An honest review of Wealthy Affiliate 2021: it really works?

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This is an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate 2021, where you also find the latest changes: new design, updates, and Premium Plus subscription.

I joined the platform about a year ago and still am now.

I made the decision when I realized, reading a review like this one, that I had the solution to what I was looking for in front of my eyes:

a platform containing all the necessary training and all the tools to start an online business, without experience and investment.

But the thing that convinced me without thinking too much is that I didn’t have to enter my credit card details.

But the best is yet to come …

You can remain an initial (free) member forever!

Included in the package are a website, hosting, and other tools.

Now you are wondering:

HOW can I use all this, that I don’t even know WHERE TO START?

Don’t worry, you also have free guides and videos that will allow you to build and configure the site.

But it doesn’t stop there because you will also know the main SEO strategies both on a technical level and in content writing.

And finally, in WA you will already find links to register for free to affiliate programs of platforms such as Amazon.

Of course, this will allow you to get your product affiliate links which you will post in your promotions; if a user clicks and buys from you, Amazon will pay you a percentage.

(There are many other affiliate programs!)

Also, after a long time, the platform has finally renewed itself, ‘and that’s just the beginning it seems!



But if you want to find out exactly how to make money without investments, follow me all the way.

Of course, we will also look at the details, the positives, and the negatives.

We will also analyze the earnings with paid memberships if you decide to promote WA. (It’s not mandatory)


IF YOU DON’T WANT TO WASTE TIME, WATCH THE 10 FREE BOOTCAMP LESSONS NOW! (You do not have to log in, you will only have to do it if you want a free and performing website, but I repeat you do not pay anything!)






For whom a Wealthy Affiliate is suitable

1.) Are you a beginner, have you never heard of SEO, funnels, affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc, etc …?

This platform is suitable for everyone, office workers, entrepreneurs, full-time mothers, retirees, …

… workers who want to get extra earnings, unemployed, etc.


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Even for those starting from zero, as it was in my case.

You don’t need to have any marketing knowledge. (You’ll learn them along the way)

You can even make money with your favorite hobby.

For example, let’s say that in your free time you like to take care of the lawn, hedges, flowers, or plants in your garden.

With WEALTHY AFFILIATE you can build a site based on your hobby niche by promoting the garden tools you use.

I will tell you more, maybe one day you will become better than me and you can create your green thumb online lessons

2) Are you an entrepreneur? Do you already have your products or services? Do you want to earn more? Is your business still not at the level you would like?

Then you are in the right place because you have all the tools you need to expand your business and increase your profits!


Does Wealthy Affiliate work or is it a scam?


Wealthy Affiliate is a collection of resources that can truly change your future.

If you expect that from today to tomorrow you will already earn, I tell you that it does not work!

If, on the other hand, you set yourself a long-term profit goal (3-6 months, 1 year) thinking that:

  • You are building your business!
  • You are just your boss!
  • It takes perseverance and training …

So, if you start with these assumptions, it can work!

These concepts apply to both the current entrepreneur and beginners, as you have everything you need within the platform.

No skills are needed of any kind!

If you continue reading, you will also find my experience, but I’ll tell you right away that I saw the first results after the 5th month. (The first sale)

To be honest, I have not yet achieved economic independence I would like.

But I also made a lot of mistakes, including:

  1. I have created and developed 2 websites at the same time. (Better one at a time!)
  2. I was in a hurry to create content

Eventually, I realized where I went wrong and had to correct several mistakes.

Within the platform, you will surely find other members who have been better than me.

See other people’s opinions, read the Quora forum. com related to:




You will be able to access their testimonials and websites, which may give you an idea of ​​how a blog or other successful online business model is structured.

(Some of these have made quite significant gains.)


Do you want to know a more positive platform experience than mine?




  • I’ve seen people post on WA’s internal blog, their first sales after the third month of recording.
  • Someone managed to earn $ 10,000 or more per month after 1 year.
  • Then of course there are the experienced ones who have been members of Wealthy Affiliate for many years; some of these people generate 6-figure passive income!


It’s not all roses and flowers, even if the platform offers you many tools, it is not certain that you will succeed.

If we take for example my first 5 months were hard, a lot of work but the money didn’t come!

This factor of not getting results during training happened to many other members and a good part of them dropped out.

