The Affilorama review (2021)

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Hello everyone, this is the Affilorama review updated to 2021.

Today we will evaluate if the numerous videos and training guides present inside are a valid tool to launch your first online business; or if they can improve what you already have.

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training program.

The best you can get from this platform is undoubtedly the AffiloJetpack package, as it allows you to use an excellent system to create a solid and continuous source of income.

Don’t worry now we’ll see if it can be suitable for even the most inexperienced in digital marketing.

I remember when I started looking for information and learning the first notions about affiliations, I spent hours and hours from one YouTube channel to another.

And I guarantee you, I just wasted a lot of time!

This is because I didn’t have a direction, a path to follow.


That’s why Affilorama can be a winning way to learn how to earn your first commissions as an affiliate!


Short introduction

Name: Sharpener


Owner: Mark Ling

Price: Free Starter Pack with the option to upgrade to Premium

What’s inside:

  1. Free training
  2. Path2Passive ($ 37)
  3. Afflalo Tools
  4. AffiloJetpack ($ 997)





STAR RATING (my opinion): My-vote



Affilorama can be a great place to start!


If you are inexperienced in Affiliate Marketing, this platform may be the most suitable way to pursue an online career, to learn, or deepen numerous skills in this sector.

So I highly recommend it for both beginners and those with some basic knowledge, although I must admit that it’s not 100% perfect, there are also some defects.

but in general, Affilorama will allow you to take the first steps in the right direction, regarding the world of affiliations and to start building an online presence and consequently also earnings. (This is up to you, especially your commitment)

While some free training lessons aren’t up-to-date, you will still find the groundwork for starting the training and expanding your basic knowledge of affiliations.

It is not only a program suitable for beginners, but also good for those who have already learned roughly how Affiliate Marketing works, but have never practiced it.


What is Affilorama?


As mentioned above, this program was created on purpose, through lessons, to teach you how to earn commissions by selling a product of your choice, which belongs to other companies.

This applies to both a physical product and a service, which can be downloaded online, such as courses or ebooks.

Affilorama was born in 2006 thanks to Mark Ling.

Ling has had considerable success in marketing and amassed a considerable wealth of several million due to her online sales capabilities.

For several years he has been teaching his earning strategies.

You will be able to start accessing Affilorama for free and then decide whether to switch to subsequent subscriptions.

Furthermore, you will always receive constant support on the platform which, among other things, is very populated; to date, there are well over 300,000 subscribers.

(Video taken from the site:


Affilorama packages



If you remember, I already mentioned earlier about the possibility of free access to the program.

This is, in fact, the first option that the platform makes available to you at no cost to you.

Inside you will find many resources in the form of blog content and videos.

(You have access to just over 20 free hours of video courses)

Here, it’s taken for granted, that you won’t get the best of training and winning strategies, as it’s a fact that in a free version in general, no one puts the keys to success in your hands.

Keep in mind that the lessons are a bit dated too.

But if it’s your first time hearing about affiliations and you don’t know where to start, free training can be a place to start.

Also, there are 3 other subscription packages available that are undoubtedly more interesting, especially one in particular, AffiloJetpack.

The latter puts at your disposal ready-made sales systems, where most of the work is done by the platform.

Here you can shorten the time (usually very long) needed to make the first online sale.




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Path2 Passive


In this section you can take advantage of the free content, which however has some limitations, otherwise, you can buy the book, where inside you will find the real and most complete version of Path2 Passive (costs 37 $)

Here are 4 steps.

The first is undoubtedly very important to make the first winning move! It is also adaptable to many online business models, namely:

1) How to choose a profitable niche: keep in mind that the three most sought after niches are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Report

Many web searches are performed every day in these 3 categories.

Anyway, this was just to give you an idea of what a niche is.

Furthermore, you will learn that if you create a site that only talks about a specific topic, your conversion rate will be much higher, compared to a too generalized topic.

So over time, you will be recognized as an expert in your niche and consequently gain more authority.

Think for a moment: it’s been 2 years since you created your website, (or more than one) in which you publish articles, related to a single specific topic, for example on how to lose body fat …

How many readers suffering from obesity and needing to lose weight, as fast as possible, have landed on this site, through which they have managed to solve their problem, for example with a diet or a fitness tool …

You would have already done a considerable number of sales.

