How many views do you need to make 1000 dollars on YouTube?

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A general average of views to earn $ 1000 on YouTube is around 500,000 with Adsense.

This type of monetization can vary based on several factors.

For example, some music artists take $ 3 for every 1000 views. (CPM – Cost per Mille)

If we take this case, with 1,000,000 views you make $ 3,000.

On the other hand, in other cases, the CPM can even double.

But this is only one way to monetize because in your content you could be promoting your products or those of others as an affiliate.


And even if you don’t have many views, you could be earning hundreds or thousands of dollars more. (Only with sales.)


Anyone starting from scratch must consider that it will take some time to make substantial gains.

People will need to know you better to be able to trust you.

It can take 6 months or a year, this depends on each individual.

The important thing is to produce quality, original videos that grab attention.

The content needs to stand out from other YouTubers, so make sure it’s interesting and engaging.

When you open your first YouTube channel, don’t immediately start advertising without talking about yourself first.

Users will initially want to know who you are, what your job is, why you started your channel, and what topics you will be covering in the future.

This way people will recognize you more easily from your competitors.



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How to make money with views


First, you need to associate your YouTube channel with an authorized AdSense account.

Once this is done, Google will allow the display of advertising content on your channels, and based on the number of views you will receive earnings.

The commission you receive depends on the type and duration of your video, the bid made by the advertiser, the number of clicks an ad receives, and the quality of the ads.

There are criteria that the platform takes into account.

Only after YouTube has reviewed your channel will you be able to make money from advertising.


How to become a YouTube partner and be able to make money from advertising


To use an AdSense profile for advertising on YouTube and earn with views, you must become a partner of the platform.

If you want to take advantage of this business model you must first ask for consent to the platform by following these simple steps:

  • Go to “Creator Studio”
  • Click on “Monetization”

After that, you will need to wait for your channel to be approved.




The 4 main rules that must be respected to be accepted are:

  1. 1000 subscribers to the channel
  2. A minimum of 10,000 total views
  3. In the past year, you must have accumulated at least 4,000 hours of views.
  4. Being of legal age or having a guardian who manages your earnings.

Also, you need to post your content quite frequently, at least 1 or 2 videos per week.

The things you shouldn’t do on your channel are:

  • Sexually explicit or violent content.
  • Copy videos from other channels
  • Include video fragments in promotions.

The same goes for music.

(If you have permission you can do it)


What is an AdSense account?

A-method-to-monetize-your-YouTube-channel With an Adsense account, you can choose the type of ads to use to monetize your content.

(Ads above the suggested videos on the right, commercials that play before the video, or a banner below the video.)

When a user watches or clicks on an ad or commercial, you will get paid.


The stage of creating an Adsense account

To create an AdSense account, open your internet browser and enter the URL in the address bar:


Then click Create Account


Fill in the required fields until the account creation process is complete.

You now have 2 possibilities:

  1. You can enter the URL of the website you want to link …
  2. Or your YouTube Ad Adsense channel.


You have the option of using either or both to monetize with advertising.

You will also be asked to enter your email and the data required for payment.


How to link Adsense to YouTube

In the section of your account go to “Monetization” to start the procedure relating to AdSense.


You will need to choose the Google account you previously signed up for AdSense and click “Accept association”.

Your YouTube channel is now linked to your AdSense account!

You just have to enter the address where you want to receive the payment. (You will be sent a pin by post to verify your account)

Before getting paid by YouTube, you need to reach a balance of $ 100 or more from the views.




It is an indispensable tool, similar to a control panel for monitoring the statistics and reports of your videos and your channel.

It’s critical to know and treasure the data so you can use it to see if video subscribers and views are increasing.



Make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing


I’ve already written an article on how to monetize a blog through affiliate marketing, but videos are an even more effective tool for generating passive income.

For example, if you join Clickbank you will find many digital products that you can promote on your channel.

Commissions here compared to classic Amazon “products” can reach $ 1000 or more per sale if high ticket affiliations are chosen.

You can find many courses made by other people that you can easily promote.




Once you have found the product, make one or more videos about it and insert the affiliate link in the description, which will be displayed below the video.

If you also own a blog that already contains affiliate links, you can direct your audience there, for example, to a review page.

This way you get an additional source of free traffic to your site.

All of this could be another plus for you, as Google could rank your website better in search results!

To be successful with affiliate marketing in general, be it videos, blogs, emails, you need to be honest and choose good products or services.

This way your good reputation will grow and with it your earnings.


Do you already own one or more products? Open a YouTube channel and start making videos!


Whether you are a company or an individual, it’s the same, because you can advertise your products by posting videos related to them and your niche.

Promotion methods can take place in several ways:

  • Reviews
  • Links in the videos
  • Tutorial
  • Or just talk about your product


How to monetize the channel with consulting


Periodically offer your consulting services to your audience.

Through videos, you have to convey more and more value so that those who follow you have confidence in you, understand that you have the necessary skills and consequently buy your services.

If you are particularly good at something and can offer this type of service, keep in mind that this is the fastest way to make money on YouTube.


How to get more views


To gain visibility, content must be useful to people.

If users perceive that you just want to make money and you don’t offer interesting content, they will immediately leave your channel.

However, it is necessary to optimize the content for search channels so that it is well-positioned on Google thus gaining greater visibility.

Therefore it is essential to know at least the main notions of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For example, you need to understand how to find the right keywords for each video to climb to the top of the Google rankings.



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What are the highest paid (advertising) niches on YouTube?


The highest-paid niches in YouTube advertising are those of the economy, marketing, and personal growth.

There are 2 ways to get paid:


1) CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is a metric used to estimate the cost of an advertising campaign displayed 1000 times.

In other words, it’s a sum of money sponsors pay YouTube to view their promotional messages for every 1000 videos.

The figure varies from month to month and to earn a lot you need to have many views.

To calculate this indicator, the ratio between the cost of the campaign and the number of contacts reached must be multiplied by a thousand.

2) CPC (cost per click) is a metric used in PPC (pay per click) campaigns to indicate the average cost required to get a click on an ad.

The value of a single click depends on several factors.

In this case, your earnings depend on the number of people who click on the ad placed on your video or page.


Other useful tips for making money with YouTube


You will hardly earn important figures if you do not put in 100% of your commitment.

It is essential to work a lot on your channel, but it is still not enough because you have to bring out all your creativity and talent.

The first step you need to take is picking a niche. (The same process as the other business models.)

In simpler words, your videos must belong to an industry that you like and care about the most.

This way you will surely find more angles to create content, that will have a better chance of being original and captivating.

Produce attention-grabbing quality movies!

Remember that they don’t have to convey value only to you, but try to understand if they are also useful to your viewers.

Be consistent in posting videos and be patient, as your first earnings may come after months.

For example, you may be earning $ 100 from YouTube views after 6 months and it will seem like little…

But this is where you don’t have to give up because after a few months your earnings could reach $ 1000 and more

Have you already opened a YouTube channel?

How many views does your channel have?


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