Is Long Tail Pro a Scam?

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For all those who are wondering: is Long Tail Pro a scam?

I want to give you some good news: this keyword research tool is legit and is truly comprehensive and very suitable for those with niche websites.

If you are wondering if it has a downside, I can tell you that the price is a bit more expensive than other tools like Jaaxy, but on the other hand, I can confirm, that it offers great service.


What is Long Tail Pro?


It is very useful, both for beginners to find uncompetitive keywords and for the more experienced who have websites already started for a few years and who can afford keywords with a greater number of competitors.

If by any chance you haven’t used similar tools yet, it’s not complicated at all, but you just have to enter the desired word in the search bar and then you will see all the results appear.

The latter is based on competition (number of competitors) and the number of people who will visit your site.

These that I have told you are the most important values to analyze when doing your research, but then there are still others.

Don’t worry, we’ll see them shortly.

In case, you are a beginner you can use the basic videos to help you understand how the platform works.




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If you are looking for an All in One platform to make money online, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

You have pretty much everything here, including Jaaxy, another great keyword tool.

How much?

It’s free for as long as you want (you don’t have access to all the program’s features and with Jaaxy you can do 30 searches a month, but you can still create and build your business online)

There is the Premium version which is not mandatory (you have access to all training courses on the site and to those, they will do in the future.


The opinion of Long Tail Pro


The service offered by this tool is certainly satisfactory.

In fact, when you do your research, in seconds, you can choose from hundreds of results.

In addition, it provides you with many features when you search for a keyword, so you can increase the chances of a good ranking in terms of SEO.

Many think it is more suitable for beginners, but this is not entirely accurate.

Yes, it is suitable for those with no experience, but it is also good for those who are already more experienced.

Many entrepreneurs, in fact, take advantage of, for example, a very useful function of Long Tail Pro: many of them having multiple websites in different languages, operate in multiple markets, and therefore can customize their search by choosing the countries that interest them.

Another important fact that you can take advantage of is the analysis of your competitors; based on the word chosen during the search, you can delve into the incoming links in more detail.

You have the ability to narrow your search through filters, thus finding the people most interested in your topic.

For example, you can delete words you don’t care about …


A peculiarity that I want to point out is that Long Tail Pro is also used by those who advertise for a fee.

If you belong to this category you can examine the number of competition between advertisers.

In short, you can do so many things and without a tool like this or similar, you won’t get specific SEO results.


How does Long Tail Pro work?

Based on the chosen keyword, you can analyze different data:

  • Volume: number of monthly searches made by people.
  • Average KC: Number of competitors, calculated based on the number of backlinks, Majestic metrics, and domain age.
  • Position value: An average of how much you could earn in the first search engine results is calculated. It can be calculated from multiple sources.
  • Rank value: these are the offers recommended by advertisers.
  • Number of words.

Even if you are new to using such a tool, in a short time you will be able to understand all its functions, as it has a very intuitive interface.

Normally when you search, you use the main Keyword Research section, where you check the data.

But you have the possibility to choose, also other 3 areas:


  1. SERP analysis. (Search Engine Results Page)
  2. Backlink Analysis: See how many backlinks a competing site has.
  3. Rank Tracker: You have your keywords in SERP under control. In fact, they are constantly checked by the platform on search engines.

You can also check the level of authority of the domains of the sites, through these 2 factors:

  1. Trust flow = TF
  2. Competition flow = CF


Finally, as far as domains are concerned, you can see how many sites refer to them.

A feature that I really like is to check the ranking of the website on Google, based on the chosen keyword = Rank Checker

Just go to this section and enter the domain, keyword, and country you are interested in, then the one in which you want to sell your services or products.



  • You can try Long Tail Pro for free.
  • Thanks to the guides and videos you shouldn’t have any problems understanding the platform.
  • You save time searching because at the top you already find the words with the lowest competition.
  • It is considered an excellent service by most of the users.
  • It can generate a lot of long-tail keywords in no time.
  • You have a better chance of increasing your blog traffic
  • Ability to check the position of your site, in the ranking of search engine results.



  • As I told you at the beginning, the prices are not cheap.




Long Tail Pro is a little expensive compared to the competition, but users still seem very satisfied.

If you are interested I recommend that you pay annually, so you save 30%.

In any case, take advantage of the free trial week, so you can decide if the platform meets your needs.

60-day money-back guarantee.

Long Tail Pro can be installed on up to 3 computers. (Also works on a Mac)




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Is it worth buying?

To be successful with a blog or website, it is essential to use a good keyword research tool and what we saw today has all the credentials to be!

Perhaps someone who is not yet familiar with the service and has seen the somewhat high prices asks:

Is Long Tail Pro a Scam?

No, it is legitimate, as it has allowed many sites to rank well on Google.

If you are new to Online Business and want to be successful, do not hesitate to choose this opportunity, as you have everything you need to get great results.

Alternatively, I recommend Jaaxy, which is a similar tool and allows you many functions.

The main advantage is the price. It costs a little less than Long Tail Pro.

In case, you have tried any of these 2 tools, give me your opinion.

Do you prefer another…?

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