There has to be a job well done and posting articles from your niche consistently, but this was just to make you realize how important it is to pick a niche.

After this initial choice, you will also need to understand the 2nd step:

2) Your product or service that you want to advertise: here I want to anticipate a little the importance of key reasoning that you will have to adapt; don’t make the same mistakes we’ve all made!

Don’t choose a product just because you like it, but think about whether it can actually be useful and thus solve a problem.

Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes for a moment and consider if you would buy that product!




3) You will understand how important it is to create quality, original, and engaging content.


4) At this point, you will learn that you don’t have to be too generic when you want to attract the attention of potential customers; instead you will need to target an audience inherent to your blog!









This part is to be considered perhaps the most technical of the platform; (for a beginner) you can use it both individually and as a tool to analyze all the statistics of your website by connecting to Google Analytics:

  • Traffic
  • Click
  • The rankings of your keywords in the search engines.
  • You can check and review competitor data.
  • The like the related Social.
  • Even more…




You can take advantage of the free basic option, which may be fine at first, but has many limitations; or you can go directly to the “Gold” version which costs $ 97. (There is also the Silver, as an intermediate version)





AffiloJetpack, the real gem of Affilorama!


I discovered this program about a year ago, actually I had heard about it before, but I had never gone into specifics.

AffiloJetpack is a very smart way to create a steady income, truly tailored for anyone.

This is not to say that it is an easy way to make money, but it will make the path less difficult; however, on your part, it always takes these 2 particular characteristics to achieve online success: commitment and perseverance.

AffiloJetpack is, in my opinion, the best part of Affilorama because you are offered the possibility to take advantage of a pre-built machine to make money and you just have to configure it.

Once you have chosen the niches, creating the sites, and some settings, you have a system ready to use.

Now I’ll make you understand better: here you are practically ready-made emails with offers to send to potential customers.

For example, one is sent as soon as a user signs up for your Newsletter, another the next day, another after 2 days, and so on.

Typically, the number of an optimal email sequence ranges from 7 to 9.

Whatever niche you choose, you will find all these e-mails ready, which are enough for you for a whole year!


These follow-ups serve to accompany the potential customer until the purchase.

Moral of the story: you save a lot of time and “your machine” is ready to make money.

But that’s not all, because you will be taught how to create content, which is certainly the hardest part for the inexperienced.

In AffiloJetpack you can publish many and quickly, thanks to the resources you can take advantage of.





Here’s what you find exactly:

  • Professionally prepared ready-made email templates to achieve high conversions. ($!)
  • You already have some free giveaways for your email subscriptions, so you don’t even have to create an ebook or video to acquire one. (More time saved!)


  • Afflalo Thema is a premium theme from Word Press (included in the price here) plus total site setup and 1 year of free web hosting.
  • Cheatsheet, which you’ll use to quickly create hundreds of posts and articles for your blog. In fact, by following the lines of these cheat sheets, your content creation work will be greatly simplified. But we are not all the same, perhaps for you, it might be easier, while for another it might take the same length to publish an article. However, as a starting point, in my opinion, it is quite valid, because you are taught how to write posts aimed at capturing the user’s interest.





Why choose AffiloJetpack?


If you are wondering if AffiloJetpack is worth buying, read on so you can evaluate for yourself.

I can’t deny that there are other free Affiliate Marketing resources to take advantage of on the web.

But then, try to think about how many videos or how many blog posts you need to read …

You will have to search through hundreds and hundreds of information …

And when did you find them?


After comes the hardest part, that is putting them together one by one just like a puzzle.

I guarantee you that at the beginning I did it too, but in the end, I only spent a lot of energy and at a certain point I didn’t know “which way to go” anymore.

In general, if you want to learn how to do business online somewhere you have to start.

Affilorama will also have some small flaws, but with the JetPack option I can tell you that you have in your hands a great method, simple and suitable for everyone to understand how to work online; and above all, you will see the results if you work consistently and follow the course guides.

Finally, in this package, you will also find lots of information and useful tips to better position your site on search engines.


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The price

AffiloJetpack costs $ 997.

It is certainly not a small sum, at least so at first glance.

But, when we consider the training you get and the tools, it’s still a fair price.

