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Don’t worry if you still don’t know where to post affiliate links for free, because I’ll list all the ways to do it shortly.

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn passively, without having to create or purchase products.

You can sell any item up to a video course.

These are not yours, but other people or companies.

Oh yes, the advantage is just that, you just have to deal with the product or service promotion strategy, without thinking about warehouse logistics, customer complaints, and refunds, etc …

The commissions you receive once the sale is complete can range from around $ 1 to 1000 and more …

Some wonder how large companies like Amazon can recognize whether the affiliate link is yours or not given numerous people using the platform as both customers and sellers.

The answer is very simple and applies to any company you rely on to do affiliate marketing: there is an identification code for each link they will release you.

Every single sale you make with this system through Amazon or other online stores of your choice will be immediately notified at their headquarters.

Payment methods and times vary from site to site.

Affiliate programs are a free business model and you can find hundreds of them on the web.

If, you want to know which is my favorite you have to read my review. <<

It allowed me to train to start completely from 0 and to earn the first commissions. (Even now!)


Sign up for affiliate programs that you can find very easily on Google and start your promotion.


Do you want to promote more programs with this business model?

Search the search engine bar to see, if the one you intend to promote as an affiliate is available.

Based on your niche, Google will show you different options.

Once you have found what to advertise, you will have access to the “become affiliate” area of the platform.

At this point, you just have to fill in an application form where you can enter the data necessary to register for the program and to receive payment of your commissions.

The next step will be to locate your link and copy it to promote it wherever you want.

This will happen after the company accepts your application. The times are not all the same and neither are the approved methods. (On average 24 hours is more than enough to get confirmation)


Free sites to promote your affiliate products


You can publish your affiliate links even without having a site, even if it’s not the best choice.

However, you can do this in various ways:

  • Via a blog (not yours): choose one belonging to your niche and when you are inside a page go to the comments section and enter a short description of your product with your affiliate link. There are no guarantees of success. You must be especially careful as some sites may perceive your messages as spam and block your comment. So I advise you to read the post well, in which you are promoting your link, and to write something meaningful and relevant.
  • Forum: Here, too, your choice should be based on your niche. To have good results, you must first actively participate in the forums, and only after a few days can you allow yourself to recommend your products through the relative affiliate links. Check out these 3 tips for effective link promotion on niche forums.

Another very important advice is to be able to give value to these descriptions; if you can convey this, you will probably be able to intrigue a prospect who will click your link as a result.

All this costs you nothing and is completely free, I advise you not to overdo it with this strategy, because you may be frowned upon.

Imagine if on your site you saw over and over the same person who keeps publishing his products using your traffic….

If you, already have a blog you can put your website address in place of the affiliate link, this is a good strategy to get more traffic. (and it’s cleaner, less spammy)


Use landing pages


Create a Lead Generation to acquire new users potentially interested in your offers.

Once you’ve created these contact lists, you can create custom landing pages for each type of prospect.

For example, if there are people interested in diets on your list, prepare a landing page explaining how our bodies can lose weight healthily, what nutrients they need, sports, and so on.

If you have in your list, another category of users interested in certain dietary supplements, you will have to build another page specifically for them.

Once this is done you just have to write a few emails in sequence (for example one every 2 days 7 times) where you promote your offers as an affiliate.

You can use this strategy even without a website.


Create emails that add value


Don’t wait too long to create your newsletter because every day you may add potential customers emails to your lists, through which you can promote your services.

Here you get better traffic than organic and paid traffic.

For example, if Google makes updates at the algorithm tomorrow, you may lose visibility on your site.

On the other hand, with email marketing, you don’t have this problem.

Customers and potential customers will always remain yours and you will be able to insert all the affiliate links you want without fearing the penalties of the search engines.

Of course, everything must be designed consistently.

These messages are largely intended to entertain the reader, and usually, towards the end, they should find a button to access the offer.

Many novices in this field fail miserably because they are convinced that once they have acquired an email from a prospect, they can advertise whatever they want.

Do not make this big mistake yourself, but first, you understand how to win the trust of a user and then after the latter is intrigued and informed about your products, click on your affiliate link will only be a consequence!

A completely free tool you can use is MailChimp, but it’s not the best in my opinion.

If, you, want something better you can read some tips on the page I created on email marketing.


Post ads for free

Where-to post-ads-for-free

Take advantage of the free web spaces, where you can post ads related to your affiliate products along with a short description where you will highlight the best benefits.

If you, search, you will find several free advertising spaces, which could make you some extra cash.

Some of these are:

Keep in mind that each site listed above and that you will find in the future has different rules, so I advise you to carefully read the rules of each one to understand the type of ad that is accepted.

Another factor to consider is the ad serving limit.

