What is a website theme?

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Are you planning to start a blog, to be able to take your project online, but you still don’t know, what is a website theme?

It’s nothing difficult, it’s pretty much the dress your site will wear.

You also have a huge choice to rely on.

The important thing is to find the right one and that you like best, but above all the one that best suits your online business.



Functions of a website theme


In addition to the function of giving an appearance to your site, from a graphic point of view, the theme also generates the layout.


It’s the way your blog pages are structured.

Themes have different layouts and therefore, based on your choice, the basic structure of the pages you create changes.

To make you better understand, the first time you try to change the theme you will notice that the pages have a different appearance than the previous one.

Therefore, we need to find a theme with a good default layout, where we will then go to create content.

By “good” I mean intuitive, ease of use.

Once installed, take a browsing test, and then you evaluate.

After that, you will have to start with your work, that is, with the creation of posts, images, videos, which must be built respecting an SEO logic, otherwise you would struggle more than necessary with the positioning in Google.

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Remember, that if you are more interested in a site, where you want the images to be highlighted more than the text, you will have to choose a theme with a different layout.

Usually, these are operations that will take some time because you will realize with a little experience, what is the best solution for your website.

Even I, like most people who create their Blog for the first time, had to experiment a bit before finding the perfect one for my needs.

If you haven’t created a blog yet, you can have the option on this page to get2 WordPress sites hosted for free.


On what basis do you choose a theme?

You have finally come to this point, after deciding what name to give your business and of course after installing your first website.

Now comes the best part, because choosing a theme is very exciting and rewarding.

But which one to choose?

It may seem like an easy task, but it isn’t.

In my case, it took me several days to figure out which was the most suitable.

I’ll explain in detail how to do it and which elements to consider:

  • First of all, you have to choose it based on your type of business, if it is e-commerce there are more suitable ones. On the other hand, if you have a news blog, the choice will be different. First, consider that finding a theme that fits our needs 100% is often impossible, but given the huge choice, you’ll find the one that comes as close as possible.
  • Preferably, do your research on paid themes only, as the free ones may load slower and this doesn’t appeal to search engines. (It penalizes you in the ranking) Also, they may contain low quality hidden links. (Another negative point in terms of SEO)
  • Choose a responsive theme, so that those who access your Blog from smartphones, tablets, etc., view the pages correctly. Otherwise, it often happens that a user who wants to read a certain page from their mobile phone does not display it correctly. A classic example is the last words at the edges, which are missing. Even in these cases, Google will penalize you.
  • Focus on simple themes. Another mistake of mine was to let myself be fooled by very nice and animated graphics, such as automatic scrolling of post titles, on the home screen. Nice to look at, but then in terms of search engine rankings, they are not ideal.


Where can I buy quality WordPress themes?

WordPress offers you free but limited themes.

But all in all, they are also decent. With the paid ones you have much more choice and find much better.

There are many and as I told you the choice will not be so immediate but don’t worry, the first time is normal and it is right to look at more than one.

MH Themes is a site where you can find the most popular themes for WordPress, but the real strength is the quality the ones where you will get many advantages in the SEO field are selected, of which I will list only the most important:

  • They will help you position yourself better
  • Better performance as they have good encodings and are clean. (loading will be fast)
  • Translations in all languages
  • Great and fast customer service
  • Personalization functions.



You can buy a single theme or you can access all those on the platform and use them on multiple sites.

Before proceeding with the payment you can test for free (I recommend) the theme you have chosen, through the Lite version.

You are entitled to a full refund up to 30 days after purchase for any reason.

Check out the prices:




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Make updates

The best thing is to make sure your theme includes the automatic update feature, otherwise, you should remember to do this now and then, but I strongly advise against this.

It often happens that you do not have a good memory and not doing so means no longer having a safe and well-functioning site.

For example, with the theme I have chosen, when I access the site, the message with the available updates appears now and then, after which, with a click I did everything.



The most technical part of a theme

Now I want to briefly mention the most important files, which make up a website theme, take for example those of WordPress. (Since this is probably your first time installing a theme I don’t want to tire you too much with the technical part)

The main ones are:

  • Style.css (Cascading Style Sheets), where the design of the Web pagination is managed. Those in which the metadata that allows the theme to function properly are stored.
  • Index.php, in simple terms, contains the type of style of the first page of a website, called the Homepage.


Choose your “site’s clothing” well and start creating content

So the main thing you should have realized today is that each theme has different characteristics.

I recommend that you choose one that is already targeted to your project: affiliate blog, your online store, dropshipping, etc.

Always keep in mind that the chosen theme must be, at the same time, the most suitable for SEO.

In practice, it should be the best, when it comes to search engine optimization.

Remember before concluding the purchase to take advantage of the TRIAL version (or Lite version) so that you can test all the features.

Once this delicate process is complete, you can create your content.

At most, you can do a quick check, to see if your site in general (including the theme) is optimized for Google; go to, enter your domain name and you will see the score with its descriptions. (between 1 and 100)

For example, if the score is too low, most of the time it is the theme that is not SEO friendly.

In this case, try to change it and you could greatly improve the performance of your blog.

Finally, you also have the option to download the app.

I will be happy to answer you, if you still have doubts, on the subject: what is a website theme?

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