Keep in mind that for many courses you can find online, you pay even 3 times more, but few they give you so much, for a relatively low price.

In practice, you find yourself with an already proven system, which has been subjected to various market analyzes in 18 niches!

The latter was chosen because they are the ones where people buy the most.

Not to mention the over 90 emails, which I told you a little while ago, ready to use, (copy and paste) 3 free ebooks that you will need to capture contacts through all the messaging.

Also, consider that you will have to choose 5 niches out of 18 and consequently 5 websites.


The hosting of the latter (all 5) do not pay them for 12 months!

So when we consider the value, tools, and training, $ 997 is very little.

Plus you get for free:

  • All the information you need to set up the site.
  • The free theme I mentioned to you earlier, which is worth $ 97.
  • A plugin to create landing pages.
  • BONUS: Information, strategies, and tips on how to drive traffic to your blog.




Would you recommend Affilorama?


Yes! The reason is very simple because you get so much and I don’t know if something similar exists at the moment.

By similar, I mean a ready-made system, where the hottest niches have already been analyzed previously for you, and you only have to choose 5.

Not to mention the fact of all the material you get. (and something is also free)

You may be wondering if there is an alternative similar to all of this.

And I answer you, that there is and even in this case it can simplify your online income path, but it is structured differently.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain what it is shortly.

To conclude the price argument, I want to remind you that in addition to what I told you a little while ago, you also get:

  • Many training videos that will guide you already in the initial phase of choosing the product, through a profitable niche.
  • Lessons to accompany you step by step in the construction of your website and the creation of its contents.
  • Many marketing tips and ideas.
  • Total support
  • Forum
  • SEO and more

Overall you will learn a lot about the affiliate world, but the beauty is that you will practice everything to see results (sales!)

Don’t worry, if you’ve never heard these terms before: affiliate marketing, SEO …

All the information you will find in AffiloJetpack is structured in a very simple way.




  • It is a well-designed system for a beginner
  • Excellent support (email – phone)
  • You can see the first money in less time than a “do it yourself route”.
  • You can access Affilorama for free and then take advantage of the free videos to learn some basics.
  • Based on the niche you choose, the content has already been created for you, the same thing for emails. You have most of the work already done!
  • The ready-made emails contain the promotion of a product linked to the niche you choose and your affiliate link will also be present.
  • With a simple copy and paste you can use all the material (ready to be used) in a very short time.
  • Offers a money-back policy: 60-day money-back guarantee.



  • With Free Training, you won’t learn how to make money online. Moreover, these lessons have already been out for several years …
  • The only system that is truly good from A to Z and will allow you to earn serious commissions is AffiloJetpack, but the amount can be a problem for some.




A “similar” program to Affilorama that I used as a launchpad in digital marketing and of which I am still a member is Wealthy Affiliate.

Read the post about it.

The latter is also very valid; you will be able to understand how affiliations work and step by step you will begin to put all the teachings into practice.

Despite everything, here too you will find courses that are a bit obsolete, but I would dare to say that they are justified by the more up-to-date ones created by some over 1,500,000 subscribers.

Unfortunately, the perfect program, the type that I spend very little, and get the most I have not yet seen.

However, with Wealthy Affiliate, I have created 2 websites and I have learned a lot about Affiliate Marketing.

The difference between this platform and Affilorama is that the latter provides you with a system ready to start making yourself known online and making money.

You also reduce the time it takes to make your first sales and you find yourself a lot of work already prepared for you.

As for WA, on the other hand, you have to build the path yourself, but here too you have many lessons that will guide you all the time, step by step.


Final note

To conclude, the overall score I give to Affilorama is: 4.7 (from 1 to 5)

It is a set of tools and training useful to guide you towards a passive and constant online income.

I would like to give you one last piece of advice:

Once you have learned how to make money with affiliates, try creating other sources of income as well.

And above all, you must always have a “thirst for knowledge” and therefore stay up to date on your niche and online business in general.

On the other hand, in this field, you never stop learning.

The Affilorama review (2021),

which you read today, was also done through TrustPilot’s rating analysis and other online ratings from customers who have tried it.

I hope I’ve given you an idea of the potential of this platform to help you build a reputation and profitable business online.

If you should try this platform, let me know in the comments if you like; or which alternative you have chosen to.

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