Network Marketing ideas

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What we will deal with today is often the subject of discussion.

Despite this, there are many Network Marketing ideas on the web.

We’ll look at ways to expand this business model shortly so that you understand which strategy may actually be right for you.

We will also talk about the fact that many people associate this method of making money, with a scam or something that doesn’t work to generate an income online.

On the other hand, many companies have had and still are successful with this method.

Don’t worry, if you have 3 minutes of patience you will find more information in detail.


Network Marketing Summary


It is a method of earning, also called Multi-level Marketing (MLM) through the sale of a product/service, where a group of people is also created, who will do the same and in turn, will try to bring in others.

Everything is based on a distribution network, also called the pyramid system.

In many cases, to start this business, you will first need to purchase the starter kit from the company, with the necessary documentation.

This way, you have the opportunity to try the service or product yourself, and if it fully satisfies you, your ability to sell it to your customers will greatly increase.

So, the more people you can bring into your network, the higher your earnings will be.

Plus, you also get compensation from the people who recruited your customers. The concept is a chain gain.

If you don’t have a large initial budget, you can start selling beauty or health products. This is just an example to give you an idea, in fact, the initial outlay here is minimal and this is a profitable niche where people buy.



Specialize in sales and recruiting!


Before you get great results with Multi-level Marketing , I recommend that you get good at these fields:

Sales: As you can imagine, you need to develop good sales skills; you can do this through targeted courses, otherwise, if you are inexperienced in the sector, it is almost impossible to make a sale.

In fact, if you want to build and plan a strategy to win the trust of a future customer and therefore establish a relationship with him, knowing how to sell is very important.

You have to be very skilled in choosing new people in your business. This is crucial because you need to understand if they have the right skills, determination, and ability.

Another important aspect is to be honest, in what you sponsor and in the related earnings.



Where can I find new customers?


I remember, when I was offered this type of business a few years ago, the person who wanted to hire me told me to start building my network of clients, from family or friends, and then it will expand.

This is something I didn’t really like in network marketing and is usually still considered by many to be a starting point.

Personally, the idea of going to tell an uncle or a cousin to buy a certain product has bothered me a bit, because they already have problems with work, with money and moreover we live far away and we don’t see each other often.

Obviously, this is not the case for everyone.

In fact, it could be a great start to develop your first network of customers who in turn recruit others.

You can also start immediately from Social or through other web channels.

As you guessed, the process is simple and if you offer good service, you will be more advantaged and will also maintain lasting relationships with your customers. This means more sales!


The choice of the product is fundamental


Whether it’s a service or a physical product, make sure you choose the one that best suits your tastes, interests, and passions.

I don’t recommend starting to advertise a product simply because it has a high selling price.

I admit that on the one hand, it is certainly much more profitable, but then if it does not inspire you and does not involve you, you risk not being convincing with your potential customers.


Use online tools

For example, if you have a blog, you can start here, creating content that matches what you are advertising.

Once this is done, always remember to share it on Social, in order to further expand your network.

Creating videos is another way to engage more people.



Saying what the best multilevel marketing idea is not that simple because you have to try, fail, and try again.

If you are inexperienced, you will mot immediately succeed and a company may be better for you and worse for someone else.

Let’s now turn to the side of criticism of MLM, as many say that the products that are advertised are of poor quality.

These skeptics are convinced that this is just a way to try to sell you their product, making you believe that they are giving you the chance of your life to make money online.


3 ways to find new clients/collaborators off-line Word-of-mouth

  1. In the beginning, we tend to seek out new potential customers in the closest circle of people around us.
  2. Once this resource is exhausted, you have to use the so-called word of mouth strategy. For example, the company you are associated with in Network Marketing sells protein powder, you can make this product known simply by talking to whoever comes to the gym with you or with other acquaintances who like bodybuilding.
  3. Create flyers and distribute them.

Then, based on your imagination and recruiting skills, you can implement other strategies to find other potential customers,


You have to be consistent in network marketing

To be successful in this type of business you need to have a lot of determination, so believe in what you do.

Keep in mind that you will have to spend many hours a day, (at least in the beginning) otherwise, it is difficult to achieve great results.

Whatever your Network Marketing ideas, I recommend that you take advantage of the one that is most in your interests, hobbies, etc. And, just as importantly, make sure it works.

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