How to report an online scam

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If you are wondering, if many promises of easy online earnings are lies, well, unfortunately, I have to tell you yes. The important thing is to know how to report an online scam, in order to help “another possible victim who is falling into their trap” to go away.

If you have been scammed by some company that sold you a product or service, you usually have to try to retrieve as much information as possible and get in touch with someone.

If this is impossible for you, as nobody answers you, or they don’t want to refund you, you don’t have a payment receipt…. you just have to ask for a chargeback procedure. To do this, you need to ask industry experts and they will help you (in most cases) get your money back.

With this post, today I want to warn you of what happened to me 4 days ago. I had received a message on social media saying that I could earn a lot of money by simply copying a link and then posting it wherever I want.

The site in question is called Home Cash.



Before going deeper into the site, I want to tell you a few things:



A premise on online work

I see many ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., which talk about easy money:

  • Who promises $ 300 a day
  • $ 1000 in 24 hours
  • Who guarantees to make $ 1400 a week
  • Or $ 10,000 or more every month.

In short, I see all the colors, although to tell the truth, in the past I have invested time too, to see if I got a penny,

but nothing to do.



The most common online scams


1) The first-ever, are the casinos, where some scammers even make you register at 5 casinos, (in the game of roulette) in which in each one, they tell you to invest a sum of $ 60.

After that, you bet $ 1 on the color of the roulette, for example, red and if this did not come out you have to double the bet until the ball stopped on black.

Many people do not know that the same color can go out even 20 times and the rip-off is that if you don’t stop in time, you run out of all the bank account.

The moral of the story for those who do not have a gambling habit “can still be good to just lose” $ 60 × 5 casinos = $ 300. You can also understand that always doubling, the money goes away quickly.

2) Fake Sweepstakes: A message arrives in your inbox that you have won a prize, but to receive it you have to pay a small amount. Aside from this, scammers ask for your personal data, too, so pay attention to these things, because nobody gives anything in this world!

Requests-for-money-in exchange-for-prizes

3) Online dating: it happens very often in this sector that some women chat with men or boys and after they have established some confidence with the unfortunate, he begins to ask him for money for various reasons.




What is Home Cash?

You just have to share a link they give you and you will get paid $ 50 for every hundred users who click on your link.

So far so simple. Too bad that there is no information on the owners, their website …



I reported this scam via Facebook sharing


So the question I asked myself is?

But if I don’t find any responsible person in Home Cash, how can I ask for information?

The answer is obvious! Who does not want to put his face and his personal data on his Webspace, 100% of the time does not want to be reached because he has something to hide.

So this site is a scam.

Let’s say for example that you see who actually clicked on your Home Cash link (you can see it with some webmaster tools), but you never received any payment. If there is no real person, that we can contact we are practically in front of a dead-end, and therefore if we do not find anyone, no one pays us.

What I just told you, unfortunately, it happens in many other similar sites.

Remember, where you don’t see who the owners are and who to contact in case of questions, it means that something is wrong.

After realizing that Home Cash was not legitimate, I reported this scam via social sharing.


Can you recommend a legitimate way to make money online?


Of course yes. But I anticipate you won’t get rich immediately.

But then, once you put all your effort and willpower into it, the results come.

Don’t be fooled by all those easy money-making promises, as most are scams. (They just make them money and make you believe it’s easy, that you can too …)

Creating a company that becomes a real online job and gives you a real salary takes a lot of sacrifices and a lot of testing.

You can visit my review of a program that allows you to make money without investment. (It takes a few months, but you learn something that will stay with you forever)

If you prefer to advertise for a fee to sponsor a product, (in affiliation, for example) you can check out one of the best Facebook Ads online courses.

This course is always up to date and you can interact with the owner and industry experts.

The price is much lower than the average. As the last method, you can try to make money with YouTube, through step by step guides, created by a YouTuber who was very successful at just 19 years old. (Matt Parr, you see it in the photo below)


Golden-button-a prize-from youtube





Elusive details of Home Cash

The only thing you have to do on this site is to sign up and promote a link and you will earn money based on the members who you sign up through it.

Maybe you don’t know it, but when you find these companies that make you advertise their site, without selling any service or product, be very careful because it is a scam.

Easy money doesn’t exist online, but only after a little sacrifice can you reap the fruit of your work.

As for the testimonials of the site you always find those posted here and there on multiple sites.

In addition, I have read in other Home Cash reviews that the photos of people who leave a good mark on the platform and their names do not match.

So, I advise you, to forget about Home Cash, because even if you will see proof of payment, they are without foundation; if you come across similar platforms remember that the best way to report an illegitimate activity is through Social.



There is no trick to succeed online

Earning online is not difficult, you don’t have to be a “lamp genius” or a graduate, but anyone can do it: a doctor, a gardener, a housewife, a mechanic, a student….

But the thing that many do not understand is that there are no tricks, but it takes only a lot of effort, then the results almost certainly come.

Remember that union is strength, so if you come across some site that doesn’t convince you, you now know exactly how to report an online scam.

Have you ever been scammed on the Internet?

Do you have any suspicions?

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