Learn Affiliate Marketing (2021): 8-Step Beginner’s Guide

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Today I’m going to show you the 8-step beginner’s guide for learning affiliate marketing in 2021.

This business model is one of the most profitable alternatives online and requires no special skills to get started. (Clearly then with experience you will become smarter, as in all jobs)

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission by promoting products from other companies.

When you become an affiliate, you find yourself in the shoes of a reseller who earns a commission for every product you have managed to sell.

The mechanism is quite simple, but the results do not come immediately, but on the other hand, you have no earning limits.

The beauty of affiliations is that in the end, everyone wins:

  • You because you earn a commission.
  • The company because it made a sale or received a new contact.
  • Finally, the user is satisfied because he found what he was looking for.

Affiliate Marketing in simple terms


It is an online business model.

It consists of promoting a product or service on the Internet and then receiving compensation when a goal is achieved.

The merchant or advertiser will define that goal, which is usually a sale.

In practice, a company could pay the affiliate a 40% commission for every sale it manages to generate.

There are other types of affiliate programs, for example, the so-called “pay per lead” which pays the affiliate just to persuade a visitor to take free activities such as registration.


What does the affiliate do?


I’ll give you a practical example, in your blog you talk about sports watches and decide to monetize.

At this point, look for a site that specializes in selling watches or sites like Amazon and make sure they offer an affiliate program.

For example, on Amazon, you can become an affiliate in no time.

Registration takes a few minutes, then you are free to promote the products of this company and in return, you receive a commission, which varies according to the category of the articles.

I want to clarify that with some programs you immediately become their affiliate and others instead make you wait a few days to check if your site or your Social page is inherent to the product you want to advertise.


The basics of affiliate marketing

Let’s get down to business! If you do this type of business with social media, you have fewer rules to follow, but you also have reduced earning potential.

With a blog, a landing page, or a YouTube channel, on the other hand, you can create lots of content, with which to entertain your users, who will better understand what kind of person you are and if what you do can help them.

So, over time, they will trust you more and more if you can solve their problems without making yourself perceive as someone who just wants to sell.

Many of them will come back to read your articles, to watch your videos if they are interesting and maybe they will buy more than once.


Affiliate Marketing in 8 Steps for Beginners

In these 8 steps we will find out how a beginner can make money with this business model:

  1. Choose the traffic source on which you want to promote the product/service.
  2. Find a niche you like
  3. Types of affiliate programs
  4. Put yourself in the shoes of the user who visits your content
  5. Some strategies for gaining traffic
  6. How to create affiliate links on Amazon.
  7. Use affiliate links wisely and abide by FTC rules
  8. Check from time to time for broken affiliate links.


1. Choose the traffic source on which you want to promote the product/service


You can promote products or services in various ways:


Website: you have to create content in which you write a topic that interests you, that you like.

You can create a website focused on a single product (or multiple products) belonging to a single niche (or more) and send traffic to the site where you created your promotions.

Once this is done you can insert the affiliate links you want within your pages.

When a user clicks on one of them, they will be redirected to the merchant’s site and if they complete the purchase you will receive a portion of the profit.

To understand how this is done in practice, I recommend that you read the Wealthy Affiliate review where you can start creating your blog completely free, tools included.

Also, you should read another article to understand where to post affiliate links.

Finally, you’d better take a look at how a review is created as well.


A social page: it would be better to have a site, but if you don’t have one you can try to do affiliate marketing by creating a page on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter…


One or more landing pages to send traffic to which will then take the user to the offer page.

So a landing page is nothing more than a web page focused on the sale of a good / service, where an automated e-mail system is usually connected to promote the product or service.


YouTube Channel: The main purpose of the video is to get people out of YouTube and take them to your promotions via affiliate links. To learn more about how to make money with this business model visit the page …


2. Find a niche market you like

It is very important to choose a product or service belonging to a market niche that you like.

This will make you more motivated and it will be easier for you to promote the products or services you have chosen.

Over time, as you become more expert, you can explore other niches and promote other offers.

Keep in mind that you should analyze the competition, especially if you use a blog as a marketing tool

As you find explained in this post you have to consider several factors to find good niche products to promote online.

