How to start a product review blog

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Knowing how to start a product review blog effectively can save you time and turn potential customers who have arrived on your site into real customers.

But it doesn’t end there … that is, in the sense that they buy, goodbye and thank you …

If you are good at creating recommendations on your webspace, these users who have already bought from you will come back again and again …

At first, setting up the structure needed to do this isn’t as easy as it sounds if you’ve never done it before …

First of all, behind a review there are 2 purposes:

  1. Earn money through the commissions you will receive when a user purchases affiliate products featured on your page.
  2. Drive traffic to other pages on your blog.

I will point out that, even before starting to write this kind of post, you need to understand some concepts and make some very important basic settings.

Once this is explained, I will guide you step by step in creating a great page where you will recommend a service or product.


Before you start writing a review …


The truth is, you will need to be prepared to fail more than once before creating a website that will attract many visitors.

This is the first big step toward success.

Many are thrilled at first when they create their first articles, (rightly so!) Thinking that Google will put them high. (In some cases it can happen …)

But then when they realize their post is 100th on search engines, after 3-4 months they throw in the towel.

I already explained a few days ago that nothing is achieved without a winning mentality.

You have to be willing to suffer, make mistakes, and start over if necessary, but always stay positive.

Well, now that we have clarified the most fundamental part of this topic, let’s proceed like this:

Let’s say you want to create a review blog to earn commissions through the reader’s purchase of some products that you promote as an affiliate.

Through your opinions and personal experiences, you express your judgments through this type of page.

In this case, the first thing to do is to make sure that the product or service you have chosen is of quality.

This doesn’t just have to appear to your eyes, but you need to investigate like this:

  • Check out other reviews on YouTube


  • What have other blogs written on the subject?


  • Look for forums that talk about the item or service in question.

Instead, now let’s assume, that you just want to attract more visitors.

In this case, you can also write a negative review, relating to everything you don’t like or that didn’t particularly satisfy you.


What name to give to the blog?


Theoretically, you should give it a name that somehow reflects the market niche you have chosen.

The name you give your site is called a domain.

It usually costs around $ 13-14.

If it is too long you should find a way to shorten it.

You can check if the name you have chosen is available directly on Namecheap.com

Or look at these variations too:

  • Domain.com
  • Get a free domain with the best hosting services (don’t worry, you’ll see what they are shortly …)

Don’t focus on just one domain as you will hardly find the first one that comes to mind already available.

If the one you chose has already been used by someone, try removing or adding some words or characters.

Or completely change the search angle of the site name, but make sure it always links well to your niche.

It would be better to get more ideas on the site header before you even register your domain.

I advise you not to enter numbers and dashes.


Have you already chosen the website?


Without a website, it is impossible to write a good review of a product that can attract traffic.

Yes sure, someone can say:

“I promote what I want on social channels”

I tell you I agree, but a post like this should be very long and people on social networks don’t go to read very long posts; but if they want a lot of information about it, they go to a website, for example, found on Facebook, or they search directly on the Internet for the product name + review.

To create a blog right away, if you haven’t already.

To be more successful use WordPress and don’t waste a lot of time looking at the other options, because only here you get the best.

I wrote an article in which I explain the reasons for choosing WP and once this is done I recommend you read another free resource to understand which theme (the appearance of the site) to install.





At first glance, it may seem easy enough, but it’s not. To understand and choose the right direction it is necessary to understand these factors:

  • Before starting to put your project online into practice, you need to establish, your goals.
  • What is search engine optimization
  • How to write good content.

Starting on your own trying to understand these main factors can take much longer than expected.

This is why I want to give you the same opportunity that I used too, that is to have a single set of free resources at your fingertips that will guide you step by step in all this.

These are not gimmicks or shortcuts, but they will help you choose the right path to creating a successful blog.

>> Find all information on my related page <<


What is hosting?


Having a website is not enough.

If you want a site to be viewed by users, hosting is required.

Hosting is a web space that will act as a repository for all pages of your site by making them available online.

When someone searches for a topic in the search engine, a request is sent to a server. (It’s a place where your website files and databases will be hosted.)

The latter, in turn, will release data. (For example, concerning a page of your blog)

Google can then process all this information to display the page.