If you are the type who does not stop at the first hurdles and follows the training, Wealthy Affiliate will work for you too.

On the other hand, if it were that easy in the world there would be only the rich, don’t you think?


Grace makes over $ 4,000 a month:


Mike… $ 30.000 a month:




Positive news! Finally, the platform is being updated and already has a new design!




The criticism that was often made in Wealthy Affiliate reviews was based on the lack of new updates.

(Honestly, I also hated all those dated courses!)

WA will be completely renovated within a few months!

Kyle and Carson (the owners) have already begun to simplify the use of the platform even more and in the coming months, the lessons that are too old should disappear.

Now WA has a new-look:

  • A cleaner design and interface
  • Smoother and faster navigation.


The new dashboard and internal platforms will all be revamped shortly.



Having a goal in front of you helps you not to abandon your projects.

For example, my goal is to hit $ 10,000 per month within one year.

“What if you don’t reach him?”

I try again!

I’ll tell you something you won’t find in any reviews:

The SECRET to not giving up immediately after 1-2 months is to find the right MINDSET.


It is a renewal of one’s beliefs.

We have to change our way of thinking:

Remove the negativities that surround us: news, pessimistic friends who always complain, and so on.

Choose friendships that have goals like yours or superiors.

It may sound absurd to you, but it works!



Small premise on the three subscriptions

The subscriptions are:

  • Free Starter Membership
  • Premium
  • Premium Plus (new)

Despite the addition of the latest subscription plan, the free registration has remained so and you can use it in the same way that I have just explained to you.

The premium plan also remained unchanged and you have everything you need, creating multiple sites, JaaXy for keywords, more than 1000 lessons, webinars, assistance

The hosting that is provided to you in WA (Siteground) allows you to have a very performing site. (Also in the free version! In Premium and Premium Plus it will be even faster!)

If it were sold individually, it would cost a lot per month.

I will also clear up the doubts some people have about the new “Plus” subscription.

This is to be considered of a higher level, suitable for those who want more websites and already earn well and can afford it.

(There will also be more additional lessons, more functionality in keyword research, and much more …)


But who starts at 0, needs Premium Plus?

No, it’s not necessary!

I would advise against it for a beginner, as you would have too much information!

Some people have been using the original Premium version for years and they make millions …

Of course, many of these members will upgrade to the “Plus” plan.

Follow me, because now we come to the most important part of the Wealthy Affiliate review!

Now I’ll explain in detail what you have in your hands with the free option and also all the additional features of the other subscription plans.

Forgive me if this is going to be a long article, but I don’t want to give you a simple list of data copied here and there or slightly modified.

Because, I know well that when I started a year ago, I didn’t understand any terms in the online world….

So I’ll try to dig into the most salient points so that you decide if WA can be your big opportunity to build a business from 0.



This also applies to those who want to improve and expand their business.

Let’s start at……


There are free or cheap hosting options out there, but they won’t do you any good.

Let me explain: such a service is poor (otherwise they don’t give it for free!) the main reason is that you have a site that loads slowly.

This slowness is also seen by Google and by users who will browse that webspace!


It means that you will never appear high in the search engines and therefore you will not have visits to your blog!

I would recommend these solutions only to those who want to do tests …


My experience


Even if my blog URL contains the word millionaire, don’t think Wealthy Affiliate is some sort of easy trick or game.

(Find my story here)

You need to know that any business model you choose in the future requires a lot of effort on your part!

Unfortunately, many think that the word online is associated with a quick way to make money.

But is not so!

But if you have come this far it means that you are a smart person, because you are looking for a real and concrete business opportunity.

After a year, I can tell you that you too can learn everything I have learned.

And I remind you that before I only did manual work.

Having made several mistakes, I have not yet amassed a considerable passive income.

But in the meantime, I have created 2 sites and through one dedicated to fitness (my main passion), I start receiving commissions from Amazon and Click Bank.

Yes, that’s right, I make money with affiliations.

(I’ll explain how this works shortly.)

Now I’m experimenting with this blog that you are reading now, it is quite new and before Google will rank me in its search engine it will take some time.

So I can say, it’s still in an experimental stage.

This is my first WA review; by the way, on this page, you can find my affiliate links.

Anyway, I will update you in the future on how things go and if I make progress!

But now let’s stop the chatter and move on!


