Tips for starting a website

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Don’t worry if you are a beginner because, thanks to some basic tips for starting a website contained in this article, you will discover for yourself how simple it is to create an online project in the right direction.

In another post, we talked about which website to choose for our online business.

If you want to get excellent positioning and visibility results, I remind you that you must have a WordPress CMS (Content Management System), as it is highly appreciated by Google.

But besides being nice to search engines, it is suitable for anyone, of all ages.

The same goes for someone who has never been familiar with this kind of thing because there is nothing to program.

In my case, I found a free way to get very fast WordPress hosting plus the site.

I highly recommend it to you too because the creation processes will be even more simplified and you will also discover how to create your first content.

The latter is an exceptional case because normally when you take advantage of free solutions, you will end up making enormous efforts and lots of paid ads to have a fair amount of visibility on your site.


Each website is different from the other


Based on your goal, you will have to build your webspace day after day.

In case, you aim to sell something, you will have to create a content strategy, well interconnected, but be careful you have to create value and not just sales pages.

But before you leave, ask yourself these questions:



  • Is your goal to reach more people, therefore more customers? (In this case, you already have a business.)


In any case, you will need to know at least the basics to optimize your website (SEO) and it will be of further advantage to you to know how to create content.



Do not leave at random, without having a specific goal, because whatever it is, it will be easier to reach it if you have already established it in advance.

Otherwise, you would later find yourself making numerous changes that you could have avoided.


Follow these initial steps

The domain (the name you give your site) should be short enough, original, and, if possible, catchy, but not too sophisticated so that users can easily remember it.


Don’t opt for shared server hosting for $ 2-3 per month

I don’t recommend it, you greatly increase the risk of failing in your intent!

I agree with you that this service costs less.

However, keep in mind that your hosting is shared on a server, where there are other sites and if one of them is attacked by hackers, you can also suffer damage to your webspace.

Hence, the best solution is dedicated virtual hosting which sits in the middle between a shared hosting and cloud server.

There are also more expensive solutions, but for a beginner, for a simple blog, or a small business it is just wasted money. (They are better suited to large websites.)

Or, if you’re on a tight budget, I recommend taking advantage of cheaper hosting companies.


Always keep the benefits you get with a website printed in your mind: they will help you in the most difficult moments.


If you intend to monetize, with your webspace, you have made an excellent choice and I congratulate you!

Throughout your trip, never forget the benefits you will get in the future:

  • Economic Freedom: Who Said Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness? I would like to meet him in person! It occurs to me, the poor people who don’t make ends meet because they have a mortgage, bills, and so on. By working online, it will allow you to increase your money income month after month or year after year, however, the result will not be immediate.
  • Independence: you don’t depend on anyone! You are just your boss! You don’t have to work with people you don’t like.
  • The opportunity to work where you want, with who you want, and when you want.


Enter the main information on your Home page

Try to include in this section the internal links that you think are most important:

  • For example, your best products can also intrigue a new user who has just landed on your site.
  • A page that talks about you, + a photo where your face is visible. People usually want to know who runs a blog, shop, etc.
  • Your contact methods (landline, mobile, WhatsApp …)


The first 3 settings to be made

1) As soon as your website is installed, you will need to proceed with the installation of small additional programs:


However, you’ll probably use others along the way. This also depends on the purpose of your webspace.

2) The next step will be to clean up, i.e. delete the example posts you normally find when you install a brand new site.

Once logged into WordPress, click > Posts <



You will now see all the example posts (usually there are 2-3, but there may be none at all)

Check all the boxes and delete all by clicking on > trash <



You have to do the same procedure with pages and comments.

Don’t worry about what you find and delete everything without fear, because you will have to create everything from new.



3) Third step, install a theme. Keep in mind that this choice greatly affects not only the design of your blog but also in terms of SEO.

You can use free or paid ones.

Choose one that makes navigation easy.

Read the article I created specifically on WordPress themes.


Use informal language

Write as you would to a friend:

“Hi, how are you? Today I want to tell you …”

You have to be direct and simple, the reader must feel very close to you.

However, this does not mean being trivial, but expressing yourself in simple terms and describing exhaustively the topic you have chosen.


Create an intuitive navigation menu


Once you’ve created some posts, you’ll need to categorize them. Create an intuitive menu that is easily accessible.

There has to be a logical connection in everything, otherwise, you lose potential customers.


Eliminate irrelevant content

Now and then stop to think about the pages you have created and consider if it is not time to make changes or delete them entirely.


Don’t make too many grammatical mistakes

Too many mistakes or convoluted phrases that are difficult to interpret can cause you to lose traffic.

If you have any doubts about it and don’t want to risk having an unprofessional site, contact a correction expert of this type on

This way you will be sure that your posts are perfect.


Use internal links consistently

There must be a logic to everything and even this type of link must be introduced correctly, not for the simple fact of inserting them to connect your pages as much as possible, thinking of obtaining positioning advantages.

Don’t get me wrong though, because according to SEO it is essential to make these internal resources available to the user to deepen a topic.

The important thing is that this happens only when necessary. Avoid forcing!


Don’t just use photos, but create videos as well


I don’t doubt that photos can already create a satisfying visual impact, but if you create a video, people will feel even closer to you and get to know you better.

The first time it may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but then it becomes a habit.

Furthermore, by opening a YouTube channel, you can earn in different ways, even by making videos without putting your face on it.

For example, look at how many channels that make animated or anti-stress music-related videos with millions of views.


Try to be creative with your content

Don’t limit yourself to writing articles just to make quantities. Many newbies simply copy the top-ranked sites.

I often repeat this concept:

if you don’t write with the idea of really helping someone by providing as much information as possible, useful, and related to a problem in your niche, you won’t get very far.

Another extremely important tip is to not only insert internal (which are fine) or affiliate links, but you must also create external links.

Allow users to learn more about concepts or words that may be too complex to explain by linking your page to another site, such as Wikipedia.

Google will love you for it.



At first glance, all of this may seem complicated, but if you start following these tips for starting a website, you are already on the right path to creating a good online project.

As you progress with your work, you will still have to learn many things.

These are the initial stages that you will have to respect, but don’t worry because even what you will find next is nothing too difficult.

Once you have achieved a good level of experience and a fair amount of visibility, you will realize for yourself that at the basis of everything there must be consistency and simplicity.

These latter factors are the key to success.

Are you thinking of creating an online project?

Which CSM will you use?

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