Savage Affiliates vs Commission Hero: Which one to choose?

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The challenge between Commission Hero and Savage Affiliates.

Although my training did not start from here, I have tried the 2 platforms and recently I am studying a dropshipping course, which I believe I will not apply this year.

My goal, for now, is to monetize with the blog, through SEO, Facebook ads, and email marketing.

For this reason, I thought these 2 courses could provide me with some more information than my main source of study Wealthy Affiliate.

To be successful or to improve your online business you must always study and stay updated.

Since each course is different from the others, we will make a comparison between the 2 platforms, to understand features and prices.





Savage Affiliates instructs you on how to create a high visibility website on Google using the SEO strategies that most beginners hate

But on the other hand, here you get free traffic that you can monetize from.

The other monetization techniques occur through the use of paid methods: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, creators of landing pages, and autoresponders.


Commission Hero training focuses on paid Facebook ads to drive traffic to land pages previously created with ClickFunnels.



What do you usually watch when buying a course? – THE PRICE!


Savage Affiliates has two subscription versions:

  • Standard ($ 197)
  • Super: Training modules added: ready-to-use funnels (with email) and a module dedicated only to ClickFunnels ($ 297)

Both consist of a one-time payment. (Pay once and that’s it!)

However, you can switch between Standard to Super easily at a later time.

To do this, you will simply have to pay the difference of about $ 100. ($ 97 might be enough)

I advise you not to give too much importance to what Franklin says about the discounted price.

According to the program’s author, the normal price of the 2 plans is $ 497 and $ 697.

But, in my opinion, it’s just a marketing strategy: they want to push you to buy as fast as possible (a very common tactic in digital marketing)

On the other hand, Commission Hero is quite expensive, so you will have to pay $ 997 to be able to buy it and you will need additional initial investment to get traffic.


You’ll also be shown an up-sell, “The Inner Circle” ($ 297), which is a group coaching program featuring some of Robby’s campaigns that Facebook audiences are also included in.

Also via live streaming, you can ask the questions you want.

Keep in mind that here you’ll need to get especially good with Facebook Ads. (However, there are many lessons about it)

Savage Affiliates start with a cheaper price.

Then it’s up to you which earning strategy: you can use the free ones like YouTube and the blog.

But in case you want to use the other strategies recommended in the training, such as autoresponders, lead generation tools, and backlink services, you will have to shell out a lot.

In Commission Hero, too, you pay for the tools you need to generate sales funnels and, of course, to advertise on social media.


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Consider that you need a landing page creator.

The best recommended in these courses is Click Funnel. ($ 99 per month)

So you have to hook an autoresponder to it.

There are several and with different prices.

Now I’ll take GetResponse as an example, as it’s a great service for automating your emails, but best of all it’s ideal for beginners.


The monthly cost to get the functions needed to have good automation is around $ 40 per month)

Paid ads on Facebook require a minimum daily cost of $ 10 to $ 20, but of course, if you have the capital to invest you can increase your stake.


Refund policies

With Savage Affiliates, you have 30 days to get your refund.

However, you must have used at least half of the training program to get the refund.

Otherwise, if you buy it without even seeing a class, you may have a hard time getting your money back.

You must also join the private Facebook group and have started at least one monetization tool: landing page, blog, or YouTube channel.

Commission Hero also has a refund policy, but it is a little tricky as you can only claim it after 1 year.

After that, you have to make the refund request within 7 days.

You may be wondering why they do it….

They do it because the creator of the program is convinced that his course works, and in this way, it is also safer than in 12 months students will find the time to apply it.

So, before you buy it, please keep in mind what I just told you.


History of the 2 founders of the programs

The founder of Savage Affiliate is called Franklin Hatchett.

He is known for his extraordinary success in affiliate marketing.

He won the Clickfunnels Two-Comma Club Award for earning a million dollars and will detect the same techniques he used to be so successful

Before becoming successful online, he worked in the construction industry.