But does it take the experience to make money online?


In previous years, I thought that creating a website was only for programmers or only suitable for people with computer skills.

Believe me, it doesn’t, it takes 30 seconds today to install a website.

But the best part is, with Wealthy Affiltodayiate, this process will be even easier.

To start earning your first money with a blog or other web business, follow these tips and you will hardly fail:

  • Constance and repetition: every day dedicate a portion of your time to your business. Instead, by repetition, I mean watching a lesson or course 2-5 or 10 times. The brain must have time to assimilate new things hitherto unknown.
  • Deepen your knowledge
  • Stay up to date!


Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate Review

On WA you will be instructed step by step, on how to make money online, mainly learning everything related to affiliate marketing: selling products not yours and receiving a commission.

You will immediately start building the site and configuring the first SEO settings.

But first of all, you will have to choose the slice of the market that you think belongs to you the most.


  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Engines
  • Home
  • Fitness
  • Do you travel
  • Etc.


A brief description and the price of Wealthy AffiliateInternet-marketing-University

NAME: Wealthy Affiliate

OWNER: Karl London and Carson Lim


SITE URL: (you can register from here, completely free)

WHO IT’S FOR beginner/expert


  • Free Starter Membership ( $ 0.00)
  • Premium subscription for $ 49 per month – 495 per year. (Save $ 90) If you upgrade to Premium within the first 7 days, you will only pay $ 19 for the first month
  • Premium Plus $ 99 per month – $ 995 per year. ($ 193 off) Again, if you upgrade to the “Plus” plan within 7 days, you save about half and then pay $ 49 for the first month.
  • WORDPRESS HOSTING: 4.8 out of 5.0 (vote)
  • RESEARCH TOOLS: 4.6 out of 5.0





Wealthy Affiliate is a university for affiliate marketing, to successfully create and expand an online business, manageable through a single platform.

It is also suitable for companies that already have their product, but want to create more sales.

It is a very popular platform in the world with over 1,000,000 members. (A real community that you can ask questions and ask for help.)

Inside you can create your WordPress sites, find more than 1000 training courses, webinars, and support from both WA owners and the community.

In this article, you will find all the differences between the 3 subscriptions.


What is Affiliate Marketing?


It is about promoting a product of others.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you will be taught just that.

For example:

1) Do you have a technology-oriented website?

2) Do you want to write an article about a computer model?

Very well, so search Amazon, the electronic category, and click “computer”

Once this is done, insert the template you have chosen consistently within your pages.

(For example, a review or an article titled: the best computer …)

If a visitor who reads your article clicks on the product and completes the purchase, you receive a commission.

These percentages of money you receive vary from platform to platform.

Let’s go back to the Amazon example:

A user buys a PC – Asus which costs $ 649.99 you get about $ 50 per single sale:




Simple isn’t it?

You understand, it all depends on the number of people who visit your blog every day!

This part is the one that takes the most time and work from you!

Consider that Amazon does not pay very high commissions, instead of with ClickBank you can earn even 80% of the single sale price.

Other ways to make money with affiliate marketing are paid PPC ads (Pay per click – Find the relevant training in the Bootcamp course)

The tools to promote your products in the online world can be more than one, the main ones are the blog, the landing page, the autoresponders, (automated emails through the sales funnel) social

In WA, you will know all of these skills, although at first, you will be more focused on building a website, Search Engine Optimization, and content creation.


Advantages of free membership for beginners


  • 1 free website (easy to create, will be up in less than a minute) + high-quality hosting. You won’t have to worry about a thing as you will be guided step by step through the whole process.
  • Managed WordPress hosting ($ 100- $ 250 + / value per month)
  • Real-time support from platform members



  • Image optimization.
  • Spam filter
  • There are no additional costs or restrictions for upgrading to the paid version.
  • A keyword research tool. (30 searches per month)



  • SSL certificate: value of $ 60 / year
  • Site protection. (value of $ 300 per year)
  • You can create a personal blog on the WA platform.
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification: a business course for beginners.



Here you can access the first 10 lessons (50 in all, the others unlock with the premium version) which are step-by-step training videos.

However, with these 10 you will already be able to build and configure your website and create content.

So you can also earn!

(I’ll describe exactly what the whole course is about later.)


