people/companies to do so, for example, they have to launch a product, via a video on YouTube, a post on Instagram, etc.

You too may have seen Influencer posts of some importance on Social Media, which, for example, publish a particular time of day.

At first glance, they seem spontaneous, random, but it is not.

Behind all this, there are in fact, real marketing strategies, which make everything appear natural and positive to push you to buy.

On the other hand, advertising is like that.


On the basis of what factors are the earnings of an Influencer quantified?


The monetization of these people happens based on the number of followers.

For example, up to 500,000 followers can earn in some social networks from $ 2000 to $ 50,000 up to $ 150,000 or more for a published post.

Therefore, the larger the audience, the more money will be received.

On the other hand, with YouTube, earnings start on average from $ 12,000 to over $ 120,000, up to over $ 300,000.


Winning over the public with Social


This category has gained credibility and trust, thanks to its experience in a particular sector.

Through the various communication channels present in social networks (posts, photos, videos, messages …) they manage to win the attention of many people, even leading them to purchase a product.


Main reasons why a company chooses Influencer Marketing

A social influencer has a lot of potentials to raise awareness of a company’s services.

To do this, all he does is publish content, which will then be viewed by his numerous followers.

Keep in mind, if you, for example, sell health products, you need to find an influencer who has an audience belonging to this niche.

This way you will make yourself known a lot more and your earnings prospects will increase significantly.


Can I also do the Influencer?

On the surface, it may seem easy, this type of business, but it is not.

Here too, the tenacity and determination to reach a goal are worth a bit.

A true influencer must have numbers on his side and quality in everything he does. You cannot expect to make money without a considerable amount of users following you on social networks.

To achieve this, it may take years and a lot of work on your part, posting regularly and using techniques to increase followers.

However, everyone can undertake this profession.


Some risks of the trade


You have to consider that an Influencer can be successful very quickly, but can lose it at the same time. We must try not to make serious mistakes, such as:

  • Fake news in general.
  • A few racist jokes
  • What they are advertising either doesn’t work or has serious side effects, which have not been disclosed
  • Other…

Obviously, the errors in question can be infinite.

The main advice I give you if you want to pursue this type of career is to advertise quality products; always try to tell the truth, so you will avoid any problems in the future.


How do they affect potential customers?

Influencers have real persuasive power because compared to the way companies advertise their products, they have the ability to identify with ordinary people.

Therefore, they know how to be more convincing and friendly at the same time.

In fact, the advice they give seems to be the same from a friend or person you know very well.

Once they find a way to attract people, they are already on the right path to success.

Over time, in fact, the numbers will increase more and more, in step with the good reputation and authority acquired with experience.


Beauty can also be an advantage!


Many women are influencers and many of them are successful thanks to their beauty.

Knowing how to use it in your favor is a very smart move. In some cases, they reach a fair amount of followers is not a very long time, compared to others.


Do you want to become an influencer?

To be successful in this venture you have to produce content, whether it be in the form of videos or writings. (Is the same)

The important thing is the level of engagement you can get.

Plus you’ll need to post constantly, even when you’re successful.

Now that you have an idea of how influencers earn, what do you think?

Did you know that some made so much money?

Do you want to pursue this career too?

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