Namecheap vs Google Domains: all the differences…

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Namecheap vs Google Domains: which is the best choice?

The first does a double service, that is, it allows you to register a domain and offers you the possibility to host your website.

Instead, Google Domains only allows you to register the domain.

So the choice between the 2 will be conditioned by your needs.

I advise you to get comfortable and read this article carefully to avoid any nasty surprises.

I want to clarify that there are other specialized platforms where you can register your site name such as and GoDaddy.

Once you have purchased your domain, the name you have assigned to it is unique and cannot be replicated.

Therefore, you will never find another website with a domain the same as yours.

The initial part may be identical, but the final extension changes.

For example, there may be:




The service to register your site name (domain) is excellent!


Get your Domain:




Namecheap is a very well-known company and manages millions of domains across the planet.

On the other hand, if you are also interested in hosting, you can do both with the same platform.

With the basic plan, you get 20 GB of space and can host up to three websites.

With Google Domains you can only buy the domain.





In the first case, as the name suggests, it is cheaper.

The big G has a slightly higher price.


Google Domains

A-great-platform-for-domain-registrationAs this is a Google service, you will certainly not be disappointed, because it is undoubtedly one of the best in registering domains on any website.

Many do not consider this platform due to the lack of hosting as an additional option.

Alternatively, it allows you to customize your email address very easily.

A downside to Google Domains is that you can find cheaper alternatives.


Namecheap: hosting in general

Namecheap was born for domain registration and this service has been around for several years and is flawless.

But as far as hosting is concerned, it’s not 100% perfect, because some people have been dissatisfied.

Next, I’ll give you more information and access to real testimonials.

In my opinion, for those who want the best, that is to have a professional site without even spending too much, there are other solutions.

Google Domains instead deals only with the registration and management of domains.

It is very simple to use because you can find all the information you need.

You can also link the domain to your Gmail account.

Did I’ mention that Namecheap can’t beat Siteground when it comes to hosting service?

The latter always remains the best around.

Siteground’s technology is excellent; therefore it guarantees you a high-performance secure site.

Plus, it offers you a free domain for the first year.

In case, you don’t know, this is the most popular hosting in terms of quality and is used the most by people who want to get more visitors to their website.

(GoDaddy and are also not at the level of Siteground, although they are 2 great platforms for buying domains, they have some problems with hosting.




>> Visit the page dedicated to Siteground <<


No cost for everything I’ve written here in the title. Don’t worry because it’s not fake news!

There is no automatic renewal and if you want to use the free service you can do it forever.

It is the simplest, cheapest, and most efficient way to put all 3 elements together.

It’s a platform with nearly 2,000,000 members that has been around since 2005 and has offered everyone (including you, if you agree) WordPress as a content management platform.

I don’t want to waste any more of your time. If you want to know more, watch the video:

>> Inside you will also find free guides where you can get everything immediately. <<


Namecheap’s most popular hosting: EasyWp managed WordPress hosting


Here you are provided, via a plugin, with a very popular managed WordPress hosting for 2 reasons:

  1. It is cheap
  2. Intuitive

As the name suggests, ease of use is the main feature of the service

The plans offered by easyWP are 3:

  1. EasyWP Starter (10 GB of storage; 50,000 visits per month)
  2. EasyWp Turbo (50 GB; 200,000 visitors.)
  3. EasyWP Supersonic (100 GB; 500,000 visitors.)

Pay attention to the renewal prices because the first month you pay very little, ($ 1 – $ 2 – $ 3) but then the following month they increase:

  1. You will pay approximately $ 2.88 more for the first plan (Starter)
  2. About $ 5.88 more (Turbo)
  3. Add $ 8.88 (Supersonic)



I remind you that these are the respective three payment plans that will start in the 2nd month onwards.

In the first month, you pay so little because it is a promotion to attract new customers.



  • WordPress will be installed in no time


  • Backup available


  • Caching of pages and other items.



  • Guaranteed site uptime is 100%, but you don’t have to trust it as it’s only 99%. An alternative that I will show you at the bottom of the page, (Siteground) has an uptime of 99.99%. (They look like crumbs, but they’re not)


  • Another downside is that EasyWp is a plugin that is installed automatically and thus prevents you from using many others.