  • Affiliate Bootcamp course:



in the free version, you will always have only the first 10 lessons available.

You can choose whether to create a site oriented towards pre-established training or based on what you like best.


  • A week of the trial of the premium options

Once this period has expired, you will automatically return to your Starter plan, because Premium will deactivate itself.

(You will be the only one to decide whether to upgrade to Premium. I remind you that with Starter you do not have to enter any data relating to credit cards, PayPal, etc.)


Disadvantages of Starter version

As with all free things, you have some limitations:

  • You only have 10 lessons available in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and another 10 in the Affiliate Bootcamp.
  • In case, you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate, your earnings as an affiliate are roughly halved compared to the Premium version. (We’ll cover them all in the next paragraph in more detail.)
  • You only have 30 keyword searches with JAAXY, and the results displayed are a little more limited. (There are other free tools if you finish the thirty searches, such as Ubersuggest)
  • You don’t get maximum support: live chat and private support with the Tops of the platform.



It is a very useful tool that allows you to create blog posts, linked to your profile, within Wealthy Affiliate.

Note that these pages are also indexed by Google!

Therefore, you can connect the links of your site or others.

Plus it’s a great way to share your progress with the internal community and ask for advice on anything you need!


Advantages with the Premium version


  • 10 websites in total with free and high-quality hosting (free or custom domain)
  • Full 360⁰ technical support (live/private chat with WA members and owners)
  • + 1000 lessons, 52 expert classes:

Lessons are divided by subject.

Through a search bar, you can choose between various topics.

Among the most important are lessons regarding:

  • Website settings, market niche, how to search for a product, keywords

(You can see them at any time)

But you can also find more:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)How to use video in your online business.
  • All you need to know about the WA affiliate program.
  • Social
  • Local marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Pay per Click (PPC)
  • Unlimited access to all Affiliate Bootcamp courses (7 modules: each has 10 lessons)
  • Full access to online entrepreneur certification (5 modules: each contains 10 lessons)
  • SSL certification (it’s that green padlock you see at the beginning of the HTTPS web address … Ensures the security of your site.)
  • Site speed. (It will be even faster)
  • Weekly webinars, which you can always review later.
  • JAAXY, a keyword research tool (unlimited searches)




  • 100 free community credits (worth $ 50) to use for site feedback and comments
  • 1 domain ($ 14 value)
  • By switching from Starter to premium member, during the first 7 days, you will receive a series of special bonuses: they are free training guides:


Disadvantages Premium version


  • You do not have an immediate return of money.

Especially, the first few months are the hardest time when it comes to earnings.

With a new site in general it works like this:

  • It takes 7 to 30 days for your posts to be indexed in Google.
  • From 2 to 3 months to be positioned in the ranking.
  • When you upgrade, you have a lot of resources at your disposal, including what the other more experienced members create.

(Guides and videos they do on specific topics) could overload you with information.

THE ADVICE I give you is not to make the same mistake as me of wanting to learn too quickly!

Take one step at a time and go back if necessary.

“However, if you do things right, the fruits of the work will come.

This depends on your commitment.

Someone earns already after 3 months.

Others instead later.

I remind you to write down the monthly income goals that you want to achieve in a year on a piece of paper and keep them in sight!



Building a business, both online and offline, is not immediate.

Don’t think that everything is easier on the Internet!

Many think that doing business through paid ads, for example, is more immediate.

On the one hand, yes, without a shadow of a doubt, but first try to answer these questions:

Have you ever used Facebook Ads?

Do you know how to write an ad?

Did you know that Facebook often blocks the accounts of people who are already experts in this field?

Do you have enough budget to test multiple times?


With Wealthy Affiliate, you will first learn how to write content and then you will already have “some confidence” with your audience.

All this will therefore certainly be useful for the launch of the first announcements.

(However, consider that you will find all lessons related to this topic.)

Also, keep in mind that creating a site first is more beneficial because with ads you can drive more traffic to it!


Premium Plus What changes? What other benefits does it give me?


  • 2 free domains
  • Access to more Jaaxy features to find keywords:
  • Check where your website is on search engines
  • Keyword Idea Generation: you have 1300 results to analyze. Instead, in the previous subscription, there were 390. (Which are not few!)
  • Even more tabs in search results to analyze (5 at the same time)
  • You no longer have to click to see the number of competitors for that keyword. Now they will open automatically.
  • In a year you will have more than 200 lessons (live training) divided weekly by experts, with whom you can interact during the lessons.