Affiliations were his first method of earning, later he created other sources of income:

  • Ecommerce

  • YouTube (well known for sharing ways to make money online.)

  • Courses and software.

Commission Hero’s author is Robby Blanchard, considered one of the best marketing affiliates in the world.

Much of his success is due to Clickbank, where he also earned the title of the best affiliate marketer.

Before launching into digital marketing, Robby worked in his gym and managed to get his business off the ground through paid Facebook ads.




Savage Affiliates training

Savage Affiliates courses are structured in 10 modules containing approximately 200 training videos covering both free and paid traffic methods.

The videos are built in different styles, for example, you can find the classic chalkboard drawings that all the great gurus do, tutorials on shoulders….

Here are some topics you can learn:

  • Franklin’s Secrets to Success in the Affiliate Marketing Funnel.
  • Finding market niches through keyword research, link building, and various products to promote.
  • How to create and configure a website.
  • Making money with products that are about to be launched: it is a method where you can promote an upcoming product via a review and get traffic before everyone else.
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing. There are many lessons devoted to the subject.
  • Traffic strategies: organic (SEO), Facebook ads, Google ads, and YouTube videos.
  • You are taught that it only takes 5 minutes to sign up for affiliate programs like Bluehost and earn great commissions (e.g. $ 65 for each subscription you sell)
  • Step by Step ClickFunnels Academy: 50 lessons dedicated to using the tool and how to earn commissions from it.
  • Campaigns tailored for you: for those with little time available or for those who don’t want to commit too much, you will find a lot of the work already done for you.
  • More affiliate marketing videos and extra gifts.


Commission Hero training

Another course that will teach you how to make money online.

The lessons will mainly focus on affiliate marketing leveraging Clickbank’s digital products.

I also prefer to promote products from other platforms as Click Bank seems to me to be a bit outdated lately.

The good news is that their goal is to make you thousands of dollars a day. (Most gurus say this)

Furthermore, you will know some strategies and secrets that many of the best affiliate marketers use.

But the most important part is where Robby Blanchard will show you how to use Facebook to launch your campaigns, using other people’s products.

Here’s what Commission Hero contains:

  • How to choose an offer for a particular product that can be beneficial for a customer and to you in terms of income.
  • Creating landing pages via ClickFunnels to promote your products.

Those with no experience can do it easily because the program teaches you strategies, tips, tricks to make your writing easier.

Plus, Robby will show you how to make these pages engaging and grab a prospect’s attention.

  • Techniques on how to find and drive traffic to land pages.
  • Use Facebook ads for your promotions (here you have to pay and you need a budget to use a long term strategy)
  • Free and paid training webinars.


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Commission Hero is also suitable for you if you are a beginner, you just need a little entrepreneurial spirit, desire to study and put it into practice.

The same goes for Savage Affiliates; these are courses that do not require any kind of experience.

Commission Hero is a 3-step learning system.


You learn how to advertise on Facebook, create efficient landing pages, write texts and earn high commissions on every sale.

The main strategy for monetizing is through paid Facebook ads and you will have to become good at all costs.

Also, email marketing and the creation of landing pages, which you will find within the course, revolve around advertising campaigns.

You can choose what to promote as an affiliate (although you will mostly use the Click Bank platform) and no particular importance is given to a final mailing list.

Savage Affiliates covers a few different topics, where it explains everyone’s concepts very well.


As we saw earlier, the themes focus on affiliate marketing: Amazon products, Clickbank products, and promoting ClickFunnels. (A lead generation program)

Frank Hatchett will show you how to find products to promote and get affiliate links.

But that’s not all because you will also learn how to use free traffic sources, (in Commission Hero you mainly use paid ads) how to write reviews on your blog or articles related to your promotions.

Commission Hero assures you that you will be able to generate at least $ 1000 per day.

Surely the founder Robby Blanchard has been very successful in affiliate marketing and what he wants to convey is that everyone can achieve good results with the right commitment.