It is very important to choose your niche because if you make a mistake you are doomed to failure and you will only waste time and money.

For this I have chosen this video tutorial on the web that explains the topic well:

Once you have chosen “a slice of the market”, try to check if there are even small websites of the relative niche in the top positions on Google.

If not, it is much more difficult to compete with sites with a high degree of authority. (For example, booking.com, Amazon, etc.)

Instead, if you find an alternative niche, you’ll have less difficulty ranking.

As a last tip, check the seasonality of a niche, that is, make sure that the products that are part of it are sought after on the market throughout the year.

Also Read: How To Find A Profitable Niche In Affiliate Marketing (Neil Patel)


3. Types of Affiliate Programs

3-ways-to make-money-with-affiliations

Affiliate programs allow you to earn commissions by mentioning products or services on your landing pages, website, social media, etc.

Here’s how a transaction in an affiliate program works:

  • The customer buys a product
  • The affiliate is the one who leads the customer to purchase the product through a traffic source.
  • And finally, there is the merchant, who is the one who will sell the product promoted by the affiliate, who will receive a share in cash.


Three main types of payment agreements for affiliate programs

It is a very common fact for a beginner to choose the Amazon affiliate program because it is really easy to join and you have a lot of choices on the products to promote.


a) This type of program is called Pay-per-sale where the affiliate receives a payment (in percentage or fixed) every time a customer purchases through their affiliate link.

Other similar programs are Click Bank and Digistore 24 where you get higher commissions and find many digital products to promote.


If you don’t know what digital products are, I’ll tell you right away: they can be guides, video courses, recipes, diets….

The positive side of the customer is that they are all downloadable services in a few clicks and there are no shipping costs.


b) In other programs, however, a platform pays the affiliate based on the number of visitors who click on the link to access the merchant’s site, regardless of whether they purchase or not. (Pay per click)


The operation is very simple.

I’ll give you an example: you will need to sign up for one of the most popular PPC platforms like Google AdWords where users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their ads.

If your PPC campaign is well designed, the earnings will come easily.

(For example, you pay $ 5 for a click and it turns into a $ 50 sale.)


c) As a last resort, some programs pay their affiliates based on the number of visitors who register as a lead, i.e. by entering information such as name, email, and phone number. (Pay per lead)


For example, you can subscribe to these 5:

  1. Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program
  2. Kasamba Affiliate Program
  3. Watch Gang Affiliate Program
  4. Frontpoint Home Security
  5. Petplan Pet Insurance Affiliate Program


4. Identify yourself with the user who visits your content


From a technical point of view, it is not difficult to create an article and add images and videos to it.

To make sure you have compelling content that grabs the user’s attention follows these steps:


a) Create quality content, in which you make yourself perceived as an expert by writing articles that cover a topic as completely as possible. This will increase the click-through rates of your affiliate links.


b) You have to solve a problem because people are looking for information to solve their needs, doubts, needs.

Those who read your content should feel satisfied because they found the information they were looking for.


c) The title must be captivating and convey curiosity because it is the first thing that catches the reader’s attention and will make the reader decide whether to read your content or watch your video.


d) Describe or tell a topic using simple words. Users looking for information, solutions to their problems do not like too sophisticated words.

You will see that if you observe these 4 points you will be able to create valuable content!


5. Some strategies for gaining traffic


We have already seen that there are strategies for obtaining paid traffic (PPC) through the use of programs such as Google Ads.

But most of the time, it’s not that easy for a beginner to get good results, which is to have a return on ad spend using the affiliations.

I tell you this because very often the earnings generated by the commissions on the sale do not cover the promotion expenses.

(If you spend $ 50 on advertising to get $ 40 in commissions, it wouldn’t make sense!)

Many believe that doing business online is like advertising for a fee.

But it is possible to create passive income with affiliate marketing from organic traffic without knowing anything about advertising.

All you need to do:


How to take advantage of SEO in affiliate marketing


You need to find keywords that have the following characteristics:

  • Good search volume of at least 3,000 monthly searches.
  • Not very competitive, to understand this you have to use a keyword tool. That way you know if you can beat the best well-ranked sites on Google.
  • Does it easily “hook” to a product or service you want to promote as an affiliate?
  • Pretty important payment, at least $ 15-30 per sale. If the search volume is high you can afford lower commissions.