Yes, you got it right, you can ask what you want in real-time!




  • Do you already have some years of experience in affiliations, blogging, copywriting, landing pages …?
  • In short, do you already earn enough to live working from home?

Well, in this case, I would be a fool not to recommend Premium Plus, because when we reach a goal (in this case economic independence) we must NEVER stop.

Remember that investing in your education can give you a lot:

  • Learn new skills
  • Improve the skills you have acquired
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Go to a higher earning level.

So, in this case, you should upgrade to Premium Plus to reach a higher level of your ONLINE project!


  • 200 free credits worth $ 100 (1 credit = 0.50)

They are used to getting comments on your posts/articles.

Usually, you should buy them to get feedback on your blog.

Why should I get comments on the site?”

Good question! This will help your web pages rank better in search engines. Google appreciates such interactions.

  • Hosting advances in level, and is even faster.

Keep in mind that such a service offered by WA can cost off-platform, from $ 2000 to 5000 per year.

You can apply this quality service on 50 websites.

But apart from that, you get other benefits with PLUS (I’ll list the most important):

  • Advanced suite to ensure greater hosting security.
  • Your site can receive more visits than the previous 2 subscriptions. (up to 1,000,000 monthly instead with the normal premium up to 250,000 monthly visits.)
  • Instant DNS.

DNS is a database.

To make you better understand, it is structured more or less like a telephone directory.

Its job is to connect domain names with a server’s IP address.

It then allows you to direct traffic to your site, by connecting the name (domain) to the server, where you will host the site.

The server allows users to view the site on the Internet.


  • Search engine optimized pages load even faster.
  • Kyle announced that there will always be new weekly classes shortly, oriented to the news of the digital world.



Even if you have money to invest but are new to online earning methods, in all honesty, I would never recommend that you sign up for Premium Plus right away!

Nor would I dare tell you to pay $ 999 per year because you save!

Don’t do it!

Try it for free first and if you want more options upgrade to Premium, but don’t use the “PLUS” plan as a beginner.

ATTENTION because you will find reviews that tell you that even a beginner can take advantage of this subscription.

Sure why not!

This way they earn more in commissions!

Don’t make this move too expensive.

And do you know why?

You waste money unnecessarily, but rather you should consider some factors:

  • You can’t bombard your head with too much information, because it takes time to assimilate everything.
  • Already with Premium (without Plus) you already have “so much meat on the fire” and perhaps you will not be able to “consume it all”
  • JAAXY you can use it well with the premium version too. (With Starter you have more limits, but in the end, it gives you 30 searches a month, better than nothing!)

Premium Plus is undoubtedly the maximum expression of quality and value, which Wealthy Affiliate gives you, but for beginners, it is not essential.


Now I want to show you what exactly is inside the lessons. I remind you that they will be divided into 2 different modules.

Well, let’s start with the first one:


Online Entrepreneur Certification


Read the free guides; inside you will also find the video courses:

[maxbutton id=”42″ ]


In this course, you have the freedom to follow your passion or something you love to do.

It is divided into 5 modules with 10 lessons inside each. (both videos and guides)

With the Starter subscription, you have the first 10 available. (Niche selection, website building, SEO, keyword tool…)


Your tasks will be divided as follows:

1. Choose your market niche:

You will be taught the best way to choose a market sector.

And believe me, this is already a good starting point.


Are you a Pilates instructor or are you just a lover?

Don’t choose a too general FITNESS niche, but create a niche website with the name Beginner Pilates Total Body Workout.

(This is just an example!)

I know, you may be wondering, why can’t I choose a more general market sector so I can promote more products?

Simply because you find more competition.

Make the most of what you are good at and put all your effort there, you will see that the results come first.


2. Create a website:

As I told you here it’s a breeze, a couple of clicks and it’s installed!

Furthermore, you will choose the name to give to your blog and you will have personalized emails.


3. Search Engine Optimization:

Through guides and videos, you will optimize your site for search engines: Google, Bing Yahoo.

If you are wondering:

“But what is it for?”