Now you will find many companies that will offer you this type of service, that is hosting your site on their server.

As you can imagine, there will be higher and lower quality servers.

You are not interested in taking the one that has more space and costs more, but you only need one that is suitable for a small, medium-sized blog, but which allows for fast loading:

  • Do you want the absolute best? In this case, when a user searches a browser for a topic on your blog, your pages will load much faster. Google ranks sites that load in less than 3 seconds in the top search results. So, if you want an optimized and best-performing blog, I recommend SiteGround.

With these 2 types of hosting you will have the certificates relating to the security of your website and you will also make users’ browsing safe. (If they enter personal data, they will be protected and safe.)


Protect your site



  • iThemes Security is an essential plugin to protect your webspace web from hackers. It allows you to set a mode that blocks the site after someone tries hard to enter the wrong passwords. Another interesting feature is that this plugin can detect the many hated 404 errors, blocking the IP in question after a certain number of errors.
  • WordFence is an alternative to Ithemes Security and is considered one of the best plugins to ensure high security of your webspace. Furthermore, if the latter has been hacked, WordFence can clean the site of any malware.
  • Update installed add-on programs whenever prompted.
  • Use HTTPS instead of HTTP (the data entered on the network is encrypted, your site will be more secure).
  • Make weekly backups
  • Use passwords that are not too simple and change them often.
  • Install the “Captcha eReally Simple Catcha”. I think by now we all know what they are, but I’ll give you an example: “click on the image where there is a bus, a motorcycle or a traffic light” and so on. Including captchas helps to significantly increase the security of your site and protect it from any malware.
  • If you have downloaded plugins and subsequently deactivated them, always remember to delete them completely.


Which niche market do your products belong to?


Don’t start with the product or service first, but start here first:

Find a profitable niche; there must not be too much competition and the products must be in high demand on the market.

The market niche may belong to a particular sector in which you may already be a bit of an expert.

Only now, comes the choice of the service or product that you intend to promote in your blog through reviews.

Let’s assume your niche is: weight loss diets for women over 40….

Now you could sign up for the Click Bank affiliate program and look for some diets to write your opinions on and enter your affiliate link.

In case, you didn’t know, Click Bank offers many digital products of this type: home workouts, recipes …

But not only in this niche, but in fact, you can also find many courses to promote within it:

  • Doing business online
  • Personal growth
  • How to conquer a woman
  • And so on…

(The right thing to do to get a 100% impartial and correct review would be to buy the product and try it for yourself.)

Remember that once you have decided your niche you can choose the products to review and not vice versa.

Simple isn’t it?

If you were too vague and didn’t choose a certain niche, you would risk finding yourself with an equally vague audience.

The most common mistake is getting caught up in the frenzy of advertising as many products as possible without respecting the topic of your site.

For example, if your site is about fitness, it would be a contradiction to also review items for the home and garden …

In my opinion, it is better to focus on a single slice of the public because we can better understand their problems and consequently find the most suitable solution.

Other affiliate programs?

Yes, Ii only listed one, but there is a mountain of them:

It depends a bit on the topics covered on your site, I can offer you some examples that from my point of view are very valid:

For products in general:

My favorite is Amazon.

Email marketing:

  • GetResponse
  • Aweber

Beauty products:

  • BH Cosmetics

Online business:

  • Wealthy affiliate
  • Click Bank University


Also, another earning method that is added by bloggers is Google Adsense.

It allows you to earn money by placing ads of the great G.

Do you want my opinion?

Unless you have a site with a lot of traffic, I strongly advise against it, because you make very few dollars.

Also, these banners might annoy users.


Do you want to know more free opportunities to create your first blog?
It is important to understand which free websites are good for a blog and which are not.

To be sure, very often we get very little if we don’t want to spend it.

>> Anyway you can deepen all this and see how to monetize a blog <<



Long live sincerity


These review pages that you will start creating, must advise (and not sell) to a user whether to make a purchase or not.

If you can build trust with your readers, they will visit your blog more often.

From the very beginning…

from your information page…

and from your first post where you will publish your opinions on a product must be honest and without ulterior motives.