Frank Hatchett also has a lot of experience in affiliate marketing and this is very evident when he tells the personal stories and strategies used on his affiliate websites.


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If you sign up for ClickFunnels you will get great benefits with both courses


The “Super” version of Savage Affiliates provides you with predefined funnels that will save you a lot of work and time.

Yes, you got it right, you already find a marketing system ready to be monetized!

While I doubt everyone will get the same results, I think it can be a big plus in speeding up work times.

Keep in mind that these funnels will need to be customized with your branding and include your services or products within them.

Commission Hero also gives you the ability to use ready-made landing pages and images,

As I said in the title to create the ready funnels you have to use ClickFunnels which costs $ 99 per month.

(With Commission Hero you are forced to use it while in Savage Affiliates it is an additional option.)

ClickFunnels is the absolute best tool for quickly creating eye-catching landing pages.

It is a very simple program to use, suitable for everyone!


Benefits of Commission Hero


  • If you have a good budget you could make a lot of money.
  • The program’s author is a true Facebook advertising expert and will teach you all the “tricks of the trade” to avoid getting banned.


Disadvantages of Commission Hero


  • The price is very high and on top of that, there is an upsell.
  • There are no other ways to make money besides Facebook Ads (it would have been nice to see some free strategies for getting traffic)
  • Your budget for getting the most out of Facebook Ads should be at least $ 1000 to split into $ 20 per day.
  • Also, it will take experience before getting results, for what it takes more budget because so you can learn from mistakes and your next advertisements will always be more perfect.
  • Relying on a single traffic source isn’t the best move in my opinion.

Facebook can suspend or close your ad account for various reasons overnight.

You can try to get it back, but it’s not as easy as saying it.

When this happens in the middle of your campaigns, it’s a big disaster.

One piece of advice I can give you is to create multiple ad accounts in advance and copy the pixel so that you don’t lose very important data for your campaigns.

Savage Affiliates Pro


  • It is cheap and you can choose between 2 options: Standard $ 197 and Super $ 297
  • You can start with the $ 197 plan and then pay the $ 100 difference in the future to upgrade to “Super.

For example, if you are on a tight budget, you can blog articles or make videos about the products you want to promote.

In this case, you will have to face a minimal expense for hosting. In these 2 articles, you will find tips for a good enough one and the TOP.

Frank Hatchett is particularly good at YouTube content and related advertising strategies: you can learn a lot from him!


Cons Savage Affiliates


  • Some people find the Facebook group very boring.
  • There is no free trial.
  • In this training, I see that Frank places a lot of emphasis on backlinks and even encourages you to buy links to boost your site’s ranking.

Who does not know, and uses these “unfair” tactics, thinking of gaining more visibility in search engines, will get the exact opposite.

I tell you this because Google penalizes this type of backlink strategy.

It could cause you to demote or even remove you from search engine results.

  • The many methods of earning could make you change your mind easily, that is to switch from one method to another without having fully mastered one.




The alternative I propose is Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s the first online course I bought and still use because it contains essential tools for monetizing a blog:

If you want to know why I chose WA read my reasons in this article.

With WA you will have free access to the STARTER subscription, with which you can create a website.

You also have the opportunity to take advantage of the first 10 lessons to have a blog already up and running without having to pay anything. (Without future constraints and time limits!)

Basically, you’ll be using affiliate marketing to promote products from Amazon, Click Bank, JVZoo, and whatever platform you want.

You don’t run the risk of being “accidentally charged” to your bank account, as no credit card details are required.

In addition to the Starter plan, there is also the PREMIUM plan which costs $ 19, and PREMIUM PLUS from $ 49 (Prices are valid only for the first month, then they increase …)

Yes, these are 2 types of monthly subscription services where you will pay later (after 30 days) $ 49 for PREMIUM and $ 99 for PREMIUM PLUS!

(There is also the annual payment option where you save)

The difference between the free plan and these 2 paid plans is that you find all affiliate marketing training videos here and so much more.

You have full access to any type of training featured on the platform.