How to take advantage of affiliations thanks to email marketing


In addition to monetizing traffic through affiliations, many bloggers harness the potential of email marketing to maintain direct contact with their readers. (1*)

The main goal of this monetization strategy is to establish a relationship with a blog visitor, to get their attention.

Once this is achieved, you can offer them potentially targeted offers and products from time to time.

In this way, the work you have previously done with SEO, or the organic visits you receive on Google, will serve, in addition to selling affiliate products, to collect subscribers to your mailing list.

The operation is quite simple.

When a visitor to your site reads an article or watches a video, a box appears where, for example, he is asked if he wants to subscribe to the newsletter.

If he accepts, he will fill in the name and email fields, so even if he doesn’t buy a product or service through your content right away, he may do so in the future.

Once you get his email you can send him your promotions through other content.

To learn more about the concept of email marketing and the most suitable tools for all this, I suggest you read the reference article.




6. How to create affiliate links on Amazon


You get them from the same platform where you register as an affiliate.

In general, they are always clearly visible; once identified, you just have to copy and paste them wherever you want.

Now I want to take the Amazon platform as an example because, in my opinion, it is one of the basic programs to start doing Affiliate Marketing.

Also, I want you to understand the various ways you can get an affiliate link.

First, you need to sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program to become a member.

Once this is done you will be asked whether to activate “SiteStripe” and I recommend that you do so because it is the easiest and fastest way to get all kinds of affiliate links.

“SiteStripe” is nothing more than a toolbar that appears at the top every time you visit the pages of the Amazon store.



I’ll give you an example:

Do you want to promote natural orange-flavored supplements?

  1. Then, type normally (as if you were a customer) in the search section of Amazon: “orange-flavored supplements”.
  2. Now that the results appear, choose which of these products you want to promote and when you’ve found it …
  3. … As I told you, take a look at the top of the page and you will see the “SiteStripe” toolbar “
  4. Well, you just have to choose whether to promote the supplement with a text link, with an image, an image + text and you can also share your affiliate link on Social.

After you previously signed up for the Amazon affiliate program, the links you will receive will already automatically contain your identification ID.

Whenever someone buys from your blog, social media, YouTube, etc., you will be immediately awarded a commission which will be paid to you based on Amazon’s payment history.


Now I will explain all of these types of affiliate links in more detail.


Three types of links

a) Click “Text” via SiteStripe and your Tracking ID is automatically integrated into the link you insert in the text of your content.


You can choose to use the full (very long) partner link or a short link.

I usually use the latter.


b) As a second possibility you can create an image link by simply clicking on “Image”


You have the option to choose the size you want to use for your site.

Here, too, your Tracking ID is automatically integrated.


c) Finally, as a last resort, you can create a text + image link. (There is always the appropriate section to click on)


A link will be generated that contains the HTML code for a link box.

It will display the product name, the corresponding image, the current price, the word Amazon logo, and a “Buy” button.

As with other types of links, your Tracking ID will be present every time you generate an affiliate link.


d) Share the affiliate links that you have previously created on Facebook or Twitter. You also have the option to enter custom text for the post.


7. Use affiliate links wisely and abide by FTC rules


Whether you decide to create content in the form of videos or via blog posts, it should not be perceived by a reader as spam advertising.

So it is necessary to insert affiliate links in your content in a completely natural and not forced way.

There are no real rules on how many affiliate links to put.

I can only tell you that for example in a post of 1000 words you can enter only 2 at a distance of about 500 words from each other.

Otherwise, if you exaggerate, you would annoy users and not only, because even search engines could penalize sites with too many affiliate links.

But of course, some sites don’t meet these guidelines and are still at the top of Google’s rankings.

Also, keep in mind that this type of link must be marked as such.

This means that a user who purchases a product or service through your content containing this affiliate link must know this in advance.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) punishes bloggers or companies that offer them compensation for misrepresentation or failure to disclose for receiving compensation, gifts, and other conflicts of interest. (2*)

So when you write a review (or make a video) make sure to mention that if a user buys from your links, you could get a commission.