  • With this type of service, you can host only one website, otherwise, you will have to pay for every addition you make. (3 sites = 3 subscriptions)


>> Namecheap EasyWp managed WordPress hosting <<




  • Automatic renewal of domain payment even after unchecking the relevant box.


  • The same thing happened with EasyWP. While customers were completely right, as they unchecked automatic renewal, Namecheap still didn’t refund them. But that’s not all … Some of these users said they would go through legal channels; after a few days they found themselves unable to access the Namecheap account and the domain was locked with no possibility to move it elsewhere. The customer complained that he never saw the refund money and there was absolute silence from the company.


  • Account Login Problems: some users have been having trouble logging into Namecheap for some time. They had to make tickets, send documents, and in the meantime, they couldn’t turn off automatic payments, which continued their normal cycle. (It would appear that renewal is only deactivated once you log into the platform.)







Prices compared

With Google Domains, for example, you buy a domain with the most popular extension (.com) for $ 12 per year.

The renewal price will remain unchanged, so here you will find maximum seriousness and transparency.

You won’t have unpleasant surprises like so many competitors.

When it comes to buying domains with Namecheap, you always pay something less than Google Domains.

If we take the same example above, you ultimately save $ 1 and a few cents a year. Well, better than nothing, right?


Pros Namecheap



  • Savings


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: This clause seems to work well and I haven’t seen any pa⁸rticular complaints about it.


  • You can buy hosting directly


  • The price of the domain includes privacy.


  • 2-factor authentication.


  • You have more choices for domain extensions.


  • You also have the option to sell your domains.


  • Free domain migration – the platform itself will do it all. This operation is really easy.


  • If you buy the full package (with the hosting service) you already have the SSL certificate. This is a feature that almost always all hosting providers offer.


Cons Namecheap

  • The first negative factor is uptime. The top must be 99.99% or 100%. The lower these numbers, the greater the hours of service downtime over a year. It may seem like a small thing, but it is not so for those who sell online, indeed you risk losing money and positioning if your site does not go well, especially in the crucial moments of a customer’s purchase of a product.


  • Customer service has had some complaints over the past few years, some even found themselves “overnight” without one or more domains. Visit the (This is just a testimony. For example on or similar forums, you will find many more…) However, apart from this, it is always active, including holidays (Live chat, ticket)


  • WordPress hosting plans within Namecheap do not include updates. This is a big negative point because you will have to do them yourself. To have a safe and performing site it is always recommended to make updates immediately after they have been made available. If you are creating your website for the first time I would not recommend Namecheap as a hosting service, just for this factor! It would cause you serious problems.


How to pay for the services offered by Namecheap and Google Domains



  • The payments accepted in Namecheap are credit card, American Express, PayPal (you must first deposit $ 5 to your account), or Bitcoin. (Here the deposit is $ 1) Don’t worry, they are not costs or commissions, but it is only one practice that does the platform because these deposits will be used to pay for the domain. So you don’t lose anything. Satisfied or your money back (30 days)





Pros of Google Domains



  • Simple and intuitive control panel. This feature is found in most of the services offered by Google. Plus, you don’t even have the bother of verifying or creating an account to use other services, like Google Search Console, because you can use the one you usually use with Google. (The verification will also be done automatically.) I must say that the interface is very clean, in the sense that there are no bulky advertisements that invade the screen like many other similar companies.


  • There is 2-factor authentication.


  • It can be integrated very easily with WordPress.


  • Domain migration to Google Domains is free and extremely simple. In a few minutes, you will make the switch. This service is free.


  • Privacy protection: when you buy a domain, you need to enter some personal data, which will then be automatically made available in a register called Whois. If we left everything like this it would be tantamount to being bombarded with advertisements and so on. Instead, Google Domains allows you the protection of privacy already included in the price. This also applies to the transfer of other domains to this platform. So your data remains private and safe.


  • Allows your domain to have 100 subdomains


  • Synchronization with Gsuite: being a Google platform, it is very easy to make this connection. After that, you can create your own personalized and professional email address, ideal for both corporate and individual website owners. You can create up to 100 different aliases to use with Gmail or any other account you already have. (Yahoo, Outlook…) Now I want to talk to you about Gsuite: it is a platform that contains services such as Gmail, Documents, Google Drive, and more … It allows you to make video conferences, create shared calendars, etc.


