How to save money every day

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Life has become more and more expensive and for this reason, many people ask themselves: how to save money every day.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that many families struggle to make ends meet.

Wages rise little or nothing, while the prices of consumer goods rise.

On the other hand, however, there are those who have a fairly good income and do not disdain unnecessary expenses.


Unexpected events to consider


However, an emergency fund would be essential to deal with unforeseen expenses or emergencies:

  • The breakdown of the car
  • A breakdown in your home
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of work
  • Helping a family member in financial difficulty
  • In short, anything can happen …

Moving forward in the article, we will see how to save as much as possible.


1. Eliminate unnecessary expenses

To do this, you need to make a note of all the money that comes out of your pocket every month.

This way you can realize what is indispensable and what is not.

Plus, you can also save a good amount over the course of a year.


2. Always try to save something every day


I know, it can be difficult for many, but we divide savers into 2 categories:

  1. Low-income bracket
  2. Middle-income bracket


For the first case, $ 1 a day might be enough to make it to the end of the year with $ 365.

It’s not much, but think about if you can eliminate some other useless purchases, or saves on weekly shopping, on tires and car fuel, on electricity, cut down on cigarettes….


Here are some examples of savings:

$ 3 per day = $ 1095 per year

$ 5 ” ” = $ 1825 ” “

$ 6 ” ” = $ 2190 ” “


On the other hand, if you have an average income, maybe it can allow you more vices. In this case, you could save a lot more and at the end of the year find yourself with a nice nest egg:

$ 10 per day = $ 3650 per year

$ 15 ” ” = $ 5475 ” “

$ 20 ” ” = $ 7300 ” “


3. Save on gambling


Another practical example of savings can be applied to slot machine players:

  • Calculate the money you invest and the money you lose
  • If you are at a loss but still enjoy playing, reduce the amount of your daily stake.
  • Set an investment limit and never exceed it

By following these tips, you will be surprised in 12 months at what you put in the piggy bank.

The trick to saving is to have a strategic plan and implement it.

Otherwise, if you don’t write down all your expenses on your computer, phone, or piece of paper, it will be much more difficult for you to realize what you are actually saving.


4. Save on alcohol and cigarettes


If you don’t want to quit smoking, try cutting out some cigarettes, to obtain long-term savings.

The same rule applies to alcohol.

For example, if you like to drink beer every day at the bar during the week, you could buy them at the nearby shop and drink from the comfort of your home while watching a movie.

Let’s say you drink 5 beers at the bar at $ 5 each, every day for 7 days; you can decide, for example on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, to buy them at the market and consume them on the sofa.

I’ll give you an example:

  • $ 5 × 5 beers = $ 25 × 3 days = $ 75 (at the bar)
  • $ 1.40 × 5 beers = $ 7 × 3 days = $ 21 (market price)


Now let’s see the actual savings of these three days of the week, in which you buy beers in a supermarket instead of going to the Pub:

  • $ 75 – $ 21 = $ 54


If we multiply by 4 weeks that go to approximately complete the month:

  • $ 54 × 4 = $ 216 (monthly savings)

Obviously, these are just examples, the figures may vary, but it’s just to let you know how your savings potential increases if you plan and control all your expenses.


5. Earn more with a second business


I’m not telling you to invest, just find a way to get extra income:

  • Take part in online surveys, they are FREE; the profit is not much, but you have the possibility to be paid either with money or with a Gift Card. You can try for example with PrizeRebel or e-Research-Global
  • Do you have items at home that you haven’t used for a long time? Then start creating ads and sell them online, for example via eBay.
  • Monetize your passion through a blog and social media. In case, you don’t know, there are free opportunities to do it. They are not promises of easy earning, but there are those who earn very well after a year, starting from 0 experience, with products that they sell as an affiliate. (Amazon, eBay) If you want to learn more, click below and you will go to the information page on the world’s # 1 platform, which teaches you how to make money online. (If you wish, you can enjoy the free version forever, or there is also the Premium version) Plus, you will be provided with everything you need to start your online business right away:

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  • Open a YouTube channel where you make videos about your passions, or you can make money without making videos as explained by Matt Pars, a YouTuber who earns tens of thousands of dollars a month. If you want more information watch his free training video:

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6. Avoid waste


Statistics show that a lot of food is wasted around the world.

In families, it is very often thrown in the garbage for 2 reasons:

  • They are badly preserved
  • They have expired because they are bought in large quantities.

Some effective ways to avoid wasting food and money are:

  • Have a large enough freezer.
  • When choosing foods, look at the expiration dates.
  • Make a weekly grocery list, but avoid buying everything at once (meat, fish, convenience foods, etc.) if you don’t have much space in the freezer.
  • If you spend every day near your local supermarket, shop every 2-3 days to avoid buying too many things.
  • Take advantage of the Apps that some stores make available to customers, in which they notify you in the evening, which products remain unsold, to be able to buy them at half price.


7. Use a prepaid card instead of a credit card

There are many prepaid cards to choose from nowadays and you have 2 advantages:

  1. Upload the amount you want
  2. Avoid bank handling fees for a credit card.


8. Check your payment receipts

Do not immediately throw away receipts when you go to the restaurant, or when you pay the mechanic, the groceries, etc.

I tell you this because it often happens to find an error.

9. Change your electricity and gas supplier


Most of the time you make such a change, you are offered discounts on your bills.

Before signing, I recommend that you read the contract carefully to check if there are any constraints or similar.


10. Don’t get into debt for things that aren’t strictly necessary

A common example is taking out loans to go on vacation.

Getting into the habit of getting into debt leads to paying a lot of interest accrued over time.


11. Set time limits for short-term savings

You may decide, as far as possible, for example, that in the next 2 months you want to save $ 500.00

Surely you will have to give up many things: eating at the restaurant, going to the bar, etc …

This usually happens in an emergency – an unexpected expense for a house or car maintenance.

However, with this extreme savings plan, you could even adapt it once a year to add more money to your fund.


12. Use your free time for cheap or free activities

If you like doing sports in your free time, try to do the cheaper ones: long walks in the mountains runs, bike rides….

As entertainment, you can play ball, basketball, board games, read books…

These activities don’t require a lot of expenses.


13. Last advice


On payday, avoid wandering around malls or shops, as the temptation would be too great.

Another tip is not to give up if you see that for one month you have not been able to save anything, you will see that the next will be better.

If you’d like more money-saving tips, please also visit this article:

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In conclusion, everything you have read today is essential to know how to save every day.

If you know any other tips let me know in the comments.

See you soon…

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