Included in the price, you can access all the new video courses that will come out in the future.

Also, in the 2 paid subscriptions, other functions of the keyword tool will be unlocked.

You can count on both the support offered by the platform and that of the many WA members.

If you want to try the Wealthy Affiliate course now and create your blog, all for free, I suggest you read the full review.


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Which is the most suitable for beginners?


In this case, the winner is Savage Affiliates because they teach free and paid methods of making money online via affiliate marketing.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, I recommend that you start gradually, that is before you start mastering free monetization techniques, and then move on to paid ones.

While with Commission Hero you go directly to paid Facebook ads which, in addition to being expensive, could be more difficult for those with no experience.

However, once you learn here, you can scale your business very quickly and you could be earning thousands of dollars a day. (As Robby says!)



Savage Affiliates offers good support, but if you have technical problems regarding your website you will need to contact your host to resolve them.

However, you can take advantage of the Facebook group dedicated to the platform.

The users inside are very helpful and ready to help you.

A flaw with the group is that new questions don’t always appear first and this could be a bit confusing.

Commission Hero also offers a private Facebook group where you and other students can log in to ask for advice and get feedback.

However, Robby Blanchard recommends watching the lessons multiple times and having created at least one campaign before asking for help.

This way you get more targeted help both strategically and technically.



Savage Affiliates is cheaper and $ 197 isn’t a bad price at all when you consider the volume and quality of the content you get.

For a beginner who starts with no money, this is the best solution because you can start by promoting affiliate products with free strategies.

For example, through your social profile or with a personal blog; in this case, you just have to buy a hosting service.

In the case of Commission Hero, you have one of the best teachers to learn Facebook paid ads, and that’s “the real strength” of the program.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether to choose Savage Affiliates or Commission Hero….

2 thoughts on “Savage Affiliates vs Commission Hero: Which one to choose?”

  1. Hey, I love this article thanks. I’m thinking of starting out with affiliate marketing.
    Noticed you mentioned commission hero, I really appreciate it. I can’t say much about it. What do you think about “perpetual income 365”. I keep reading reviews about it but I can’t make up my mind because of the price. I understand it has more simplicity to carry out compared to “Wealthy Affiliate” but the price seems like a lot. After reading this review I can kind of justify the price but then again in this review http://www.economicfy.com they love “easiness of perpetual income” too much so not sure if they’re just saying it’s great for beginners or not. I would love an opinion on this as an expert, I just want to know if I really do need all the belly and whistles or if “Perpetual Income 365” is right for someone just starting out affiliate marketing

    1. Hi, thanks for reading Savage Affiliates vs Commission Hero!

      To be honest I haven’t heard of “perpetual income 365” yet.

      I’ve read some reviews and it looks like a good passive income generation program.

      The price isn’t the cheapest, but you have to see if their system works.

      My first impression is that it could be a great starting point for beginners.

      But one drawback, I dare say, is the fact that there are emails ready for everyone.

      In my opinion, a minimum of branding is needed to be recognized by the masses.

      However, I repeat, for those who don’t know anything about affiliate marketing it could be a “godsend”…

      Wealthy Affiliate gives you the chance to get started for free and get some training and maybe it might be “harder” to get started.

      There are no ready-made systems for everyone in WA, but you will be taught how to create your own and become a true independent entrepreneur.

      Another program with a ready system is Affilorama‘s AffiloJetpack and it costs a one-time fee of $ 997 and then you don’t pay any more …

      You also have the advantage of finding much of the work already done, but you have to consider that this also applies to other users who will purchase the training program.

      What I want you to understand is that if customers receive so many identical emails from many sites, it is harder for them to buy from you.

      Instead, an email that was written from your point of view, so from a different perspective from the competition, this will make a difference.

      However, the most important thing is to start somewhere so that you roughly understand the marketing process.

      Then over time, you will be able to “straighten the shot”.

      An online business takes time, study, testing, and sometimes it takes more than one course to find the many facets …

      I hope I was helpful.

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