It’s the more technical part let’s say, but you have all the step-by-step instructions to make sure your blog or shop is on Google


4. Learn how to pick an article title that grabs attention:

Here you will also learn how to use JAAXY.

(Keyword Research Tool – Wealthy Affiliate)



This is the part I like the most because the keyword (it can be made up of several words) is contained in the title and with JAAXY you can evaluate:


  • How many times a month that word or phrase is searched for. So ​​you know if it’s worth it or not. (First column in the photo above – from left to right)
  • How much competition it has. (Second column)
  • The average of actual visitors:

they are the ones who, after seeing the title of your post or page, will click and read your article.

There are other features, but I don’t want to waste too much time explaining them; these are the essential ones.

When you join the course Kyle will explain everything through the video tutorials!


5. Create content:


It’s not as hard as you think.

When I started a year ago, I was very excited about creating posts on topics I like and promoting products and services through affiliate marketing.

Yes, this is what you will learn, you will also have a sample post that you can study to understand how it works.

Your content creation work is generally grouped like this:


  • Find a good headline that catches your eye.
  • Start already in the introduction to insert some factor that intrigues the reader.
  • The most important part, where, for example, the characteristics and advantages of service and a product are explored.
  • End the article by trying to interact with a question:

I’ll give you an example, let’s say that you wrote this article and to get my attention and you ask me at the end:

“What do you think of Wealthy Affiliate, would you try it for free?



And in fact, you don’t have to be, but you have to write in the simplest and not too elaborate way.

What’s your purpose?

I think it’s the same as mine:

Earn a commission every time someone buys on your blog, e-commerce, etc.

So, your pages won’t be written the same way as newspapers, books, etc., but you have to write like you would with a friend.

The trick to getting more visitors, especially on a newborn site, is to write short sentences and not use too complicated words.

Follow these simple tips, they will help you in the future. But I remind you that in the course you will find all the smallest details.


6. Here comes the fun part, because you’ll see how to monetize!


You will understand how the entire customer buying process works.

If one day, for example, you create a WA review yourself, you realize that whoever will read it is probably closer to buying.

I’ll explain better:

The user who clicked on this page is looking for a way to make money online.

However, he already has an idea and already knows that Wealthy Affiliate could be an opportunity to create his own business.

So it is in a phase very close to buying and you with your review, give an honest opinion, sharing your experiences with the platform.

In this way, the user can decide independently what to do.


7. Insert affiliate links or banner ads:


It is perhaps the simplest stage!

Choose the products you want to promote and study them carefully to bring out their qualities.

Always keep in mind, that a service or a product must solve a specific problem, otherwise, it is useless.

I recommend that you do some research first.


8. Learn how to use social media to increase visits to your blog


Simply start sharing every post or page you publish on your site.

It will help you to make yourself known and increase traffic.

In this lesson, you will learn how to create accounts, Facebook pages, Pinterest, and Twitter, but you can use others if you wish.

Not subscribed to these social networks?

Don’t worry, you have all the step by step instructions to create your first account.


9. Website analysis:


Register and use Google Search Console and Google Analytics for free to check your site traffic data.

With these 2 tools you can see:

  • Who enters and who leaves your site
  • The number of visits
  • Where do your users come from (search engine, social or other)
  • The positioning of your pages on Google.
  • And so on.


10. Index your site on Bing and Yahoo


We are done with the online entrepreneur certification.

These are the main topics, but then inside you will find more details, guides, and advice.


Affiliate Bootcamp


Bootcamp, on the other hand, gives you a specific path to follow.

Access the Bootcamp guide for free, you will also find video courses:

[maxbutton id=”43″ ]


At first glance, they might resemble the lessons of the online entrepreneur.

Let’s review them below:

  • Choose your niche
  • How to create a website
  • SEO.
  • JAAXY for keywords
  • The various tips and strategies for creating excellent and engaging content.
  • How to make money
  • What is the affiliate link: how to insert it in posts, in text or banner form.
  • Social
  • Site analysis and other advice.


But Bootcamp is not 100% the same as the other course.

There are additional lessons and some DIFFERENCES.

I list the 2 crucial points:

1. Here you will be taught how to promote Wealthy Affiliate, starting with the market niche:

You will have several ideas for creating your niche, but it will have to be oriented towards certain sectors.