  • Google Domains as I have already told you does not allow you to purchase any hosting directly within it. However, please note that it has partnerships with external hosting companies. Through these, you can build your site and make it available online. In the drop-down menu there are all these website builders: WordPress, is undoubtedly the most used CSM in the world. But if you want to create e-commerce, rest assured because Shopify is not missing! The other alternatives will be Squarespace, Weebly which will allow you to easily create your first site. You also find Wix which is very popular for its ease of use, but beware as it appears to be slow to load pages.


In case, you want to open e-commerce, Shopify is the best solution.

For everything else, I recommend WordPress because you fully own your webspace.

Instead, as far as Wix, Weebly, and other similar websites are concerned, you can’t customize them however you like and you won’t get the best performance either.





  • Google DNS: used to connect the domain to the web server, which has the task of sending all the components to allow the pages of the various websites to be displayed in search engines. A performing site must have a server that is always active.




  • You have to purchase hosting and SSL certificate elsewhere.


  • Support: It’s not 24/7, but they have weekly office hours. However, the platform has been designed so well that you will hardly need to call someone on the phone for help. (Surely this was Google’s intent)


Alternative to Namecheap: Siteground


I state that Namecheap offers more storage space and the same shared hosting packages as Siteground.

But as we already know, Namecheap’s real strength is savings.

So why does everyone say that Siteground is better?

The reasons why this hosting service outperforms most of the competition are:

It’s even easier to use than Namecheap, thanks to a control panel that even a child understands how it works.

Your WordPress site updates are automatic.

SiteGround was simply born to be WordPress’s best friend. These 2 elements when combined form a single thing. In short, you will have a very performing site and it will always be active 24/24.

With NameCheap, I have read some cases where site owners have experienced quite a significant downtime over a year.

Furthermore, with Siteground you get:


  • FREE DOMAIN (for the first 12 months)


  • 53% discount


  • You have no limits in creating email accounts.


  • Daily backup (Namecheap 2 times every 15 days)


  • You can migrate the site.


  • 30 days to request a refund


[maxbutton id=”40″ ]



The uptime of Namecheap?


99.9%: looks perfect to look at, but perfect is only 100% or 99.99% as is the case with Siteground.

This period is called uptime and the higher it is, the more your site stays active and present online.

So if you understand me, it equates to zero problems with sales and purchases in general.

If you have 1000 visitors on the site and at that particular time, 50 of them are buying services or products for $ 50, you have lost $ 2500.

This is because if a user visits a site that doesn’t load the page they’re looking for, they might think:

  • He has failed
  • He was banned
  • Various problems….

Therefore, it is better to spend a handful of dollars more than to risk certain situations.


Support for Siteground and Namecheap

Both provide support at any time of the day or night throughout the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

The best is always Siteground because it has more resources and through the live chat service you get faster answers

Siteground uses the same technology as Google on all hosting plans: Google Cloud. So I’ve already said it all: speed and high security.

On the other hand, Namecheap also uses Google Cloud, but this only applies to some hosting plans.


Final reflections

Google Domains is excellent for buying domains, nothing to be said against it.

Namecheap offers more competitive prices.

But if you want my opinion, use these companies only for the purchase of domains, because in the end they were born for this purpose.

Low-cost hosting services attract a lot, especially newbies, but in this type of service, you have to aim for quality.

Quality never equates to cheap!

Hosting must be perfect if you want to get results …

It’s not like buying jeans at the market instead of Levi’s.

If the website does not meet the Google factors, you are only online, but you will hardly be positioned at the top of the search engines.

Google Domains is a simple and clean service, but unfortunately, it doesn’t host you.

So, in your opinion, is it worth it for those starting from 0 to buy a domain on one side and hosting on the other?

Of course, it doesn’t make sense.

Now most companies let you register the site name for free for one year when you buy hosting.

So based on the information on this page, it’s up to you to decide who is the winner of today’s challenge: “Namecheap vs Google Domains

Have you already purchased domains?

Do you prefer other companies for this type of purchase, such as Go Daddy or

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