It may happen to have numbers to respect and to be careful not to exceed them.


Take advantage of social media


Did you know that even on you can insert the affiliate link through every pin you post?

Use multiple social channels to promote your products. (Today we will see some)

Make the most of these free resources, but try not to sound too much of a spammer.

Create pins related to your product and divide them into categories.

I’ll give you a trivial example:

create a folder with the name, Home Objects containing the pins related to the various items you could promote.

Make this sound like valuable advice!


Facebook and Instagram business pages


Perhaps you are already subscribed to these 2 social networks, if you have not already done so I suggest you use them both.

The page compared to the personal profile gives you more advantages and makes you appear as a more professional figure in the promotion of your products.

All of this can be done completely free of charge.

The only thing you will have to pay is the promotion of posts and ads within the 2 platforms to reach more people, but it is not mandatory and you can share your affiliate links whenever you want and at no cost.

Of course, it has to be done consistently, otherwise, users won’t trust you.

On Instagram, you can add links only in the description in bio.

However, with a business page, once you’ve gotten over 10,000 followers, you can add them to stories as well.



  1. First create a Facebook page, where you briefly explain who you are, what you are there for, website name, etc. Keep in mind that the page is indexed by search engines and you could get more visibility at 0 costs. Other interesting features are the analytics tools you have available and paid advertising that is not available with your profile.
  2. Having done this, also create a page on Instagram. (Business account) The benefits you get are the visibility of your contact information, statistics and the ability to promote your posts and ads (both are paid) Do not reverse the steps if you are interested in linking the two accounts, because in this case, you are obliged to complete the first step first. (If, you, don’t know … Instagram is part of Facebook.)

The advantage you have in connecting these 2 social channels is the ability to advertise with Instagram as well.

Remember that you can only do this if you have a Facebook page.


How to connect the 2 social pages

Connecting them is simple:

Log in to Instagram and tap the icon at the top right, after which a menu will appear and go on the gear symbol at the bottom.

Once this is done, click on “Accounts” and then on “Linked Accounts”

Now select the Social icon you want to connect (you have several options) and follow the instructions that will be given to you. (For example, you will need to log into Facebook with your email and password if you want to connect it to Instagram)

Finally, confirm

You will see this screen:


Did you notice that there are 2 more?

If, you, want you can also link these 2 to your Instagram account, so with a single publication you can make 3 more on different social platforms.

If, you don’t know Tumblr and Twitter yet, don’t worry, because now I’ll give you a brief description.

Keep in mind that Facebook allows you to insert affiliate links in every post, but I recommend that you create a publishing strategy based not only on promoting products but also on creating links to valuable content.

The ideal would be to have your blog.


2 other social networks where you can publish your affiliate links


Twitter is considered a channel for giving news very quickly: you can write short texts accompanied by photos or videos.

Take advantage of this social network to create tweets containing your affiliate links.

The other is Tumblr. I’ve never used it as a form of entertainment or to post images of products or services.

However, the operation can be compared to that of Instagram because it is based on the visual impact: photos and short descriptions.

You can share links to affiliated services or products.

You don’t have to go overboard with using social media because they require a lot of attention and if you see that you can’t keep your attention on everyone, delete some of them. In this, I fall, try to use only the 2 you like best.

It is very easy to create a social page or social account, but keep in mind that it will take some time before you see any sales through your affiliate links.

Don’t think that the more channels you sign up for, the more you earn.

Without understanding, studying, implementing the best strategy for each of them, you will not go anywhere.

If you, still don’t know how online business works in general, you should know that your main skills will have to be: patience, perseverance, and testing.


Tik Tok


If you have never used Tik Tok, I recommend that you try it, because it allows you to put the links of the products you are promoting as an affiliate in your bio.

This social channel is very useful for creating an audience that is truly interested in you; you can create short music videos with the ability to add stickers, various effects …

You can do this and more if you want to better customize your brand through filters.

Next, I’m going to create a more in-depth post to explain how to make the most of Tik Tok in an online business.


Create your reviews


If you have already tried a product or service, write your opinion by creating your review, you should have a good website, which allows you an excellent positioning thus guaranteeing free traffic.

A good starting point is to choose the most suitable hosting to achieve all this, that is, greater visibility.

In your review try to be comprehensive, putting your strengths and weaknesses to appear as honest as possible.

Enter the cost and method of payment, refund …

Find images or videos that showcase the product or service well. (If they are not made available to you via the affiliate platform, you could make them yourself)

Make it clear to the user that you are not there to sell, rather emphasize the benefits; this means enhancing a product.

Also include links that lead to testimonials, this way you will be more convincing.

You will see that with experience you will get good results.


Create videos related to your products


You have one of the best free tools to promote anything you want:


Many people open a channel on this platform and after a year some of them get an interesting number of views.