I only give you 5 examples, but if you have imagination you can find 50 or more:


  1. Home business
  2. Become a millionaire
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Google content network
  5. Website Marketing


2. How to write a WA review:

To be clear, you will not be provided with a text ready to copy, but a scheme to structure this type of page, to be used for other services too!

You will be given all the directions to create a complete review:


  • Name of the platform
  • What is this
  • For whom it is suitable
  • Pros and cons
  • Training and tools.
  • Support
  • Price
  • Final opinion and vote.


(You can use this template for other reviews)

After a few months remember to add your personal experiences: progress, earnings, etc.



Nobody will force you to promote Wealthy Affiliate, but I recommend it.

For example, I also promote other programs on my site:

  • Siteground (best web hosting)

The downside is that you have to pay $ 997 to get it. The platform offers some free video courses if you wish, but they are quite dated and won’t get you anywhere.

(Instead, with WA’s initial plan, you already have your site and the basics to get started.)

  • WordPress themes
  • Courses on YouTube to make money without making videos.
  • Etc.


3. Leverage all search engines to get more traffic:



4. How to index yourself in 2 other search engines: Bing and yahoo.

Increase traffic to your site!


5. How to scale a successful PPC campaign:

You will be taught how to create paid ads with Bing, Yahoo.

By this point in the course, you should have figured out which product your users prefer and know how to get their attention.

With the PPC campaign, you will invest a small budget in the beginning, for example, $ 5, and it will be divided into clicks.

When someone sees your ad and clicks, your budget goes down.

Once finished, they will no longer appear.

This is a great way to increase the number of visits to your site!

Also, there is a SURPRISE!

When you get 100 premium referrals by promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you receive an invitation to go to Las Vegas with the platform owners and other experts.



It’s all kindly offered by Kyle and Carson, starting with travel, accommodation, etc.

It is a private conference where there will also be other members who have achieved this.


General cons of the platform


Well, not everything is perfect in this world and who does not expressly say in the reviews what is wrong, it is clear that he just wants to sell you something, rather than inform you.

As this is an honest review, you also need to know:


  • Some lessons are out of date, but this will no longer be a problem as a platform update has just been done. (Several lessons have already been improved)

Kyle said the platform will be completely revamped soon.

(In fact, it was time to change something !!)


  • Nobody gives you a guarantee of earnings
  • Are you sure you enjoy doing this kind of work?
  • The videos are in English only. Instead, you can translate the guides.
  • At first, you find yourself with a lot of information, which may confuse you, but will be useful later on. (Focus on one lesson at a time!)
  • In the community, you can also find blog posts that are not related to online business but are “simple chats like Facebook” (waste of time)
  • If you are a person who wants everything and immediately you will be disappointed because WA works, but as I already told you, it takes time.

Well, thanks if you are still reading this long review!

Another 2 minutes and we get to the end … 😉


The earnings in promoting Wealthy Affiliate are these:


(Don’t worry if it’s not all clear from the photo yet. Now I’ll explain all the details.

I remind you that if you choose Bootcamp training, you are taught how to promote WA.)

Even with the free version, after 10 lessons you already have all the tools and information to do it.

The COMMISSIONS are in all cases RECURRING!

Yes, that’s right, every month that the user pays the monthly fee (he signed up via your affiliate link) you will receive a commission FOREVER!

This of course also applies if you are a free member.

There are no limits, the earnings can last a lifetime!

1. As a Starter member – Free, when someone signs up via your affiliate link to the Premium plan, you EARN:


  • $ 4 (when the user pays a discounted price of $ 19. This discount is valid for the first month of subscription only)
  • $ 11.75 per subscription at $ 49 monthly (2nd month onwards)
  • $ 117.50 one-time payment for an annual subscription. (Your affiliate pays $ 495)


2. Instead as a Starter member, if a user signs up for Premium Plus, the earnings increase:


  • $ 11.75 for the first month of the $ 49 “PLUS” promotion.
  • $ 23.25: Your affiliate pays $ 99 each month (month 2 onwards)
  • $ 232.50 for annual subscriptions of $ 995 (receive a one-time payment)


3. If you become a Premium member, the earnings on Premium subscriptions are:


  • $ 1 every time someone creates the account. (2 credits of 0.50 each, to be used to receive comments from the WA community on your website posts)
  • $ 8 for the first month of enrollment. ($ 19)
  • $ 23.50 every month that the user pays for the $ 49 / month Premium subscription
  • $ 235 for annual dues ($ 495)
  • You also earn $ 1 every time someone purchases a domain on Wealthy Affiliate through your affiliate link.