Being completely honest with your readers about the compensation you receive doesn’t have to create mental blocks, such as:

“If I say this is an affiliate link, people won’t trust me and they won’t buy from my site or YouTube channel!”

This need not worry you, because if you regularly convey value to your readers, they should have no problem if you occasionally write reviews or articles with affiliate links.

Now, to clear up any doubts, take a look at how affiliate links are spread.

Remember that it doesn’t matter how you do it, but the key is to spread by conveying trust.


8. Check for broken affiliate links from time to time


In affiliate marketing, one of the most important aspects is to check affiliate links, because it often happens that for various reasons they no longer work.

An affiliate marketer should always make sure their links are working flawlessly.

A broken link can be a real problem not only for a user but search engines also don’t like these “inconveniences”.

For example, a merchant one day decides to terminate affiliation with many publishers, including you.

Therefore, from that point on, your affiliate links will no longer work.


Don’t worry, it’s not that bad!


  1. Just replace the affiliate links with links that still point to that merchant’s products.
  2. Or you can delete the affiliate link and create a new one (non-affiliate) that takes the user to the home page of the site, where they can search for the product.

By doing so, the user experience will remain unchanged and you will not suffer penalties of any kind. (Although, in this case, you no longer receive the commission.)

You can check via the Broken Link Checker plugin (for WordPress sites) if your posts, pages, and comments contain broken links or non-existent images.




To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to solve people’s problems

That’s how it works …

For example, if you open a blog or a YouTube channel to earn with affiliations, you have to think, first of all, that on the other side there are people looking for information, solutions to solve problems. ..

Don’t make the mistake that many people make, which is to write articles for Google and not for readers; otherwise, you will never get traffic (people) from it.

In short, to be successful you don’t have to focus exclusively on inserting keywords to be indexed by search engines.

That way, you’ll never focus on answering the questions posed by the person who landed on your content.


Do you need help?

I know, if you are at the beginning of this journey you will have many questions, but this is understandable.

Even when I started my head was full of doubts and I had to do a lot of research on the web to clarify my ideas.

The internet is chock full of information, but the hard part is reordering it according to your goals.

After making many mistakes, one day I finally found the solution to my doubts:

  1. Which website to choose from?
  2. Maybe I should just create a social page?
  3. Do I need to purchase a video course?
  4. Which affiliate programs to use?

After reading an article on the Internet, I found a platform that contained all the answers to my questions: Wealthy Affiliate.

Based on my experience, I still haven’t found anyone who allows you to open an online business for $ 0.00 including free training to get started.

I started from here too, and it’s one of the few sites where you learn how to make money with affiliations. You also have 2 advantages:

  • You have no restrictions of any kind, you can use the platform for free for as long as you want.
  • You can earn by joining the Wealthy Affiliate program, which pays with lifetime commissions, or any other program you want.

Read my story if you want to follow my same path.


Some useful tips

Whatever your choice of affiliate programs and traffic sources, you need to try to create original content.

Why am I saying this?

I see, for example, many blogs that have subscribed to these programs that do nothing more than creating reviews by copying the descriptions of the original products.

If you want to be successful with this method of earning you have to work hard and not copy others, or if you are short of ideas do some research.

Study your niche and its products to fully understand its details, features, advantages, and disadvantages.

After that, all you have to do is write reviews, recommendations, or articles in your own words.

Also, always ask questions at the end of a piece of content to engage your audience in comments.

This will help you rank better on Google.

You can advertise your affiliate products using blog posts, YouTube, Social media, and email.

At first, I recommend that you specialize in only one traffic source.


Affiliate Marketing Earnings

Well, the money you can get from this business depends a lot on the effort you put into it.

Some people make a few hundred dollars a month, but some make thousands or millions of dollars every month.

Affiliate marketing is a time-consuming business, don’t expect to make a lot of money overnight.

It may take months or years, but if you’re consistent you can get great results.

At first, especially with Amazon affiliations, you could be earning a few tens of dollars a month. (However, you can sign up for multiple affiliate programs.)

But then they will turn into hundreds and thousands of $$ if your commitment is constant!

The secret is to never give up and keep posting content.

I too had to wait months to see the first results.

Do you already have an idea of ​​which product to promote?

Which affiliate program would you like to join?

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