You have the option to insert affiliate links in the video description.

I’ll give you an example of how you can do it right away.

Let’s say you affiliate a WordPress theme.

Make a video that simply explains the qualities of this service, the features, the prices, and finally your opinion.

Inside it clearly explains where users can find the link to the product.


Generally speaking, if you provide proof of purchase to your audience, they will be more enticed to purchase.

But as you can imagine, you can’t always buy everything you promote; you just have to tell the truth …

Another strategy for YouTube is to insert the affiliate link in the comments.


When you open a channel remember to enter a short text that transparently explains that the video content and the description below contain affiliate links.

See how to insert a disclaimer


Create ebooks and guides


Do you remember the importance of email marketing?

Create a guide magnet like an ebook in which you summarize the characteristics, the advantages of your products.

Learn the most important aspects, but don’t write too long texts.

Let him know without forcing that that particular product could change an aspect of his life for the better.

You can now enter your affiliate link.

Another way to publish the latter is to write guides, for example, on how to use a digital product.


The three ways to publish an affiliate link

Many platforms allow you to promote their products in three ways:

  • Text link (inserted in the textual content of a post, inherent to the context)
  • Banner (contains an image of what you are promoting, with prices and short slogans inside.)


Choose a product that sells itself


With this concept, I want to make you understand not to choose something randomly, but to make sure that that product has the following characteristics:

  • It must be of high quality: to verify this, you should see if it has been reviewed somewhere on the web. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses, but be careful not to read only the opinion of those who write those articles, but look below in the comments. If you, only find positive reviews, it means it’s OK. In case, you only find comments from people who are dissatisfied or angry about that particular product, forget it.
  • My advice is to choose high-priced products or get at least $ 100 net per sale. I often see people promoting items through the $ 10-20 Amazon Affiliate Program, but ultimately making very little money, like $ 0.80 – 1.60 apiece.

If you, respect these 2 points and also add links that refer to positive testimonials (and even negative ones if there are any), you are more likely to get sales.


Let readers know that there are affiliate links in your blog posts


If, you, have a website enter it in a section to which you will give the title of affiliate disclosure.

Especially in the United States, this is mandatory. (According to Federal Trade Commission regulation.)

But why do I have to let my audience know?

It is a matter of fairness and honesty towards them because omitting a statement, stating that you can receive money through your affiliate links, could affect their choices.

This must be visible in every post that has this type of scenario, referring to the affiliate disclosure you previously created.


Some mistakes you shouldn’t make when posting your affiliate links


If, you, have a blog, choose a specific niche, and then only the products related to it.

I tell you this because many newbies include many affiliate links on the site without a strategy, but for the simple reason that they believe that the more they add, the more they earn.

This is very wrong because people will buy from you when they recognize you as an authority in a certain industry.

If, you, post products at random, readers will notice and won’t buy from you because they feel you’re only there to sell. (Except some sporadic cases)

Avoid doing this and become a niche expert.

Get to know your audience by creating content they like.

When you know their problems, you will know exactly which product to promote as a solution.

This is true both in selling as an affiliate and in the case that you propose something created by you.


Don’t use too many strategies to share your affiliate links


If you, focus on too many strategies for promoting services or products, you just risk getting confused.

At first, you won’t be able to do multiple things at once, like create and manage a blog, newsletter, auto-replies, reply to comments, create tutorials or lead magnets, videos, etc.

I’ll give you an example of how a good, profitable business start with affiliations could be:

  • At first use just a social network, or start with a blog, and then when you become 100% expert you can implement another method. Then wait again until you get good at this too, then move on to another one, and so on.
  • The day will likely come when you get good at more fields, but you won’t have the material time to take care of everything.
  • Once this limit is reached, you can delegate some of your work. For example, find a social media manager to manage your affiliate products by creating posts on your social networks containing related links.


Find out how affiliate marketing works


I don’t recommend that you throw yourself so casually without knowing this business model.

Study the topic with free or paid resources.

There are several strategies in this regard. You can publish your links as we saw today, through the contents of a blog or website, social media, ebook, video, email …

If, you, want to get results, learn and deepen one strategy at a time for as long as necessary.

If you’re not anxious about wanting to make money fast, you could probably build a compelling passive income based on affiliate marketing within a year.



Remember to focus on one method at a time and get results before implementing others.

Finally, remember that Google doesn’t like these types of links, which usually consist of lots of numbers and letters.

If, you, have a WordPress site, use a dedicated plugin to mask them.

Well, now that you know the ways to post affiliate links for free, start making the first move, which is to choose the first place you want to promote these products or services.

This way you enter a cleaner name for that link.

Have you already used affiliate marketing as a business model?

Are you satisfied with the number of sales you have generated?


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