If you just wanted to get your prospect to make a purchase, they would likely leave the site immediately.

Sincerity comes first:

  • Don’t say that a product is good or that it brings numerous benefits, without being sure.
  • In case, you haven’t tried an item or service you offer, admit it immediately and explain what you are recommending it based on.


Before you post your first review …
You need to create an information page about yourself, with your contacts, privacy policy, etc.

>> Check out this article to find out more <<



The initial part of a review

Immediately after the title put a catchy sentence, which intrigues the user to read your article.

These are the 2 possible initial scenarios in a review:

  1. Talk well about a product or service: try to anticipate with a general picture of what the features and benefits will be. This will help entice the reader to stick with your article.
  2. The exact opposite of what I wrote above: in case, you are writing a negative review you will want to make it clear in the introduction that the subject of your post is a scam, or that something is wrong. Again, by hinting at some downsides right away, you will ensure that the user stays there on your page until the end.



  1. Always remember to give a taste in the title and in the meta description of what will contain the heart of your review to entice and intrigue the reader. Getting started right is undoubtedly the first step in creating a review that converts.
  2. Remember that the more a user gets to the center of your article, the more they will want more and more complete answers and information.
  3. Never forget to write the price or payment methods.
  4. These last 2 elements must not remain hidden from the reader, but always try to be as clear and transparent as possible.



Clarity, simplicity, and completeness

Give your advice clearly and simply trying to offer relevant information.

You have to inform a person so well so that he can understand for himself whether to buy or not.


What I want to make you understand is that the action taken by a user on choosing a product must occur naturally thanks to the completeness of your information contained in a review.


Answer the questions a user usually asks via a review

Before you start creating this type of page, you need to think about some questions potential customers ask themselves when looking for information about a service or product:

  • What is this?
  • How does it work?
  • Benefits
  • Defects
  • Who is it suitable for?


How can I get more blog traffic?


At first, you will have to be patient because as soon as you start creating your first review you don’t have to think that you will have traffic tomorrow.

Rather, think about doing the original job (differentiated from other sites) and SEO.

As I explained in other articles, the only solutions to do a good optimized job are the following:

  • A hosting service designed specifically to increase traffic to a website.
  • SEO optimization: it is essential to start taking an interest in this field right away. You can’t think of writing something without knowing at least the main factors that Google considers most important to rank you high.
  • Use at least Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. When you post a new review, share it on your relevant social accounts. All of this can help you increase your organic traffic.
  • Create other pages related to your niche that delve into the topics belonging to your reviews. The latter, by linking them to the new pages you create, you increase your blog traffic and Google could rank you better.


Evaluate the reviews of competitors

Take a look at the competition, this way you will understand why Google puts a certain post in the first place in the search results instead of another.

Type the title of the review you want to create in the search engine bar.

Read the first 3 results and study how they are structured, to understand how many internal and external links there are, images, videos, etc.

With this I’m not telling you to put more links, photos, or “copy to the letter”, but what matters, is the quality or relevance of the individual elements that are added to a post.

For example, if you link to an external or internal page, make sure it’s really necessary.

Understanding these concepts is very important.

A video must also be inserted if the surrounding text requires it.

If not, do not even put it, because it would have no relevance for the user or Google.

Everything must be built according to logic and without forcing.


Make sure you convert your readers into subscribers

Do not leave anything to chance, give each person who reads your articles the opportunity to register on your site by name and email, to notify them when you post new topics.

Most likely these users are particularly interested in your niche, so why not propose them to read the articles you will publish in the future?


Also, create reviews containing multiple products for comparison


It’s like writing the result of a challenge between 2 competitors:

Product A vs Product B

People who do this type of research want to figure out which is the best of the 2:

  • A?
  • Or B?

In some cases, you may find fewer competitors in this writing angle.

Furthermore, these kinds of users may be closer to the purchase stage.


Think of an alternative

Let’s assume that the service or product you want to review is poor and therefore you will not recommend it to readers, but instead, you will highlight the negative sides …

Insert an alternative, give an immediate solution to your users!

You’ll see that if your advice makes sense, they’ll thank you in the comments

If you’re still unsure how to start a product review blog, let me know below with a message.

I will contact you as soon as possible.

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