As you have seen, there is a small discount with annual payments.

In case your referral pays the 12 months with a single payment, you will also receive your share with a single payment on Pay Pal, credit cards, etc.

Whenever the user renews the annual plan in the future, you will always receive commissions.

“Payday is the first day of every month.


4. If you are a Premium or Premium “Plus” member, your earnings for Premium Plus subscriptions are as follows:


  • $ 23.50, because the first month costs only 46.50.
  • When the user pays the full rate instead (from the second month onwards) you receive $ 46.50
  • $ 465 on annual subscriptions (the main reason people pay annually is the savings of $ 193.)



Through this platform, you have the opportunity to earn for free, with the Starter subscription.

In case, you start from 0, but you like for example the niche “how to make money online” I suggest you start promoting Wealthy Affiliate because you have a more specific guide on choosing the niche.

So in the future, you can add more promotions as I did.

Plus, you have a basic review model from which to draw ideas.

However, training is required to be successful in online business.

In the beginning, it’s okay to start without investing anything, but then it’s essential to learn new skills, strategies, and so on.


I’ll briefly explain how writing content in WA works Don’t make my mistakes!



The core of WA is learning how to write articles that will need to be optimized for search engines, but also readers!

After that, you will be taught everything else. (Ads, email marketing, etc.)

Plus, the weekly webinars are always full of new lineups.

Don’t make the mistakes I’ve made.

For example:

  1. I was focusing too much on keywords instead of creating good content.
  2. Too short titles.

The keywords are just the outline: just insert them in the title, in the first paragraph, and then in the final part. (also in the alt test image)

Instead, focus more on creating quality articles!

Remember to write a long enough title with words or phrases that have little competition.

Last but not least, it tries to get a user’s attention.

I’ll give you two examples:

  1. How to make money with a blog
  2. How to make money with a blog: the 5 things you need to know!

Where would you click?

On the second, I think! (My mistake was creating titles like in the first case)

As you may have noticed in the second sentence there is more curiosity on the part of the reader, while the first is a more generic sentence.

(Don’t worry Kyle will explain everything to you in the courses!)


WA’s main earning tool



“The gist of the program” is this:

After publishing several pages, with the logic and consistency that Kyle’s workouts convey, you have a better chance of them appearing in the top Google rankings.

Publishing, as you can imagine, will be your primary method of helping you generate new organic traffic (users) to your website. (AT THE BEGINNING)

The great thing about organic traffic is that once you get it, it’s yours, as long as Google allows it.

Some sites have been on the page of search results for years!

However, that’s not all.

This is the basis, but then, you will be educated on other online business strategies: how to make money with Google ADS, Facebook Ads, email marketing …

Later, as you become more experienced, you can create video courses, open YouTube channels, and much more, there are no earning limits.

The only thing you have to put in is the daily commitment on your part.

Your earnings can increase both with the number of posts or pages you publish, but above all with the quality.

Sometimes 5 good facts are enough than 50 bad ones!

However this you will experience for yourself over time.


Are there alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate?



Yes, of course, there are many.

Start seeing these 2, but I recommend that you read how they work first:


  1. Affilorama
  2. Savage Affiliate


Final evaluation

My final rating is 4.7 out of 5.

Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to start for anyone who doesn’t know anything about online marketing, and if you put a little effort and determination into it, what they teach here really works.

The perfect start, unfortunately, does not exist, but you will only become perfect with experience.

With this platform, you risk nothing here with the Starter plan.

As for the new Premium Plus, in my opinion, it is more suitable for the most demanding.

The extra lessons, which you can access with this plan, are really of great value, especially for the simple fact that you can ask questions at the same time.

We have finally come to the end!

Today you got to read an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate 2021, but at the same time complete and updated with all the new design changes and subscriptions.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether to start trying it for free with no strings attached or whether to look for something else.

Are you looking for an online business model?

Do you already have in mind which one?

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  1. Thanks for the advice Luca!
    I din’t know there was a platform like Wealthy Affiliate!
    I’ll really think, I’ll sign up.
    It costs nothing to try!

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